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     SONG TITLE                               ARTIST               NUMBER
ĎArnessing An ĎOrse                         Will Evans            CDR43
ĎArry, ĎArry                                Alec Hurley           CDR61
ĎFonso (My Hot Spanish Knight)              Betty Fields          VAR84
50 Years of Song Medley                     Primo Scala           VAR80
A Ballad                                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
A Beautiful Lady in Blue                    Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
A Bedtime Story - Red Riding Hood           Wish Wynne            VAR49
A Bedtime Story - Sleeping Beauty           Wish Wynne            VAR49
A Bird in a Gilded Cage                     Megs Jenkins          VAR81
A Boyís Best Friend is His Mother           Steffani Songsters    VAR88
A British Mother's Big Flight               Florence Desmond      VAR66
A British Spelling Song                     Flotsam & Jetsam      VAR50
A British Tar is a Soaring Soul             Sullivan Op. Party    TOP1
A broken doll                               Clarice Mayne         CDR14
A Bungalow, A Piccolo,and                   Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
A Christmas Ghost Story                     Charles Norton        CDR20
A Christmas Pantomime                       Douglas Byng          VAR51
A Christmas Rehearsal                       Harry Hemsley         VAR51
A Cough Lozenge                             Harry Lauder          CDR11
A Cowboyís Wedding Day                      Bob Mallin            VAR82
A Day with the Army:                        Steffani Songsters    VAR88
A Dayís Broadcasting                        Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
A Dollar Princess                           Violet Loraine        CDR64
A Dusky Belle                               Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
A fat lot to crow about                     Ben Albert            CDR48
A Feather in her Tyrolean Hat               Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
A Fishy, Fishy Story                        Tom Clare             CDR30
A Flyís Day out                             Leonard Henry         VAR52
A Frog He would a wooing go                 Elton Hayes           VAR90
A Funny Little Hieland Man                  Jack Lorimer          CDR51
A good blow out  for fourpence              Harry Champion        CDR3
A Great Big Shame                           The Variety Singers   VAR81
A Hollywood Bridge Game                     Florence Desmond      VAR66
A Hundred Years from Now                    The Trix Sisters      VAR83
A Knight in Armour                          Will Evans            CDR43
A La Bastoche                               LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
A Lady in Waiting                           Florence Desmond      VAR66
A Lassie up in Lancashire                   Dick Henderson        CDR55
A Lecture                                   John Glynne Jones     VAR81
A Little Bit Here and There                 Ben Albert            CDR48
A little bit of lovin'                      Marie  Lloyd  Jnr.    CDR6
A little bit of what you fancy              Marie Lloyd Jnr.      CDR37
A Little Blue House                         Steffani Songsters    VAR88
A Little Boy called Taps                    Hamilton Hill         CDR44
A little Kiss each Morning                  Anona Winn            VAR57
A little of what you fancy (Excerpt)        Marie Lloyd           VAR55
A little of what you fancy does you good    Marie Lloyd           CDR6
A load of Hay(Medley)                       Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
A long, long way to Tipperary               Florrie Forde         CDR5
A Manís a Man for aí that                   Jack Lorimer          CDR51
A May morning                               Gracie Fields         VAR14
A Member of the Force                       Harry Champion        CDR56
A Merry Christmas                           George Formby Snr.    CDR20
A níegg and some níham and a níonion        Ernie Mayne           CDR25
A natty little patch behind                 Harry Champion        CDR27
A new wife now                              Florrie Forde         CDR5
A Nice Cup of Tea                           Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
A Pattern to the World                      Louis Breeze          TOP5
A Prairie life for me                       Billy Merson          CDR24
A Protest                                   Ronald Frankau        VAR4
A Rainy Afternoon                           George Lashwood       CDR10
A Risky Thing to do                         Little Tich           CDR9
A Sailboat in the Moonlight                 Bob Mallin            VAR82
A Servant Girl                              Wish Wynne            VAR49
A Spot of Fishing                           Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
A Spot of Income Tax Bother                 Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
A Surrealist Alphabet                       Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
A Tale of other times                       Norman Long           VAR21
A tale of Paris                             Billy Williams        CDR4
A Tattie, a Neep and an Ingin               Harry Gordon          VAR20
A Thousand Years Ago                        Olive Fox             VAR85
A Trip to Brighton                          Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
A Trip to Tobermorey                        Harry Lauder          CDR11
A Very Little Nazi                          Tommy Handley         VAR32
A Village Concert                           The Roosters          VAR70
A Visit to Madame Tussauds                  Lupino Lane           VAR39
A Wee Aberdonian                            Jack Lorimer          CDR51
A wee drap oí Scotch                        George Van Dusen      VAR30
A Wonderful Week of Love                    Dorrie Dene           VAR67
A Word from Harry Claff                     Harry Claff           CDR53
A-be my Boy (with ďGrockĒ)                  Lily Morris           CDR18
A-be, My Boy                                Lily Morris & Grock   VAR71
A-be, My Boy                                Grock                 VAR71
About Cruises                               Murgatroyd & WinterbotVAR23
Across the Great Divide                     Bob Mallin            VAR82
Actions                                     Marie Lloyd           CDR58
Adelphi Arches                              Elton Hayes           VAR90
Adolf                                       Arthur Askey          VAR31
Advertise                                   Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
After all that                              The Western Brothers  VAR29
After the Ball                              Florrie Forde         VAR18
After the Ball (Chorus)                     Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
After the Shadows                           Gipsy Smith           TOP6
After tonight We say goodbye                Jenny Howard          VAR45
After You with the Soap                     Ben Albert            CDR48
Agatha Green                                Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Ahím disguised                              Tom Foy               CDR59
Ahím feared for Mrs. McKie                  Will Fyffe            VAR7
Ah-Oh                                       Charles Austin        CDR50
Ah've had t' nose pulled                    Tom Foy               CDR59
Ainít dat a shame?                          Julian Rose           VAR35
Ainít gonna Rain no moí                     Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Ainít it Ďot                                Fred Earle            CDR32
Ainít it gorgeous                           The Western Brothers  VAR29
Ainít it grand to be bloomin well dead      Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Ainít love grand?                           The Two Leslies       VAR22
Ainít Misbehaviní                           Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Ainít She Sweet                             Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Ainít yer gwine say How-Do                  Victoria Monks        CDR36
Ain't I no use Mr Jackson                   Victoria Monks        CDR36
Ain't love grand                            Max Miller            VAR79
Airman, Airman                              Tommy Handley         VAR32
Airship and the Swallow                     Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Alas My Poor Brother                        Charles Foster        CDR47
Albert and His Savings                      Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Albert and the ĎEadsman                     Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Albert Comes Back                           Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Albert Evacuated                            Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Albert Whelan                               The Jolly Brothers    VAR58
Albert Whelan                               The Preacher and the BVAR58
Alexanderís Ragtime Band                    The Three Rascals     CDR67
Alexanderís Ragtime Band                    The Two Bobs          CDR34
Algernon, Go Hon!                           Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Algy (The Piccadilly Johnny with the Little Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Algy the Piccadilly Johnny                  Charles Foster        CDR47
Algy, the Piccadilly Johnnie                Vesta Tilley          CDR53
Algy, the Piccadilly Johnny                 Vesta Tilley          CDR32
Ali Babaís Camel                            Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
All aboard for Margate                      Florrie Forde         CDR62
All about Jim                               Will Evans            CDR43
All alone                                   Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
All by Yourself in the Moonlight            Randolph Sutton       VAR1
All change for Llanfairfechan               Wilkie Bard           CDR13
All Clear out of the Park                   Violet Loraine        CDR64
All Day and Martin                          Wilkie Bard           CDR13
All for the best                            George Robey          CDR17
All Hands on Deck                           Bobbie Comber         VAR3
All have this with me                       Frank Leo             CDR52
All in Favour Shout ďHear HearĒ             Florrie Forde         VAR18
All My Love(Medley)                         Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
All nice girls love a sailor(Ship Ahoy)     Ella Retford          CDR14
All over Italy                              Bobbie Comber         VAR3
All poshed up with me Daisies in me Hand    Charlie Higgins       VAR34
All round my Hat                            Elton Hayes           VAR90
All the Girls are lovely at the Seaside     Harry Fragson         CDR71
All the girls are lovely by the seaside     Harry Fragson         CDR37
All the Little Ducks went Quack             Burt Shepard          CDR61
All the nice girls are in the ballroom      Ella Shields          CDR12
All the silver from the silvery moon        Billy Williams        CDR4
All through tíBlack Horse                   Tom Foy               CDR59
All to Specification                        Arthur Askey          VAR31
All your Pals may leave You                 Kate Carney           CDR58
Alouette                                    Jack Warner           VAR13
Always keep your Eyes wide open             Joe Archer            CDR63
Always trust a Sailor                       Florrie Forde         CDR62
Amateur Theatricals                         Tom Foy               CDR59
Americana                                   Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Amour et Sport                              LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
An Elephant never forgets                   Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
An Elephant never forgets                   Leslie Sarony         VAR62
An Elephant never forgets                   Lupino Lane           VAR39
An Embankment Impression                    Wish Wynne            VAR49
An Ethiopian Carnival                       Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
An Evening with The Minstrels No1           Victor Minstrels      CDR35
An Evening with The Minstrels No2           Victor Minstrels      CDR35
An Evening with The Minstrels No3           Victor Minstrels      CDR35
An Evening with The Minstrels No4           Victor Minstrels      CDR35
An Instrumental Excerpt                     Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
An Old Bachelor                             Bransby Williams      CDR31
Anchored                                    Leo Stormont          TOP1
And He likes it                             Dorrie Dene           VAR67
And her Golden Hair etc.                    George J Gaskin       CDR47
And her Golden Hair was                     Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
And Her Mother came too (Excerpt)           Jack Buchanan         VAR55
And his Dayís Work was done                 George Brooks         CDR32
And it was                                  Jay Laurier           CDR39
And Modern American Ways                    Douglas Byng          VAR6
And then We wonít go Home                   Olive Fox             VAR85
And They Lived Unhappily Ever After         Ronald Frankau        VAR4
And very nice too                           George Robey          CDR17
Angel of Mons                               Foster Richardson     TOP2
Animal Crackers in My Soup                  Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Annie Laurie                                Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Annie the farmer's daughter                 Max Miller            VAR5
Another Bedtime Story - Cindírella          Wish Wynne            VAR49
Another Dayís Broadcasting                  Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
Another Little Drink wouldn't do us any harmViolet Loraine        CDR64
Another Little Girl in Your Eye             Florrie Forde         CDR62
Another Little Patch of Red                 Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
Another One gone                            Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Any Old Iron                                John Bluthal          VAR77
Any Old Iron (Full Version 1911)            Harry Champion        CDR56
Any Old Iron (Short Version)                Harry Champion        CDR3
Any old Iron (Short Version)                Harry Champion        VAR14
Any Old Iron?                               Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Any Old Iron? (Full Version 1940)           Harry Champion        CDR27
Any Old thing will do                       Harry Champion        CDR27
Appeal for £1,000,000                       Harry Lauder          TOP2
Apres la Guerre                             Elsie Janis           CDR57
Arcadee                                     Vesta Victoria        CDR32
Arcadee                                     Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Archibald, Certainly Not!                   George Robey          CDR17
Archie, don't be so Stiff and Starchy!      Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Are We to part like this                    Fred Dixon            CDR47
Are we to part like this (Chorus)           Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Are we to part like this Bill?              Kate Carney           VAR14
Are we to part like this, Bill?             Kate Carney           CDR15
Are we to part like this?                   Florrie Forde         VAR18
Are you walking out with Anybody            Frank Leo             CDR52
Arenít we all?                              Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Arenít we all?                              Norman Long           VAR21
Arf a Pint of Ale                           Gus Elen              CDR15
Argentina                                   Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Argue about Ambition                        Collinson and Dean    VAR23
Arguments                                   Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
Army Drill No2                              Captain A E Rees      TOP2
Army Reminiscences                          The Roosters          VAR70
Around the corner                           Albert Whelan         VAR16
Around the Old Bandstand                    Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Art                                         Murgatroyd & WinterbotVAR23
As good as money in the bank                Billy Williams        CDR4
As large as Life in the Harem               Harry Champion        CDR56
As long as He loves Me                      Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
As Long as the River Flows                  Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Ask a Policeman                             The Variety Singers   VAR81
Asleep in the deep                          G. H. Chirgwin        CDR22
At home, Iím my wifeís husband              Tom Clare             CDR30
At my Time of Life                          Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
At my Time of Life                          Charles Foster        CDR47
At Rawstenstall Fair                        Randolph Sutton       VAR1
At the Ball                                 Douglas Byng          VAR6
At the Bathing Parade                       Max Miller            VAR79
At the Battle of Waterloo                   Bobbie Comber         VAR3
At the battle of Waterloo                   The Two Leslies       VAR22
At the Church Door Iím waiting              Lily Morris           CDR18
At the court of Good Queen Bess             Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
At the football match last Saturday         Mark Sheridan         CDR7
At the Holborn Empire (Excerpt)             Max Miller            VAR55
At the Seaside                              Ernest Shand          CDR45
At the Station                              Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
At Trinity Church                           The Company           VAR81
At Trinity Church I met my Doom             The Variety Singers   VAR81
At Trinity Church I met my doom             Tom Costello          CDR14
At Trinity Church I met my doom (Instr.)    Barrel Piano          CDR38
Au Revoir Again (Medley)                    Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Audrey just laughed and laughed             The Two Leslies       VAR22
Auf Weidersehn Sweetheart (Excerpt)         Vera Lynn             VAR55
Auld Lang Syne                              The Company           VAR58
Aunt Matilda                                Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Aunt Tilly                                  Harry Champion        CDR27
Auntie Maggieís Remedy                      George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Australian Yodel                            Harry Torrani         VAR47
Auxiliary Fire Service Cecil                Jack Warner           VAR13
Ave Maria                                   Weist_Hill Trio       TOP4
Aye Awaken O                                Harry Lauder          CDR11
B B B Bertha                                Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Baa Lambs                                   Ella Shields          CDR12
Baboon Dance                                The Three Rascals     CDR67
Baby                                        Sam Mayo              CDR37
Baby and the Silk Worm                      Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Baby didnít know                            Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Baby Face                                   Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Babyís Best Friend                          Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Baby's Box of Toys                          Harry Fragson         CDR71
Back I went to Parliament                   Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Back I went to the Ministry of Labour       Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Back to London Town                         The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Back to my Home in the Mountains            Billy Merson          CDR24
Back, Back to Alabamí                       Harry Weldon          CDR40
Backscratcher                               Max Miller            VAR5
Bad Show Chaps                              The Western Brothers  VAR29
Baked Potato Man                            Leonard Henry         VAR52
Baked Sheepís Hearts                        Harry Champion        CDR56
Balliní the Jack                            Elsie Janis           CDR57
Bam Bam Bammy Shores                        Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Band, Band, Band                            The Three Rascals     CDR67
Bandy Berthaís Birthday                     Bobbie Comber         VAR50
Bang! Bang! Bang!                           Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Banjo Joe                                   The Three Rascals     CDR67
Banjo Oddity                                Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Barcarolle ďTales of HoffmannĒ              Bohemian Orchestra    TOP4
Barmitzvah boy                              Max Bacon             VAR35
Barnacle Bill the Sailor                    Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Barracky Bert the Soldier                   Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Basic Yiddish                               Sam Levenson          VAR35
Bathing or Should the Sexes bathe together  Charles Foster        CDR6
Bats in the belfry                          Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Be British                                  Brett Barry           TOP4
Be British                                  Robert Carr           TOP4
Be British                                  Stanley Kirkby        TOP4
Be my Girl                                  Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Be Yourself                                 Florence Desmond      VAR66
Beautiful Baby Doll                         Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Beaver (Here comes old Beaver)              Harry Champion        CDR27
Because he loves me                         Lily Morris           CDR18
Because I look a Fool                       Ben Lawes             CDR42
Becky Ginsbergís Wedding                    Julian Rose           VAR35
Beer Barrel Polka                           Leon Cortez           VAR75
Beer, Beer, glorious Beer (Chorus)          Full Company          VAR56
Beer, Glorious Beer                         The Variety Singers   VAR81
Beigels                                     Max Bacon             VAR35
Being a Lady-I can't                        Maidie Scott          CDR16
Belgium put the khibosh on the Kaiser       Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Beloved be faithful(Medley)                 Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Ben the Bosun                               Harry Dearth          TOP1
Berceuse de Jocelyn                         Venetian Trio         TOP4
Beside My Caravan                           Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Best that money can buy                     Harry Champion        CDR3
Big Ben calling                             Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Bill Bailey  (Instrumental)                 Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Bill Bailey wonít you please come home      Arthur Collins        CDR22
Bill Sykes (ďOliver TwistĒ)                 Bransby Williams      CDR31
Billy Brown                                 Harry Fragson         CDR71
Billy Brown                                 Harry Fragson         CDR22
Billy Danvers                               Kiss Me Tonight       VAR58
Billy Green                                 Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Billy Green                                 Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Billy Howard                                Any Old Iron          VAR58
Billy Howard                                Boiled Beef and CarrotVAR58
Bit of a ruin Cromwell knocked about a bit  Clarice Mayne         VAR14
Bits Fraí Wigan                             George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Black Eyes                                  Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Blaziní the Trail                           Bob Mallin            VAR82
Bless ĎEm All                               Arthur Askey          VAR31
Blind Boy                                   G. H. Chirgwin        CDR22
Blo-ay-ters                                 Jay Laurier           CDR39
Blossom's Film Scenario                     John Henry            VAR59
Blow the Man down (Short)                   Jack Warner           VAR13
Blue Danube (Xylophone)                     Teddy Brown           VAR53
Blue Skies                                  Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Blue without You                            Hutch                 VAR41
Bluebeard - A Bedtime Story                 Wish Wynne            VAR49
Bluebell                                    Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Boadicea                                    Douglas Byng          VAR6
Boiled beef and carrots                     Harry Champion        CDR3
Boiled Beef and Carrots                     Harry Champion        VAR14
Boiled beef and carrots                     Harry Champion        CDR14
Boiled Beef and Carrots (Excerpt)           Harry Champion        VAR55
Bolero                                      Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Bonjour Marie                               Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Bonnie Wee Man                              Harry Lauder          CDR11
Booglie Wooglie Piggy                       Betty Driver          VAR64
Boris on the Bass                           Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Boss of the House                           Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Boys of the Old Brigade                     Municipal Military BanTOP5
Brahn Boots                                 Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Bread and Marmalade                         Sam Mayo              CDR33
Break the news to mother                    George Gaskin         TOP5
Breakfast in Bed                            Harry Lauder          CDR11
Brighton (Chorus)                           Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Broken Doll                                 Delore Whiteman       VAR77
Brown Brown sit down                        Harry Champion        CDR27
Building a Chicken House                    Will Evans            CDR43
Bumpity Bump Again                          Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Bungalow in Borneo                          Ella Retford          CDR28
Bunger up of Rat ĎOles                      Jack Warner           VAR13
Bunkey-Doodle-I-Doh                         Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Burlesque speech on "Fiscal Policy"         Will Evans            CDR43
Burlington Bertie from Bow                  Ella Shields          CDR12
Burlington Bertie from Bow                  Ella Shields          CDR37
Burlington Bertie from Bow                  Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Burlington Bertie from Bow (Excerpt)        Ella Shields          VAR55
Business man's love song                    Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
But are We Downhearted? No!                 Unity Moore           TOP2
Butterfingers                               Anona Winn            VAR57
Buy British                                 Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Buy my little Ten-a-Penny Pills             Max Bacon             VAR35
Buying a House                              Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
By the Lazy Lagoon                          Steffani Songsters    VAR88
By the Sea                                  Ernest Shand          CDR45
By the Sea                                  Mark Sheridan         CDR7
By the Side of the Zeider Zee               Florrie Forde         CDR53
By the Windmill                             Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Call round any old time                     Victoria Monks        CDR36
Camp Fire Knees Up (Medley)                 Leon Cortez           VAR75
Can Others see Jesus in You?                Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Can you say Bread and Butter                Tommy Handley         VAR32
Canít You take my Word                      Harry Ford            CDR61
Canít your Friend find a Friend for Me?     Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Candy Kisses                                Bob Mallin            VAR82
Canoodling Waltz                            Harry Fragson         CDR71
Captain Cutts of the Cruiser ďWhat NotĒ     Tom Clare             CDR30
Captain Jinjah                              John Bluthal          VAR77
Captain of the Forty Thieves                Fred Dixon            CDR47
Cara Mia (Excerpt)                          David Whitfield       VAR55
Careless Hands                              Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Caring for You                              Dick Henderson        CDR55
Carlo                                       Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Carlo                                       Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Carolina Brown from China Town              Ella Retford          CDR28
Carrie from Camden Town                     Florrie Forde         CDR62
Carroty                                     Harry Champion        CDR56
Carry me back to Old Virginia               Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Casabianca                                  North and South       VAR23
Catís Meat                                  Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Catch Me!                                   Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Celebratiní                                 Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Chairman's Introduction                     Leonard Sachs         VAR56
Champagne Charlie                           Tommy Trinder         VAR26
Champagne Charlie  (Instrumental)           Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Charge of the Light Brigade                 Bransby Williams      CDR31
Charlie                                     Lily Morris           CDR18
Charlie                                     Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Charlie at the Christening                  Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Charlie goes Shopping on Saturday night     Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Charlie in Spain                            Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Charlieís Saxophone                         Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Charmaine (Excerpt)                         Mantovani             VAR55
Chase Me Charlie(Medley)                    Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Cheerio (Here we go) Medley                 Primo Scala           VAR80
Cheero                                      Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Cherry Stones(Medley)                       Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Chinese Laundry Blues                       George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Chinese Tango Trot                          Billy Merson          CDR24
Ching a Ling Hooch Aye                      Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Chirrup                                     Arthur Askey          VAR31
Christ, My All                              Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Christening the Twins                       Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Christmas Boxes - West End Style            Descriptive           CDR20
Christmas Day in the Cookhouse              Billy Bennett         CDR20
Chrysanthemums                              Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Cicely Courtneidge Plonks her Guitar        Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Cigarettes, Cigars                          Florence Desmond      VAR66
Cinderella                                  Albert Whelan         CDR20
Clancy lowered the Broom                    Bob Mallin            VAR82
Claude and his Sword                        Jack Warner           VAR13
Clever Mr Green                             Dan Leno              CDR1
Clop Clip Clop                              Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Coal Black Mammy (Excerpt)                  Jack Hylton & Orch.   VAR55
Cockney Bill of London Town                 Harry Champion        CDR3
Cockney Girl at the Cinema                  Wish Wynne            VAR49
Come again through Loverís Lane             Violet Loraine        CDR64
Come along Little Girl                      Victoria Monks        CDR36
Come along Liza, Come along Bill            George Van Dusen      VAR30
Come and cuddle me                          Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Come and have a Cuddle on the Common        Albert Whelan         VAR16
Come and hear the Orchestra                 Florrie Forde         CDR62
Come down to Brighton                       Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Come Hither with Your Zither                Max Miller            VAR79
Come in, Mr Cummins                         Tommy Handley         VAR32
Come into the Garden, Maud (Excerpt)        Heddle Nash           VAR55
Come into the Parlour, Charlie              Florrie Forde         CDR5
Come on Baby                                The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Come to Lunch                               Harry Fragson         CDR71
Come to Town Miss Brown                     Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Come to Your Daddy                          Morny Cash            CDR32
Come up in my balloon                       Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Commercial Traveller                        George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Company Orders                              The Roosters          VAR70
Comrades                                    Raymond Newell        VAR58
Comrades                                    Tom Costello          CDR14
Concerning Dogs                             Lupino Lane           VAR39
Conclusions                                 George Robey          CDR17
Confessions of a Cheeky Chappie             Max Miller            VAR5
Coo! Luvaduck! Crickey! Coo! Blimey!        The Two Leslies       VAR22
Coo-ee                                      Ella Shields          CDR12
Cooking the Cock of the North               Charles Foster        CDR47
Coom Pretty One                             Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Coon Drum Major                             Eugene Stratton       CDR22
Copper Nob                                  Leonard Henry         VAR52
Cordalia Malone                             Mika Magee            CDR61
Coronation Medley                           Leon Cortez           VAR75
Corporal McDougall                          Will Fyffe            VAR7
Coster Medley                               Leon Cortez           VAR75
Could Lloyd George do it?                   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Couldnít help it, Had to                    Charles Foster        CDR47
Count Every Star(Medley)                    Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Count of Luxembourg Selection               Zigeuner Orchestra    TOP4
Courtiní in the Kitchen                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
Courting                                    Tom Foy               CDR59
Cousin Claraís crazy over Crosswords        Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Cover it over quick Jemima                  Harry Champion        CDR14
Cover it over quick, Jemima                 Harry Champion        CDR3
Cowboy                                      Bob Mallin            VAR82
Cowboy (Dawson City)                        Harry Weldon          CDR40
Crash!  Bang! I want to go Home             Billy Cotton          VAR69
Crazy Yodel                                 Harry Torrani         VAR47
Crimes                                      Alfred Lester         CDR49
Crying my Heart out for You                 Hutch                 VAR41
Cuckoo                                      Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Cumberland Gap (Excerpt)                    Lonnie Donegan        VAR55
Cuthbert Bostril                            Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Cycling                                     John Tilley           VAR8
Cyril Fletcher tells a Couple               Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Dada, Dada                                  Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Daddy donít love Mummy any more             Jenny Howard          VAR45
Daddy wouldnít buy me A Bow Wow             Barbara Windsor       VAR56
Daddy wouldnít buy me a Bow-Wow             Nellie Johnson        VAR81
Daddy wouldnít buy me a Bow-Wow             The Variety Singers   VAR81
Daddy wouldnít buy me a bow-wow             Vesta Victoria        CDR14
Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow (Chor.)     Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Daft Sandy                                  Will Fyffe            VAR7
Daily Mirror Front Page                     Ernest Shand          CDR45
Daisy Bell                                  Florrie Forde         CDR5
Daisy Bell                                  John Rorke            VAR58
Daisy Bell                                  The Company           VAR81
Daisy Bell (Chorus)                         Full Company          VAR56
Daisy Bell (Instrumental)                   Barrel Piano          CDR38
Daisy Bell;                                 Community Singing     VAR58
Daisy Daisy                                 The Variety Singers   VAR81
Daisy Day                                   Charles Foster        CDR47
Daisyís Daisy Roots                         Harry Champion        CDR56
Dance of the Cuckoos                        Leonard Henry         VAR52
Dancing Time (short version)                Anona Winn            VAR57
Dancing with the Devil                      Betty Fields          VAR84
Dandelions and Daffodils                    Alfred Lester         CDR49
Dansons une Java                            LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
Dapper Dan                                  The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Dark Girl dressed in Blue                   Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Darktown Dandies                            Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Darling Mabel                               Charles Foster        CDR47
Darling Mabel (Chorus)                      Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Darling Nellie Gray                         Haydn Quartette       CDR35
De Ole Banjo                                The Minster Singers   CDR35
Dear Hearts (Medley)                        Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Dear Mr. Admiral                            George Lashwood       CDR10
Dear Old Saturday Night                     Violet Loraine        CDR64
Dear Old Shepherdís Bush                    Alfred Lester         CDR49
Dearie(Medley)                              Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Death of little Nell                        Bransby Williams      CDR31
Deepest Shelter in Town                     Florence Desmond      VAR66
Demon Barber of Fleet Street                Tod Slaughter         VAR12
Derby Day                                   Ben Albert            CDR48
DerniŤre Chanson                            Harry Fragson         CDR71
Desert Eyes  (Xylophone)                    Teddy Brown           VAR53
Devil may care                              Bransby Williams      CDR31
Devil-May-Not-Care                          Billy Bennett         VAR33
Dick Whittington                            Gus Elen              CDR2
Dicky Bird                                  The Two Bobs          CDR34
Did you see the Crowd in Piccadilly         George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling                    Lupino Lane           VAR39
Didnít I                                    Albert Whelan         VAR16
Ding Dong                                   Zona Vevey            CDR26
Ding Dong Bell                              Arthur Askey          VAR31
Ding, Dong, Ding                            Zono Minstrels        CDR35
Dingle Dongle Dell                          Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Dinna Forget                                Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Disarmament                                 Murgatroyd & WinterbotVAR23
Dites Moi si Je suis Belle                  Yvette Guilbert       CDR53
Do De O Do                                  George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Do drop in the Dewdrop Inn                  Florrie Forde         CDR62
Do film actresses make good husbands?       Milton Hayes          VAR24
Do Something                                Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Do You Know?                                Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Do you remember? How can I forget           Ben Albert            CDR48
Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do             Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Doctor Shelley                              Harry Champion        CDR3
Does my Sweetie care for me                 Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Does Santa Claus sleep with his Whiskers    Bobbie Comber         CDR20
Does She still remember                     Max Miller            VAR50
Doh, Re, Me                                 Sam Mayo              CDR33
Doh-Re-Me                                   Max Miller            VAR79
Dolara, The Daughter Of Bo-Bo The Great     Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Dolly Gray                                  Leo Stormont          TOP5
Dolly Gray (Instrumental)                   Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Domestic Blisters                           Billy Bennett         VAR33
Donít Ďave any more, Mrs Moore (Live)       Lily Morris           VAR50
Donít be late in the Morning                Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Donít be so unkind Baby                     Dick Henderson        CDR55
Donít be so unkind, Baby                    Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Donít Cry Sister Jane                       Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Donít Dilly Dally on the Way                Rita Williams         VAR56
Donít Dilly Dally on the way                Ray Wallace           CDR6
Donít Dilly-Dally on the Way                Marie Lloyd Jnr.      CDR22
Donít do it  again Matilda                  Harry Champion        CDR3
Donít forget your Umbrella, John            Fred Lay              CDR61
Donít go out with him tonight               Billy Williams        CDR4
Donít have any more Missus Moore            Lily Morris           CDR18
Donít have any more Mrs. Moore              Lily Morris           CDR37
Donít have any more, Mrs Moore (Excerpt)    Lily Morris           VAR55
Donít kiss her in the Daylight              Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Donít let Ďem scrap the British Navy        Jay Laurier           CDR39
Donít make me laugh                         Hutch                 VAR41
Donít play In the Shadows                   Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Donít Pretend To Be Innocent                Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Donít say goodbye                           Harry Fragson         CDR71
Donít send my Boy to Prison                 Billy Bennett         VAR33
Donít sing in Ragtime                       Billy Merson          CDR24
Donít stop my Ďarf a pint oí beer           Gus Elen              CDR37
Donít Tell my Mother Iím living in Sin      Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Donít tell your pals your troubles          Victoria Monks        CDR36
Donít yer cry ma Honey                      Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Donít You think Youíve overstepped the MargiHarry Ford            CDR63
Donkey and Me                               Tom Foy               CDR59
Don't be cruel to a Vegetabuel              Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Don't do that to the Poor Puss Cat          Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Don't laugh At Me (Excerpt)                 Norman Wisdom         VAR55
Don't play In the Shadows                   Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Don't sing the Chorus                       Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Doorkeeper at Frightleys                    Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Doris, The Goddess of Wind                  Douglas Byng          VAR50
Dorothy Dean                                Marie Kendall         VAR26
Double Damask                               Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Down at Dooleyís Dance                      Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Down at Dooleyís Farm                       The Two Bobs          CDR34
Down at the Garden Gate                     Will Evans            CDR43
Down at the Hole in the Wall                The Two Leslies       VAR22
Down at the old Bull & Bush                 Florrie Forde         CDR14
Down at the Old Bull & Bush (Instr.)        Barrel Piano          CDR38
Down at the Old Bull & Bush (Instr.)        Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Down at the Old Bull and Bush               Barrel Piano          CDR37
Down at the Old Bull and Bush               Florrie Forde         VAR14
Down at the Old Bull and Bush               Florrie Forde         VAR18
Down at the Old Bull and Bush               Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Down at the Old Bull and Bush               The Orchestra         VAR77
Down at the Winegar Works                   Jackie Hunter         VAR50
Down beside the Riverside                   Hetty King            VAR26
Down by the Old Mill Stream                 The Gaiety Singers    VAR77
Down came the Blind                         Harry Champion        CDR27
Down in our Village in Zummerzet            Norman Long           VAR21
Down in the Field where the Buttercups all gCharlie Higgins       VAR34
Down in the Forest                          Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Down in the Old Churchyard                  Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Down in the quarry where the bluebells grow Will Fyffe            VAR7
Down in the Valley                          Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Down in the valley                          Max Miller            VAR5
Down Kentucky Way                           G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Down Sunnyside Lane                         G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Down the Road                               Gus Elen              CDR2
Down the Road                               Gus Elen              VAR14
Down the Road                               The Variety Singers   VAR81
Down the road (Instrumental)                Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Down upon the Farm                          The Two Leslies       VAR22
Down with Dora                              Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Dr McGregor                                 Will Fyffe            VAR7
Dreaminí of Thee                            Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Dreamland                                   Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Dreamy Honolulu                             Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Drifting and Dreaming                       Dick Henderson        CDR55
Drink to me only with Thine Eyes            Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Drink, Drink, Drink (Medley)                Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Driving the Geese to Market                 Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Drop in and have a wee Drappie              Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Duck and the Kangaroo                       Elton Hayes           VAR90
Dwarfís Yodel Song                          Harry Torrani         VAR47
D'ye ken Bonnie Mary                        Jack Lorimer          CDR51
E canít take a Roise out of Oi              Albert Chevalier      CDR15
E dunno where ĎE are                        Gus Elen              CDR15
E dunno where 'E are                        Gus Elen              CDR2
Eíd push Ďem along                          Jen Latona            CDR68
East of the Sun                             Bob Mallin            VAR82
Easy Street                                 Florrie Forde         CDR62
Ee-by-Gum                                   Tommy Handley         VAR32
Eels                                        Jack Warner           VAR13
Eggs and bacon                              Ernie Mayne           CDR25
El Capitain                                 Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
El Capitain March (Xylophones)              Musical Avalos        CDR47
El Relicario                                Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Eleven more Months and Seven more Days      Billy Cotton          VAR69
End of my old cigar                         Harry Champion        CDR14
Enjoy Yourself                              Victoria Monks        CDR58
Enjoy Yourself (Medley)                     Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Errand Boyís Parade                         Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Evírythingís been done before               Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Even a Crooner must eat                     Max Bacon             VAR35
Evening Bells                               Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Ever so Goosey                              Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Every Eveningís Nothing Like The Last       Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Every Little Girl likes That                Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Every little movement                       Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Every little while                          Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Every Little While                          Delore Whiteman       VAR77
Every Man At His Post                       Robert Carr           TOP4
Every Sunday Afternoon                      Max Miller            VAR65
Every Sunday evening                        Zona Vevey            CDR26
Everybody knows me in my old brown hat      Harry Champion        CDR3
Everybody loves our Baby                    Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Everybody loves the Races                   Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Everybody loves their Little Old Home       Lily Morris           CDR18
Everybodyís Doing It                        Ida Barr              VAR58
Everybodyís Doing It                        Ida Crisp & Robert HalCDR53
Everybodyís doing it at the Seaside         Jen Latona            CDR68
Everybody's singing                         Ella Shields          CDR12
Everyoneís Got Sex Appeal For Someone       Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Everything happens to me                    Max Miller            VAR79
Everything is Fresh Today                   Jack Hodges           VAR50
Everything Stops for Tea                    Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Everythingís in Rhythm with my Heart        Anona Winn            VAR57
Excerpts from ďRhapsody in BlueĒ            Hutch                 VAR41
Exits                                       Ben Lawes             CDR42
Eyes of Blue                                Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Faces                                       Ben Albert            CDR48
Fair Fat and Forty                          Florrie Forde         VAR18
Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden         Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Fairy on the Christmas Tree                 Gracie Fields         VAR51
Fairy On The Clock  (Xylophone)             Teddy Brown           VAR53
Family Secrets                              Billy Bennett         VAR33
Fancy meeting you at the Isle of Man        Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Fanlight Fanny                              George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Far Away Ober Dare                          Zono Minstrels        CDR35
Far Far Away                                Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Farewell my little Yo San                   Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Farmyard on the brain                       Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Fat Flat Fish                               Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Father Christmas                            John Henry            VAR51
Father got the Sack from the Waterworks     Maidie Scott          CDR16
Father looked Funny                         Harry Champion        CDR27
Father sweeps the Chimney                   Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Father tried it on                          George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Father, Mother and an Apple                 Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Father, Mother and the Apple                Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Father's Got a Job                          Maidie Scott          CDR16
Faust  Fantasie                             Mischa Elman          TOP4
Feeding the Ducks on the Pond               Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Feminine Company                            Tommy Handley         VAR32
Ferry Boat Inn(Medley)                      Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Fiddler Joe                                 Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Fifty Years Ago (with Charles Coburn)       Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Fifty Years Ago (with Leslie Holmes)        Charles Coburn        VAR74
Fifty Years of Song (Instrumental)          London Palladium Orch CDR38
Filthy Lucre                                Wish Wynne            VAR49
Fine Man John                               Harry Gordon          VAR20
Finnon Haddie                               Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Fireman's Song                              Hamilton Hill         CDR44
First Recruiting Appeal                     Sir Charles Wakefield TOP2
First Time that I come up to London         Tom Foy               CDR59
Fish Sauce                                  Alexander and Mose    VAR23
Fishing                                     Harry Tate            CDR41
Five and Twenty Soldiers and a Nurse        Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Flanagan                                    Florrie Forde         CDR14
Flanagan                                    Florrie Forde         CDR5
Flanagan (Chorus)                           Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Flo From Pimlico                            Florrie Forde         CDR37
Flora McDonald                              Douglas Byng          VAR6
Florrie was a Flapper                       Elsie Janis           CDR57
Fol-de-Rols: Operatic Lambeth Walk          Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Fol-de-Rols: Riddles                        Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Fol-de-Rols: The Lodger                     Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Follow me, girls                            Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Follow the Baldheads                        Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Follow the Man from Cooks                   Fred Dixon            CDR47
Follow Your Uncle Bob                       Florrie Forde         VAR18
Following a Fellow with a Face like Me      Vesta Tilley          CDR58
Following a Fellow with a Face like Me      Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Following in Fatherís Footsteps             Vesta Tilley          CDR37
Following in Fatherís Footsteps             Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Following in Father's Footsteps (Chorus)    Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Fooí thí Noo or                             Harry Lauder          CDR11
For Love of You                             Anona Winn            VAR57
For months and months  (Chorus)             Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
For Old Timesí Sake                         Florrie Forde         VAR18
For Thee                                    Arthur Roberts        CDR61
Forget Me Not                               Tower Elite Orchestra TOP4
Form Fours - War Songs Medley (Part 1)      The Big Four          VAR70
Form Fours - War Songs Medley (Part 2)      The Big Four          VAR70
Fortifying the Home                         Harry Tate            CDR41
Forty Fousand Thrushes                      Florrie Forde         VAR18
Four and Nine                               The Two Bobs          CDR34
Four Jolly Sailormen                        R Kennerley Rumford   TOP1
Four Meals a Day                            Harry Champion        CDR56
Fourth Form at St. Michaelís                Will Hay              VAR12
Frank and his Tank                          Jack Warner           VAR13
Fred Fannakapan                             Gracie Fields         VAR17
Freddieís Got A Lot To Learn                Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Freedom                                     Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
Fried fruit fritters                        Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Friends and Neighbours                      Max Miller            VAR79
Frightened to go to sleep again             George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Frigid Air Fanny                            George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
From 21 to 63                               Morny Cash            CDR32
From here to Shanghai                       Violet Loraine        CDR64
Fuel Consumption                            Arthur Askey          VAR31
Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat                Harry Champion        CDR56
Gaby Glide                                  The Three Rascals     CDR67
Gambling Darkie                             Harry Torrani         VAR47
Garden of Eden (Excerpt)                    Frankie Vaughan       VAR55
Gardening                                   Alfred Lester         CDR49
Gas Shells Bombardment at Lille             Location Recording    TOP2
Gay 90s Waltz Medley                        Primo Scala           VAR80
Gay Ostend                                  Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Gee Gee                                     Bob Mallin            VAR82
Gee, I like Music with my Meals             Jen Latona            CDR68
Gentlemen! The King!                        Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Geography                                   Ben Albert            CDR48
George Wurzel                               Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Georgie took me walking in the park         Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Geranium                                    Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Germs                                       Alfred Lester         CDR49
Gershwin Lockshan-Soup Jack                 Max Bacon             VAR35
Gert and Daisy make a Christmas Pudding     Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR51
Gertie the Girl with the Gong               Anona Winn            VAR57
Get away, Youíre kidding                    Jay Laurier           CDR39
Get Out and Get Under                       The Three Rascals     CDR67
Get out and get under (Chorus)              Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Get Out and Get Under the Moon              G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Get up Nice and Early in the morning        Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Get upon a Puff-Puff                        Jay Laurier           CDR39
Get your hair cut (Instrumental)            Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Get yourself a Geisha                       Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Getting my Temper up                        Tom Foy               CDR59
Getting ready for the Holidays              Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Ghost of an old king's jester               Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Ginger You're barmy (Instrumental)          Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Ginger, Youíre Barmy                        Harry Champion        CDR3
Gintyís Gramophone                          The Two Bobs          CDR34
Girls of Today                              Billy Williams        TOP7
Girls study your cookery book               Florrie Forde         CDR14
Girls, study your Cookery Book              Florrie Forde         CDR5
Give It to Father                           Vesta Tilley          CDR58
Give It to Father                           Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Give me a cosy corner                       Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Give me a summer's evening                  Zona Vevey            CDR26
Give me another Small Port                  Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Give me the Moonlight                       Elsie Janis           CDR57
Give me the moonlight, Give me the Girl     Fred Barnes           VAR26
Give my regards to Leicester Square         Victoria Monks        CDR36
Give Yourself a pat on the back             Florrie Forde         VAR18
Glorious Beer                               Rob Currie            VAR58
Glorious Beer (Instrumental)                Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Go Ďway back and sit down                   Julian Rose           VAR35
Go Away , Good Massa Bee                    Ben Albert            CDR48
Go to Bed Early and Save your Coal          Stanley Kirkby        TOP2
God Save the King                           Herbert Darnley       CDR47
God save the King                           Herbert Darnley       TOP5
God Save The King (Instrumental)            Band                  CDR53
God Save The King (Vocal)                   Solo and Chorus       CDR53
God save the Queen                          George J Gaskin       TOP5
Going Back (A Poem)                         Alexander Archdale    VAR81
Going the Pace that kills                   John Henry            VAR59
Going to the Races                          Dan Leno              CDR1
Going to the Races                          Dan Leno              CDR61
Going up the Line                           The Western Brothers  VAR29
Good ĎEavens Mrs. Evans                     Olive Fox             VAR85
Good ĎEavens, Mrs. Evans                    Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Good Luck Until We meet again               Leon Cortez           VAR75
Good Night                                  Dick Henderson        CDR55
Good night, My Darling, Good Night          Leon Cortez           VAR75
Good old General Guinness                   Tommy Handley         VAR32
Good Old London Town Girl                   Louis Bradfield       TOP5
Good Old Summer time (Instrumental)         Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Good Queen Bess                             Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Good ship Yacki-Hicki-Doo-La                Billy Merson          CDR24
Goodbye Dolly Gray                          Florrie Forde         VAR18
Goodbye Dolly Gray                          Leo Stormont          CDR44
Goodbye Dolly Gray (Chorus)                 Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Goodbye Dolly Gray (Excerpt)                Light Opera Company   VAR55
Goodbye ee                                  Florrie Forde         TOP2
Goodbye Little Girl                         Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Good-bye Summer, So long Fall!              Ethel Levey           CDR57
Goodbye, Sweet Marie                        Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Goodnight                                   Robb Wilton           VAR8
Good-night                                  The Minster Singers   CDR35
Goodnight (Get your Torchlight)             The Two Leslies       VAR22
Goodnight my Love                           Hutch                 VAR41
Goodnight to You All                        Primo Scala           VAR80
Goodnight Vienna                            Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Goosey, Goosey, Gander                      Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Gorgonzola                                  Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Got A Date With An Angel (Xylophone)        Teddy Brown           VAR53
Gracieís Christmas Party                    Gracie Fields         VAR51
Grandfatherís Clock                         George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Grandma and the Weather Announcer           Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Grandma Unlicensed                          Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Grandmaís Birthday Party                    Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Grandpa liked It                            Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Green Eye of the Yellow God                 Bransby Williams      CDR31
Greensleeves                                Elton Hayes           VAR90
Grock gibt ein zweites Konzert              Grock                 VAR71
Grock hŲrt  eine Forelle                    Grock                 VAR71
Gulliverís Travels:                         Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Gus Elen Medley                             Leon Cortez           VAR75
Ha Ha                                       Sam Mayo              CDR33
Had I but known                             Dick Henderson        CDR55
Half a pint o' ale                          Gus Elen              CDR2
Half Past Nine                              Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Hang out the front door key                 George Lashwood       CDR10
hanging down her back                       Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Happy                                       Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Happy and free yodel                        Harry Torrani         VAR47
Happy Days Are Here Again (Xylophone)       Teddy Brown           VAR53
Happy Ending                                Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Happy Ending                                Jenny Howard          VAR45
Happy Go Lucky Me                           George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Happy School Days                           Max Miller            VAR79
Happy Times(Medley)                         Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Hark it is the Thunderman                   Jen Latona            CDR68
Harping In The Highlands                    Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Harry and Family at the Zoo                 Frank Leo             CDR52
Has anybody here seen Kelly (Chorus)        Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Has anybody here seen Kelly?                Florrie Forde         CDR5
Has Anybody seen Our Cat?                   Harry Taylor          CDR61
Has Anyone been asking for me?              Frank Leo             CDR52
Has Anyone been asking for Me?              Wilkie Bard           CDR61
Has anyone here seen Kelly?                 Florrie Forde         CDR14
Has anyone seen a German band               Ella Retford          CDR14
Hats off to Edgar Wallace                   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Have a bit of pity on the Crooner           Arthur Askey          VAR31
Have a Bit on the Lady                      Whit Cunliffe         CDR37
Have a drop of Gin, Joe                     Harry Champion        CDR56
Have You got any Rag?                       Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Have you got that £10 note                  R G Knowles           CDR47
Have you paid the rent?                     Harry Champion        CDR27
Have You seen my Chickens?                  Tommy Handley         VAR23
Havenít I seen You before?                  Florence Desmond      VAR66
He calls me his own Grace Darling           Vesta Victoria        CDR14
He calls Me his Own Grace Darling           Vesta Victoria        CDR58
He calls Me his Own Grace Darling           Vesta Victoria        CDR69
He Cats and ďSheĒ Cats                      Jay Laurier           CDR39
He danced the Fandango                      Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
He didnít oughter                           Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
He does it                                  Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
He doesnít mean any harm                    Harry Ford            CDR63
He hadnít up till Yesterday                 Betty Fields          VAR84
He kissed Maggie                            Bobbie Comber         VAR3
He kissed Maggie - Maggie kissed Him back   Leslie Holmes         VAR74
He lifted Me                                Gipsy Smith           TOP6
He missed his Train again                   Clarkson Rose         VAR25
He never slept a Wink all Night             Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
He played his Ukelele as the Ship went down Leslie Sarony         VAR38
He played his Ukulele as the Ship went down Bobbie Comber         VAR3
He said ďKiss MeĒ                           Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
He satisfies Me so                          Gipsy Smith           TOP6
He tickles me under the Chin                Randolph Sutton       VAR1
He was a Gentleman                          Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
He went in like a Lion                      Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Heís a Braí Braí Highland Laddie            Hughie Diamond        VAR58
Heís a Pro                                  Harry Weldon          CDR40
Heís All Right When You know him            Charles Coborn        CDR22
Heís been on the bottle since a baby        Will Fyffe            VAR7
Heís dead but he wonít lie down             Jenny Howard          VAR45
Heís dead but He wonít lie down             Leonard Henry         VAR52
Heís in the Infirmary now                   Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Heís moved into a bigger house now          Nat Travers           VAR26
Headiní For Louisville (Xylophone)          Teddy Brown           VAR53
Heaps oí Lickins                            Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Hear My Prayer                              Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Hear the Ukuleles A-Calling You             G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Hear what the crowds say                    Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about Russia Gillie Potter         VAR15
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about SocietyGillie Potter         VAR15
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about the BBCGillie Potter         VAR15
Hearts and Flowers                          Miss Benton           TOP4
Hearts of Oak                               Leo Stormont          TOP1
Heaven will help the Sailors                Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Heaven will protect an honest girl          Gracie Fields         VAR17
Heigh-ho                                    George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Heilan Sandy                                Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Hello Bluebird                              Dick Henderson        CDR55
Hello Susie Green                           G H Elliott           VAR50
Hello Twins                                 Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Hello whoís your Lady Friend                Harry Fragson         CDR71
Hello Wintertime!                           Ethel Levey           CDR57
Hello! Hello! London Town                   The Three Rascals     CDR67
Hello! Hello! London Town!                  The Two Bobs          CDR34
Hello! Hello! Whoís Your Lady Friend        Harry Fragson         CDR32
Hello! Hello! Whoís your Lady Friend        Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Hello! Old whatís-a- name                   Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Hello, Whoís Your  Lady Friend              Leslie Sarony         VAR58
Hello, Whoís your lady friend               Florrie Forde         CDR14
Henry The Eighth                            Harry Champion        CDR56
Henry the Eighth                            John Bluthal          VAR77
Henry the Ninth                             Leonard Henry         VAR52
Henry V Speech at Harfleur                  Bransby Williams      CDR31
Her Golden Hair                             The Company           VAR81
Her golden hair was hanging down her back   Alice Leamar          VAR14
Here comes Old Father Christmas             Harry Champion        VAR51
Here comes the Sun                          G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Here comes Tootsie                          Violet Loraine        CDR64
Here we are again                           Lupino Lane           VAR39
Here We are again                           Mark Sheridan         TOP2
Hereís To The Next Time (Excerpt)           Henry Hall & Orch.    VAR55
Hereís to the Next Time (Short Version)     Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
He's Alright                                Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
He's only a working man (Instrumental)      Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Hey Diddle Diddle                           Harry Champion        CDR3
Hey ho canít you hear the steamer           Ella Retford          CDR14
Hey Ho! Canít You hear the Steamer?         Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Hi! Hi! Hi!                                 Tom Leamore           VAR26
Hi, Johnny!  Who's your Tailor?             Joe Archer            CDR63
Hidden heroes                               Norman Long           VAR21
Hi-Diddle-Diddle  (Xylophone)               Teddy Brown           VAR53
Higgins the Quack                           Alfred Lester         CDR49
Highland Yodel                              Harry Torrani         VAR47
Hillyís Man                                 Harry Gordon          VAR20
Himazas                                     Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Hippopotamus                                Clarkson Rose         VAR25
His is a fine Phiz, His is                  Jay Laurier           CDR39
His Lordship - My Old Man                   Vesta Victoria        CDR58
His Lordship - My Old Man                   Vesta Victoria        CDR69
His Old Top Hat                             Albert Whelan         VAR16
Hitchy Koo                                  Harry Fragson         CDR71
Hitchy Koo                                  The Three Rascals     CDR67
Hold me tight a little longer, Joe          Joe Archer            CDR63
Hold out Your Pudding for Jam               Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Hold your hand out naughty boy              Florrie Forde         CDR14
Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy              Paddie OíNeil         VAR58
Hold your hand out naughty boy (Chorus)     Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Hold your hand out, naughty boy             Florrie Forde         CDR5
Holding Hands on the Sands                  Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Holiday Time is Jollity Time                George Van Dusen      VAR30
Holidays                                    Naughton and Gold     VAR23
Hollywood Party                             Florence Desmond      VAR66
Holtz Myer and Cohen                        Max Bacon             VAR35
Home made sausages                          Harry Champion        CDR3
Home Sweet Home                             Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Homes                                       Norman Long           VAR21
Hon  Maud in ďAny QuestionsĒ                Robert Eddison        VAR81
Hon  Maud in ďThe CantiniereĒ               Robert Eddison        VAR81
Honest and Truly                            Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Honey                                       G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Honey maí Love                              Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Honeyman                                    Jen Latona            CDR68
Honeymoon Yodel                             Harry Torrani         VAR47
Hooray, Iím going to be married today       Morny Cash            CDR32
Hop Eh Ah Do Ohe                            Harry Fragson         CDR71
Hospitality House                           Florrie Forde         VAR18
Hot Handed Hetty                            Douglas Byng          VAR6
Hot Meat Pies, Saveloys and Trotters        Harry Champion        CDR56
Hot Pot                                     Gracie Fields         VAR17
Hot Yodel                                   G. H. Elliott         VAR2
How America was discovered                  Milton Hayes          VAR24
How America was found out                   Milton Hayes          VAR24
How are You getting on?                     Will Evans            CDR43
How are You Mother                          Harry Champion        CDR56
How are you Mother?                         Harry Champion        CDR27
How ashamed I was                           Arthur Askey          VAR31
How Dare They?                              Tom Woottwell         CDR32
How did He look?                            Florence Desmond      VAR66
How do You do, Miss Ragtime?                Ethel Levey           CDR57
How does a little Liver Pill                Clarkson Rose         VAR25
How I got on the Stage - and Off            Dorrie Dene           VAR67
How the So-and-So can I be Happy            Max Miller            VAR65
How to make a Christmas Pudding             Tommy Handley         VAR51
How we saved the Barge                      Bransby Williams      CDR31
Howíd you like to spoon with me?            Florrie Forde         CDR5
Howíre You getting on?                      Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Howís Your Father?                          Harry Tate            CDR41
Howís Your Father?                          Joe Archer            CDR63
Howís your poor old feet                    Ernie Mayne           CDR37
How're Ya getting on?                       Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Hullo Tu Tu                                 Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Hullo! Miss London                          Victoria Monks        CDR36
Hum a little tune                           Tom Clare             CDR30
Humoreske                                   Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Humoreske                                   Miss Marie Hall       TOP4
Humpty Dumpty                               Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Hundreds of Miles away                      G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Hungarian Dance No5                         Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Huntiní                                     Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Hurrah for the Rolling Sea                  Alfred Lester         CDR49
Hush Hush Hush Here  come s the Bogey Man   Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Hush-a-Bye Baby                             Tom Clare             CDR30
Hussars                                     Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Hymie and Amy                               Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
I ain't Nobody's Darling                    Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
I am, She is, We are                        Randolph Sutton       VAR1
I avenít told ĎIm not up to now             Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
I be only a poor Country Chap               Ben Lawes             CDR42
I began to run                              George Formby Snr.    CDR8
I belong to Glasgow                         Will Fyffe            VAR7
I blew a little Blast on my Whistle         George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I bought a Horse                            Max Miller            VAR79
I can get it for you wholesale              Max Bacon             VAR35
I can say ďTruly RuralĒ                     Wilkie Bard           CDR13
I can wiggle my Ears                        Anona Winn            VAR57
I canít get away from my Ancestors          Harry Weldon          CDR40
I canít get the One I want                  Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
I canít keep the Flies off my Lunch         Jay Laurier           CDR39
I canít reach that top note                 Wilkie Bard           CDR14
I canít wed a Woman like that               Leonard Henry         VAR52
I care for Him                              The Trix Sisters      VAR83
I could make a Good Living at that          George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I couldnít desert the Guides                Dorrie Dene           VAR67
I díve baked a cake(Medley)                 Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
I didnít orter Ďa ett it                    Jack Warner           VAR13
I didnít want to cause any Trouble          Frank Leo             CDR52
I do feel so Lonely                         Victoria Monks        CDR58
I do like a little bit of Nougat            Lupino Lane           VAR50
I do like a little bit of Turkey            Ernie Mayne           CDR20
I do like to be beside the seaside          Mark Sheridan         CDR7
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside          The Company           VAR58
I do like to be beside the seaside (Instr.) Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
I do like to sing in the Bath               Alfred Lester         CDR49
I do love You                               Olive Fox             VAR85
I do Things I do                            George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I donít admire the girl in White            Ella Shields          CDR12
I donít care if the Sun donít shine(Medley) Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
I donít care what becomes of me             Fred Earle            CDR15
I donít seem to want you when youíre with meMargaret Cooper       CDR60
I donít think it matters!                   Olive Fox             VAR85
I donít wanna go home                       Florrie Forde         VAR18
I donít want to climb a Mountain            Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
I donít want to go to Bed                   Billy Cotton          VAR69
I donít want to go to Bed                   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
I donít want to play in your Yard           Barbara Windsor +     VAR56
I don't care if the Mormons come            Florrie Forde         CDR62
I don't want to play in your yard (Instr.)  Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
I Dunno                                     Wish Wynne            VAR49
I enjoyed it                                Harry Champion        CDR3
I Fall in Love with You every Day           Betty Driver          VAR64
I feel a Song cominí on                     Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
I feel very bad I do                        Sam Mayo              CDR33
I fell in love with an Airman               Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
I forget the little things                  Hutch                 VAR41
I forgot the number on the door             George Lashwood       CDR10
I get a Kick out of You                     Anona Winn            VAR57
I go twice a week to the Pictures           Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
I had a divil of a time last night          Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
I had a Hippopotamus                        Elton Hayes           VAR90
I had a little drop with Martha             Lily Morris           CDR18
I had to go and draw another Pound out      Clarkson Rose         VAR25
I had to leave                              Frank Leo             CDR52
I hate the Spring                           Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
I haven't the faintest idea                 George Robey          CDR17
I heard the Voice of Jesus say              Gipsy Smith           TOP6
I hope I donít meet Molly                   The Trix Sisters      VAR83
I jumped out of Bed, quick                  Joe Archer            CDR63
I just want to give Myself away             The Trix Sisters      VAR83
I know a cosy nest                          Zona Vevey            CDR26
I know 'em all                              Harry Taylor          CDR47
I laughed so hard I nearly cried            Billy Cotton          VAR69
I laughed so hard I nearly died             Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
I laughed so Hard I nearly died             Leslie Sarony         VAR62
I lift up my Finger and I say Tweet Tweet   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
I lift up my Finger and say Tweet Tweet     Betty Fields          VAR84
I like aínot water bottle in bed            Ernie Mayne           CDR25
I like Bananas                              Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
I like kissing                              Jay Laurier           CDR39
I like to jump on a Bike                    Leslie Sarony         VAR62
I like your Apron and Bonnet                Ella Retford          CDR28
I live in hopes                             Marie  Lloyd  Jnr.    CDR6
I live in Trafalgar Square                  Stanley Holloway      VAR68
I lost my gal again                         Albert Whelan         VAR16
I love a Lassie                             Harry Lauder          CDR11
I love a lassie                             Harry Lauder          CDR14
I love a Lassie                             Harry Lauder          CDR37
I Love a Lassie                             Hughie Diamond        VAR58
I love a Lassie (Instrumental)              Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
I love Me                                   Alfred Lester         CDR49
I love Society                              Connie Ediss          CDR47
I love them all a little Bit                Elsie Janis           CDR57
I love to Whistle                           Betty Driver          VAR64
I may be a Lady                             Dorrie Dene           VAR67
I may be crazy but I love you               Eugene Stratton       CDR22
I may be wrong but I think Youíre wonderful Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
I mean to say                               George Robey          CDR17
I met everybody I knew                      Mark Sheridan         CDR7
I miss a Little Miss                        G. H. Elliott         VAR2
I must go home tonight                      Billy Williams        CDR4
I must have a Feather in my Hat             Harry Champion        CDR56
I must have my Ďarf a pint of Beer          Nat Travers           VAR26
I must have One of Those                    Leonard Henry         VAR52
I must see Annie tonight                    Max Bacon             VAR35
I Never Knew  (Xylophone)                   Teddy Brown           VAR53
I never see Maggie alone                    Max Miller            VAR79
I never thought that sheíd do that to me    Max Miller            VAR5
I never worry about the Morning             The Trix Sisters      VAR83
I only got married today                    Jack Pleasants        CDR29
I only have Eyes for You                    Hutch                 VAR41
I only met her on Sunday                    Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
I parted my hair in the middle              George Formby Snr.    CDR8
I Pass all my Hours                         Elton Hayes           VAR90
I played my Concertina                      Sam Mayo              CDR33
I pulled myself together                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
I ran straight Home with the News           Sam Mayo              CDR33
I really canít reach that top note          Wilkie Bard           CDR13
I recall the days                           Zona Vevey            CDR26
I see youíve got your old Brown Hat on      Harry Champion        CDR27
I shall get in such a row                   Jack Pleasants        CDR29
I shanít mend your waistcoat any more       Harry Champion        CDR27
I should say so                             Robb Wilton           VAR8
I shouldnít be here tonight                 Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
I shouldn't be a bit surprised              George Robey          CDR17
I shouted "Bovril" to the Bull              Fred Elton            CDR63
I sobbed and I cried like a child           George Formby Snr.    CDR8
I think of You                              Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
I think of you                              Norman Long           VAR21
I thought mebbe I would - aní I did         Stanley Holloway      VAR68
I thought she was so shy                    Tom Leamore           VAR26
I thought there was something the Matter    Frank Leo             CDR52
I told My Baby with the Ukelele             George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I took Jane, Walking in the Rain            Randolph Sutton       VAR1
I turned my Trousers up                     George Formby Snr.    CDR8
I Used To Sigh For The SIlvery Moon         G H Elliott           VAR58
I used to sigh for the silvery moon (Chor.) Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
I wanna sing about You                      Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
I want a Banana                             Arthur Askey          VAR31
I want a Pie with a Plum in                 Dick Henderson        CDR55
I want meat                                 Harry Champion        CDR27
I want no other Girlie                      Ella Retford          CDR28
I want Something to practice on             Jay Laurier           CDR39
I want to be a Drummer in the Band          Hamilton Hill         CDR44
I want to be in Dixie                       Jen Latona            CDR68
I want to get thin                          Dorrie Dene           VAR67
I want to sing in Opera                     Wilkie Bard           CDR14
I want to sing in Opera                     Wilkie Bard           CDR13
I want yer ma honey                         Yvette Guilbert       CDR22
I wanted a wife                             Mark Sheridan         CDR7
I was a Good Little Girl                    Ella Retford          CDR28
I was a good little girl  (Chorus)          Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
I was a good little girl Ďtill I met you    Clarice Mayne         CDR14
I was a good little girl Ďtill I met you    Clarice Mayne & J W TaCDR37
I was having my Breakfast in Bed            Sam Mayo              CDR33
I was holding my Coconut                    Harry Champion        CDR27
I was in the Mood                           Randolph Sutton       VAR48
I was one of Ďem                            Archie Harradine      VAR81
I went A-Jazzing                            Jack Pleasants        CDR29
I went all Hot and Cold                     George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I went on my Way Rejoicing                  Ernest Shand          CDR45
I will give you the keys of Heaven          Yvette Guilbert       CDR22
I will have a night tonight                 Morny Cash            CDR32
I wish I had a Pal like You                 Victoria Monks        CDR36
I wish I had a Pal like You                 Victoria Monks        CDR37
I wish I had died in my Cradle              Dick Henderson        CDR55
I wish I were Single again                  Harry Gordon          VAR20
I wish it were Sunday Night Tonight         Lupino Lane           VAR39
I wonít be a Nun                            Nuna Davey            VAR81
I wonder if you miss me sometimes           Ella Retford          CDR28
I wonder what Heís going to do next         Frank Leo             CDR52
I wonder Who's under her Balcony now        George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I would like to know WHY!                   Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Iíd like to bring my Mother                 Ella Retford          CDR28
Iíd like to go again                        Marie Lloyd Jnr.      CDR22
Iíd like to Have a Honeymoon with Her       Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Iíd Rather Be A Savage                      Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Iíll Be Cross Arabella                      Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Iíll be your Sweetheart                     Marie Kendall         VAR26
Iíll dream of you                           Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Iíll follow my Secret Heart                 Anona Winn            VAR57
Iíll give her a ring                        Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Iíll Keep off the Grass no more             Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Iíll make You want Me                       Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Iíll make you want Me                       The Three Rascals     CDR67
Iíll prove that I was right                 Sam Mayo              CDR33
Iíll see You in my Dreams                   Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Iíll show You around Paree                  Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Iíll string along with you(Medley)          Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Iíll take Romance                           Betty Driver          VAR64
Iím ĎEnery the eighth                       Harry Champion        CDR14
Iím 94 today                                Will Fyffe            VAR7
Iím a Bachelor                              Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Iím a Batchelor                             Vesta Tilley          CDR32
Iím a bit of a Blighty One                  Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Iím A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell           Marie Lloyd Jnr.      VAR58
Iím a Campfire Girl                         Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Iím a Daddy at 63                           Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Iím a disappointed Married Man              Jay Laurier           CDR39
Iím a Gigolo                                Hutch                 VAR41
Iím a little Blackbird                      Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Iím a little Prairie Flower                 The Two Leslies       VAR22
Iím a Mummy                                 Douglas Byng          VAR6
Iím a Tree                                  Douglas Byng          VAR6
Iím always doing something silly            Jay Laurier           CDR39
Iím always just a little Bit not Right      Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Iím Better Off in my Little Dug-Out         Fred Hilton           TOP2
Iím bucked to death Iím married             Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Iím building up for an awful let-down       Hutch                 VAR41
Iím coming back to Bonnie Scotland          Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Iím fading away                             Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Iím getting ready for my Mother-in-Law      Harry Champion        CDR3
Iím glad I took my Mother's Advice          Maidie Scott          CDR16
Iím going away                              Billy Merson          CDR24
Iím going away                              Hetty King            CDR22
Iím going away                              Billy Merson          CDR14
Iím going back again to Old Nebraska        G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Iím going back to Dixie                     The Three Rascals     CDR67
Iím going back to Dixie                     The Two Bobs          CDR34
Iím going Home for Christmas                BBC Dance Orchestra   VAR51
Iím going to settle down                    Gus Elen              CDR2
Iím going to Sing a Song                    Sam Mayo              CDR33
Iím Happy when Iím Hiking                   Olive Fox             VAR85
Iím happy when I'm hiking                   Albert Whelan         VAR16
Iím Henry the VIII                          Harry Champion        CDR3
Iím Knee Deep in Daisies                    The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Iím learning a song for Christmas           Jack Pleasants        CDR20
Iím leaving home                            Victoria Monks        CDR36
Iím lonely without You                      Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Iím longing to go back                      Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Iím looking for Grahame White               Ella Retford          CDR28
Iím Millie, a messy old Mermaid             Douglas Byng          VAR6
Iím Much Better Looking                     Charles Austin        CDR50
Iím not prepared                            Elsie Janis           CDR57
Iím Nuts on Screwy Music                    Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Iím on my honeymoon                         Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Iím on my way to Dublin Bay                 The Two Bobs          CDR34
Iím on the Crest of a Wave                  The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Iím one of the Queens of England            Douglas Byng          VAR6
Iím playing Gooseberry to a Pair            Jenny Howard          VAR45
Iím proud of my old bald head               Harry Champion        CDR3
Iím Ready, Iím Willing                      Tessie OíShea         VAR50
Iím scared of holding my breath under the WaBetty Fields          VAR84
Iím sending you the Seigfried line          Leon Cortez           VAR75
Iím setting the Village on fire             Billy Merson          CDR24
Iím shy Mary Ellen, Iím shy                 Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Iím shy Mary Ellen, Iím shy                 Reg Dixon             VAR14
Iím shy Mary Ellen, Iím shy                 Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Iím sitting on Top of the World             The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Iím smiling through my Tears                Dick Henderson        CDR55
Iím the Black Sheep of the Flock            Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Iím the Idol of the Girls                   Vesta Tilley          CDR58
Iím the Idol of the Girls                   Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Iím the man that buried Flanagan            Billy Williams        CDR4
Iím the Monster of Loch Ness                Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Iím the only bit of comfort she's got       Max Miller            VAR5
Iím the Plumber                             Charles Foster        CDR47
Iím too young to be careful                 Jenny Howard          VAR45
Iím Twenty-One Today                        Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Iím waiting for Mary by the Water wheel     Zona Vevey            CDR26
Iím walking Ďround the world                Ella Shields          CDR12
Iím William the Conqueror                   Harry Champion        CDR3
Iím worth my Weight in Gold                 Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Iíve been married a year today              Morny Cash            CDR32
Iíve found the Right Girl                   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Iíve gone and lost my little Yoyo           Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Iíve gone and lost my Little Yo-Yo          Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Iíve gone out for the Day                   Daphne Anderson       VAR56
Iíve got a Hunch                            Betty Driver          VAR64
Iíve got a lovely bunch of Cocoanuts (MedleyBob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Iíve got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts         Billy Cotton          VAR69
Iíve got Everything I want                  Elsie Janis           CDR57
Iíve got everything I want but you          Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Iíve got my eye on you                      Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Iíve got rings on my fingers                Florrie Forde         CDR5
Iíve got Rings on my Fingers                Olive Fox             VAR85
Iíve had a Rum                              Lupino Lane           VAR39
Iíve just come up for a Day                 Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Iíve loved her ever since she was a baby    Harry Lauder          CDR11
Iíve made up my mind                        Tom Costello          CDR14
Iíve never seen a Straight Banana           Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Iíve never wronged an onion                 Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Iíve only been married a week               Charles Austin        CDR50
Iíve only come down for the Day             Sam Mayo              CDR33
Iíve something in the bottle for the morningHarry Lauder          CDR14
Iíve something in the bottle for the morningHarry Lauder          CDR11
Icicle Joe the Eskimo                       Leslie Sarony         VAR62
I'd do it all over again                    Ella Shields          CDR12
I'd like to shake Shakespeare               Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Ida from Idaho                              Zona Vevey            CDR26
Ideal Homes                                 Norman Long           VAR21
If I catch Alfonso tonight (w. Beatrice AlleBilly Merson          CDR24
If I had Napoleonís Hat                     Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
If I had only put an X instead of a 1       Jack Warner           VAR13
If I knew Iíd find You                      Dick Henderson        CDR55
If I Loved You(Medley)                      Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
If I only knew the Way                      The Sisters Gelatine  VAR81
If I should plant a Tiny Seed of Love       Hamilton Hill         CDR44
If I Should Plant A Tiny Seed Of Love       Helen Clare           VAR58
If I should plant a Tiny Seed of Love       Stanley Holloway      VAR68
If I should plant a tiny seed of love (Chor.Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
If I were King of England                   Gus Elen              CDR15
If it wasn't for the houses in between      Gus Elen              CDR2
If the Man in the Moon were a Coon          George Elliott        CDR61
If the Managers Only Thought Same as Mother Maidie Scott          CDR16
If the Wind had only Blown the Other Way    Maidie Scott          CDR16
If the World were ruled by Girls            FForde & W Miller     TOP7
If those Lips could only speak              Charles Young         VAR56
If we hadn't any Women in the World         Joe Archer            CDR63
If We live to be Ninety Nine                Tom Foy               CDR59
If You can't do no good, Don't do no harm   Kate Carney           CDR58
If you don't want the Goods, etc.           George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
If you knew Susie, like I know Susie        Ella Shields          CDR12
If you want a little love, do this          Lupino Lane           VAR39
If you want to have a row                   Victoria Monks        CDR36
If you were the only girl in the world      Loraine & George RobeyCDR37
If You Were The Only Girl In The World      Orchestra             VAR58
If You were the only Girl in the World      Stanley Holloway      VAR68
If You were the Only Girl in the World      Violet Loraine        CDR64
If youíre doing that for me you can stop    Frank Leo             CDR52
I'll be true                                Hamilton Hill         CDR44
I'll be your sweetheart (Chorus)            Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
I'll See You Again (Excerpt)                Evelyn Laye           VAR55
I'm 21 today (Instrumental)                 Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
I'm crazy over You                          The Trix Sisters      VAR83
I'm not there at all                        Ella Shields          CDR12
I'm Shy Mary Ellen (Chorus)                 Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
I'm so spiteful                             Billy Merson          CDR24
I'm the landlord of the Inn in Aberfoyle    Will Fyffe            VAR7
Imitation of a Dutch girl singing ďYaaka HulGertie Gitana         CDR23
Imitation of a Womanís Rights Meeting       Arthur Lloyd          TOP7
Impshe                                      Max Miller            VAR5
In 1950                                     Nelson Jackson        TOP7
In a Case like that, Donít Wait             Ernest Shand          CDR45
In a Perfectly Lovely Park                  Ronald Frankau        VAR4
In America                                  Ernest Shand          CDR45
In bed with the Flu                         Leonard Henry         VAR52
In Big Bits of Big Hits Nos 1 to 5 (Tracks 1Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
In charge of a Book Stall                   Tommy Handley         VAR32
In Dark Subjects                            Alexander and Mose    VAR23
In Egypt                                    Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
In Gay Paree                                Harry Fragson         CDR71
In Gay Paree                                Harry Fragson         CDR32
In High Society                             Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
In Love Again                               Florence Desmond      VAR66
In my cabin by the lagoon                   Zona Vevey            CDR26
In my Gairden                               Harry Gordon          VAR20
In my Gondola                               Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
In my little bottom drawer                  Gracie Fields         VAR17
In my old white spats                       Harry Champion        CDR27
In Old Vienna                               Dick Henderson        CDR55
In Pirate Days of old                       Ben Lawes             CDR42
In Sweet Loveland                           Hamilton Hill         CDR44
In the Bathroom                             Leonard Henry         VAR52
In the Bushes at the Bottom of the Garden   Randolph Sutton       VAR1
In the days of Adam and Eve                 Joe Archer            CDR63
In the Days that are coming bye and bye     Mark Sheridan         TOP7
In the Days when Knights were bold          Billy Merson          CDR24
In the dear old town that I was born in     Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
In the Evening by the Moonlight             Haydn Quartette       CDR35
In the Good Old Summer Time                 Julian Rose           VAR35
In the good old Summer time (Chorus)        Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
In the Hills of Colorado                    Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
In the Kingís Name stand                    William Paull         TOP1
In the Land of Inky Pinky Dinky Doo         The Two Leslies       VAR22
In the land where there are no girls        Billy Williams        CDR4
In the Maytime                              Margaret Cooper       CDR60
In the Middle of a Kiss                     Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
In the Middle of the Night last Night       Billy Cotton          VAR69
In the Morning                              Fred Earle            CDR15
In the Parlour when the ComPanyís gone      Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
In the shade of the old Apple Tree          Julian Rose           VAR35
In the Shadows                              Salon Orchestra       TOP4
In the theatre: (Finsbury Park Empire)      Max Miller            VAR79
In the Twi-Twi-Twilight                     Leslie Sarony         VAR58
In the Twi-twi-twilight (Chorus)            Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
In the Waxworks late  last Night            Charlie Higgins       VAR34
In the woodshed  she said she would         Gracie Fields         VAR17
In these Hard Times                         Leonard Henry         VAR52
In these hard times                         Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Incidents                                   Ben Albert            CDR48
Income Tax                                  Naughton and Gold     VAR23
Inquisitive Ann                             Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Inquisitive Kiddie                          Ben Albert            CDR48
Insanity                                    Jen Latona            CDR68
Insubordination                             Arthur Prince & Jim   CDR53
Interruptions                               Tom Woottwell         CDR32
Interview with Titanic Survivor             Mr Allen              TOP4
Intro (Bobbie Comber Memories)              Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Intro and Mountain High                     George Van Dusen      VAR30
Intro to ďThe Suffragettesí AnthemĒ         Barclay Gammon        TOP7
Introduce Me to the Lady                    Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Introduction                                Daniel Farson         VAR58
Introduction (Flotsam and Jetsam)           Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Introduction to ďTipperaryĒ                 Jack Judge            TOP2
Introduction to Chairman Rob Currie         Ernest Longstaffe     VAR58
Introductions                               Ernest Shand          CDR45
Inversnecky Barber                          Harry Gordon          VAR20
Inversnecky Moon                            Harry Gordon          VAR20
Iola                                        Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Irish and proud of it too                   Ella Retford          CDR14
Irishmen must be there                      Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
Is anybody looking for a Widow              Florrie Forde         CDR5
Is China worth going to?                    Milton Hayes          VAR24
Is China worth leaving?                     Milton Hayes          VAR24
Is it British?                              Norman Long           VAR21
Is Izzy azzy wazz?                          Tommy Handley         VAR32
Is Lipstick nourishing?                     Milton Hayes          VAR24
Is there Anything Else youíd like           Charles Foster        CDR47
Isnít that just like a Man                  Walter Miller         CDR61
It ainít all Honey and it ainít all Jam     Vesta Victoria        CDR69
It all belongs to me                        Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
It Always starts to Rain                    Randolph Sutton       VAR1
It didnít take long to come off             Vesta Victoria        CDR37
It didnít take long to come off             Vesta Victoria        CDR69
It donít do nothing but Rain                Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
It Isnít Cricket                            Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
It isnít done                               Tom Clare             CDR30
It made You happy when You made Me cry      Dorrie Dene           VAR67
It makes One think                          Frank Leo             CDR52
It pays to advertise                        Florrie Forde         CDR5
It was a sad, sad, day for me               Frank Leo             CDR52
It was bound to happen in the end           The Western Brothers  VAR29
It was bound to happen in the end           The Western Brothers  VAR29
Itíll all be the Same                       Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Itís a Cert                                 The Two Bobs          CDR34
Itís a Grand Sight to see them going away   Frank Leo             CDR52
Itís a great big shame                      Gus Elen              VAR14
Itís a great big shame                      Johnny Hewer          VAR56
Itís a Great Big Shame                      The Company           VAR81
Itís a Great Big Shame (Excerpt)            Gus Elen              VAR55
Itís a Hap, Hap, Happy Day                  The Two Leslies       VAR22
Itís a hap-hap-happy day                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
Itís a Hap-Hap-Happy Day                    The Two Leslies       VAR50
Itís a long long walk                       George Lashwood       CDR10
Itís A Long Long Way To Tipperary           Community Singing     VAR58
Itís a Long Way to Tipperary                Jack Judge            TOP2
Itís a Pity                                 Murgatroyd & WinterbotVAR23
Itís a wonder what little things lead to    Billy Williams        CDR4
Itís alright in the Summertime              Vesta Victoria        CDR14
Itís alright in the Summertime              Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Itís altogether different                   Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Itís an old Spanish Custom                  Albert Whelan         VAR16
Itís An Over-Rated Pastime                  Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Itís easy to be a Lady                      Vesta Victoria        CDR32
Itís easy to be a Lady                      Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Itís going to be a serious thing for EnglandBilly Merson          CDR24
Itís Holiday Time Again                     George Van Dusen      VAR30
Itís in the Bag, Gentlemen, Itís in the Bag The Western Brothers  VAR29
Itís Jolly Old Christmas                    Leslie Sarony         VAR51
Itís lovely to be in love                   Lupino Lane           VAR39
Itís luvly to be in love                    Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Itís Men like You                           Betty Driver          VAR64
Itís mine when youíve done with it          Billy Williams        CDR4
Itís my Bath Night tonight                  Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Itís My Motherís Birthday Today             Bob Mallin            VAR82
Itís nicer to be in bed                     Harry Lauder          CDR14
Itís only a Matter of Time                  Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Itís part of a Policemanís Duty             Vesta Tilley          CDR37
Itís part of a Policemanís Duty             Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Itís Party Time again                       George Van Dusen      VAR30
Itís so simple                              Charles Coborn        CDR22
Itís Spring Again; Potato Pete              Betty Driver          VAR64
Itís the Alpine Dress Youíre wearing        Olive Fox             VAR85
Itís the Same Old Tommy                     Stanley Kirkby        TOP2
Itís the tailor makes the man               Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
It's a Fine Time for a Soldier              Vesta Tilley          CDR70
It's a great big shame                      Gus Elen              CDR2
It's cold without your trousers             Harry Champion        CDR27
It's girls that make the seaside            Mark Sheridan         CDR7
It's That Man Again                         Tommy Handley         VAR32
It's turned out Nice again                  George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
I've been longing to meet You               Jen Latona            CDR68
I've been out with Charlie Brown            George Lashwood       CDR10
I've been to America                        Tom Foy               CDR59
I've had some Money left Me                 Tom Foy               CDR59
I've struck a chorus                        Wilkie Bard           CDR13
I've told his Missus all about Him          Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Ja Da                                       The Two Bobs          CDR34
Jack Sheppard                               Harry Weldon          CDR40
Jacqueline                                  Elton Hayes           VAR90
Jasmine (Piano Solo)                        Billy Mayerl          VAR61
Jealous Heart(Medley)                       Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Jean MacNeil                                Harry Lauder          CDR11
Jessamine                                   Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Jessie Dear                                 Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Jesus is my Light and Song                  Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Jesus, The Light of the World               Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Jock McPherson                              Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Joe Murgatroyd's Letter                     John Henry            VAR59
Joe the Carrier Lad                         Elton Hayes           VAR90
Jog Jog Jogging along                       Dick Henderson        CDR55
Jogging along behind the Old Grey Mare      Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
John go and put your trousers on            Billy Williams        CDR4
John Henry ďCallingĒ                        John Henry            VAR59
John Henry in Paris                         John Henry            VAR59
John Henry on the Films                     John Henry            VAR59
John Henryís Night out                      John Henry            VAR59
John Henryís Wireless Elephant              John Henry            VAR59
John Henry's Aeroplane                      John Henry            VAR59
John Willie goes Carolling                  George Formby         VAR51
John Willie, Come on                        George Formby Snr.    CDR8
John, John, John                            Fred Earle            CDR32
Johnny                                      Sam Mayo              CDR33
Jollity Farm                                Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Jollity Farm                                Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Jolly Good Company                          Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Jolly Good Company                          Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Jolly good Company beside the Seaside       Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Jolly Good fellows                          Ella Shields          CDR12
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl                 Vesta Tilley          CDR53
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who loves a SoldVesta Tilley          CDR70
Jolly Little Polly on a Tin Gee Gee         Charles Foster        CDR47
Jolly Old Uncle Joe                         Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Jonathan Jock McKenzie                      Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Joshua                                      Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Josh-ua                                     Clarice Mayne         CDR53
Josser Cricketer                            Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Jubilee Baby                                Betty Driver          VAR64
Judgement Day                               Victoria Monks        CDR36
Julietta                                    Max Miller            VAR65
June is bustiní out all over(Medley)        Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Just a Little Rocking Chair and You         Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Just a wearyiní for You                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
Just a Wee Deoch-an-Doris                   Harry Lauder          CDR11
Just another Sally                          Max Miller            VAR79
Just because She made Dem Goo Goo Eyes      George J Gaskin       CDR47
Just before the Show                        George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Just for a girl                             George Lashwood       CDR10
Just Gert And Daisy                         Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Just in Fun                                 Max Miller            VAR65
Just like the Ivy                           Marie Kendall         VAR26
Just one more                               Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Kaiser Bill is a Merry Old Soul             Harry Fay             TOP2
Katie Connor (Chorus)                       Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Keep away from the Petticoats               Florrie Forde         CDR62
Keep on swinging me Charlie                 Jen Latona            CDR68
Keep right on to the end of the Road        Harry Lauder          CDR11
Keep right on to the end of the road        Harry Lauder          CDR14
Keep Right on to the End of the Road        Hughie Diamond        VAR58
Keep your hands in your trousers pockets    Harry Champion        CDR27
Keep Your Skirts down, Mary Ann             Olive Fox             VAR85
Keeping Bees                                Will Evans            CDR43
Keeping up the old traditions               The Western Brothers  VAR29
Kentucky Baby                               American Comedy Four  CDR35
Kept for Jesus                              Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Killiecrankie                               Harry Lauder          CDR11
Kind Words never die                        George Formby Snr.    CDR8
King Canute                                 Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
King Cotton March                           Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
King Ki Ki                                  Little Tich           CDR9
Kiss Me Curse You                           Betty Fields          VAR84
Kiss me Dear                                Florence Desmond      VAR66
Kiss the Girl if youíre going to            Marie Kendall         VAR26
Kiss your Soldier Boy, Goodbye              Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Knees Up Mother Brown                       Community Singing     VAR58
Knees up Mother Brown                       Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Knees up Mother Brown (Instr.)              Barrel Piano          CDR38
Knees Up Mother Brown (Medley)              Leon Cortez           VAR75
Knees Up Yodelling Song                     George Van Dusen      VAR30
Knick Knacks on the Mantel                  Bob Mallin            VAR82
Knitting                                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
Knock, Knock, Whoís there?                  Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Knocked Ďem in the Old Kent Road            Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Knocked Ďem in the Old Kent Road            John Bluthal          VAR77
Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road (Instr.)   Barrel Piano          CDR38
Knocking at Every Door                      Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
La Paloma                                   Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
La-de-da                                    Max Miller            VAR5
Ladies Bar                                  Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Ladies beware                               Harry Fragson         CDR71
Ladies Beware                               Harry Fragson         CDR32
Ladies I have met                           George Lashwood       CDR61
Lady Be Bad                                 Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Lady Windermereís Fan                       Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
La-La-La-La (The Modern Singing Lesson)     Billy Cotton          VAR69
Lambeth Walk Party (Medley)                 Leon Cortez           VAR75
Land of I dunno where                       Jen Latona            CDR68
Land where the Women wear the trousers      Billy Williams        CDR4
Largo                                       Weist-Hill Trio       TOP4
Lass of Killiecrankie                       Harry Lauder          CDR14
Laugh and let the Clouds roll by            Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Laughing Gas                                Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Laughing Waltz (Ha! Ha! Ha!)                Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Lay down your Arms (Excerpt)                Anne Shelton          VAR55
Lay My Head beneath a Rose                  Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Laying the Carpet                           Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Le Cygne (Danced by Anna Pavlova)           Marie Hall            CDR53
Le Cygne (The Swan)                         Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Le Pítit Georges                            LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
Le Toutou Ruse                              Harry Fragson         CDR71
Leaning on a Lampost                        George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Leonard Henry letís Himself go              Leonard Henry         VAR52
Leslie Stuart's Popular Songs (Instrumental)Leslie Stuart (Piano) CDR38
Let it be soon                              Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Let me carry your Bag to Bagdad, Dad        Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Let Me Gaze                                 Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Let me go back to the Farm                  The Two Leslies       VAR22
Let me sing                                 Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Let me sing                                 Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Let the great big World keep on turning     Vera Lynn             VAR14
Let the Great Big World keep turning        Violet Loraine        CDR64
Let the great big world keep turning (Chor.)Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Let us waltz round together                 Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Letís all be a happy family                 Florrie Forde         VAR18
Letís all go down the Strand                Delore Whiteman       VAR77
Letís all go down the Strand                Jack Jackson          VAR14
Letís all go down the Strand                Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Letís All Go Down The Strand                The Orchestra         VAR58
Letís all go to the Music Hall              Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Letís all have a charabanc ride             Max Miller            VAR5
Letís all sing at the Tops of our Voices    Leonard Henry         VAR52
Letís all sing like the Birdies sing        Billy Cotton          VAR69
Letís all sing the Lard Song                Leonard Henry         VAR52
Letís do it again(Medley)                   Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Letís go round and have a taster            Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Letís have a basin of soup                  Harry Champion        CDR3
Letís have a basinful of the Briny          Tommy Handley         VAR32
Letís have a jolly good Cry                 Jay Laurier           CDR39
Letís have a Ride on your Bicycle           Max Miller            VAR42
Letís have a song upon the phonograph       Billy Williams        CDR4
Letís have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar        Jenny Howard          VAR45
Letís have free trade amongst the girls     Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Letís Keep The Party Clean                  Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Letís make a Night of it Tonight            Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Letís pretend Weíre married                 Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Letís put out the Lights                    Anona Winn            VAR57
Let's all go down the Strand (Instr.)       Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Let's all go home together                  Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Let's go round to Mr. Riley's               Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Let's have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar        Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Letting the New Year in                     George Formby         VAR51
Levinsky at the Wedding (Part 1)            Julian Rose           VAR35
Levinsky at the Wedding (Part 2)            Julian Rose           VAR35
Levinsky at the Wedding (Part 3)            Julian Rose           VAR35
Levinsky at the Wedding (Part 4)            Julian Rose           VAR35
Levinskyís Jubilee                          Julian Rose           VAR35
Liebesfreud  (Xylophone)                    Teddy Brown           VAR53
Life's Lullaby                              Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Light Cavalry (Xylophone)                   Teddy Brown           VAR53
Lights Out                                  The Roosters          VAR70
Like He loves Me                            Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Like the Big Pots do                        Gracie Fields         VAR17
Lily of Laguna                              Eugene Stratton       CDR22
Lily of Laguna                              G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Lily of Laguna                              Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Lily of the Valley                          Alfred Lester         CDR49
Linda and her Londonderry Air               Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Listening in                                John Henry            VAR59
Little Alabama Coon                         Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Little Alabama Coon (Instrumental)          Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Little Annie Roonie                         The Company           VAR81
Little Betty Bouncer                        Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Little bit of cucumber                      Harry Champion        CDR3
Little Bridget Flynn                        Elton Hayes           VAR90
Little Dolly Daydream                       Eugene Stratton       CDR22
Little Dolly Daydream                       G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Little Dolly Daydream                       The Variety Singers   VAR81
Little Dolly Day-Dream                      Eugene Stratton       CDR61
Little Dolly Daydream (Piano Solo)          Leslie Stuart         CDR47
Little Fred                                 Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Little Gel                                  Jack Warner           VAR13
Little Mohee                                Elton Hayes           VAR90
Little Princess, Look-Up                    Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Little pudden basin                         Gracie Fields         VAR17
Little Puddle town                          Ben Lawes             CDR42
Little Red Hooding Ride                     Max Bacon             VAR35
Little White Lies                           Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Little Willieís Woodbines                   Billy Williams        CDR4
Live and Learn                              Tom Foy               CDR59
Live and let live                           Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Live at The Embassy Theatre                 Tommy Trinder         VAR14
Liviní in the Sunlight, Loviní in the MoonliBob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Liza ĎAd ĎOld of my ĎAnd                    Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Liza Johnson                                Kate Carney           CDR61
Lizzie come in and shut that door           Albert Whelan         VAR16
Lizzie the Pre-War Flivver                  Douglas Byng          VAR6
Lloyd Georgeís Beer                         Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Lloyd Jarge                                 Ernest Shand          CDR45
Loch Lomond                                 Harry Lauder          CDR11
Logic                                       Ben Albert            CDR48
London                                      Chirgwin              CDR53
London Pride                                Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
London Transport Board                      John Tilley           VAR8
Long way to Tipperary                       Florrie Forde         CDR14
Long Years Ago                              Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Longshoreman Bill                           Alfred Lester         CDR49
Look up and Laugh                           Jenny Howard          VAR45
Look what Percyís picked up in the Park     Vesta Victoria        CDR32
Look what Percyís picked up in the Park     Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Look! Look! The Moon Manís in the Sky       Fred Elton            CDR63
Looking for mugs in the Strand              George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Looping the Loop                            Florrie Forde         CDR62
Lord Haw Haw of Zessen                      The Western Brothers  VAR29
Lord Haw Haw, the Humbug of Hamburg         The Western Brothers  VAR29
Lots of little things are done by Kindness  Douglas Byng          VAR6
Louisa from Pisa                            Douglas Byng          VAR6
Louise                                      Maurice Chevalier     VAR14
Louisiana Lou                               Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Lousiana Lou                                Ellaline Terriss      CDR61
Love in the Wild                            Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Love is meant to make us glad               Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Love is Money                               Florrie Forde         CDR62
Love me while the Loviní is Good            Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Love Song                                   Victoria Monks        CDR36
Love will find a Way (Excerpt)              Jose Collins          VAR55
Love won My Heart                           Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Lucyís Lips                                 Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Lumbrin Luke                                Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Ma Dusky Maid                               Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Ma!                                         Olive Fox             VAR85
MacGregor, Iím him                          Jack Lorimer          CDR51
MacGregorís Toast                           Harry Lauder          CDR11
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Excerpt)           Noel Coward           VAR55
Madam Anita Peroxide                        Billy Merson          CDR24
Madame Ah!  La Marquis Ah!                  Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Mademoiselle líAmour                        Florence Desmond      VAR66
Madonna Mine                                Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Mae Time                                    Florence Desmond      VAR66
Maestro! Be kind to your Men                The Western Brothers  VAR29
Maggie and Me and the Baby                  Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Maggie Jane                                 Florrie Forde         VAR18
Maggie McIndoo                              Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Maggie McLaren                              Jen Latona            CDR68
Maggie! Yes Ma!                             Olive Fox             VAR85
Maggieís Cold                               Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Maggieís Cold                               Olive Fox             VAR85
Majah General Thing-a-Me-Bob                Leonard Henry         VAR52
Make Hay while the Sun Shines               Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Make your mind up Maggie Mackenzie          Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Make Yourself a Happiness Pie               G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Makiní Faces at the Man in the Moon         G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Making a Talkie                             Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
Malt Hops and Water                         Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Mamma donít want no Peas aní Rice aníCoconutLeslie Sarony         VAR62
Mammy come back to me                       Fred Elton            CDR63
Man and Wife should always pull together    Florrie Forde         CDR5
Man, Man, Man                               Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Man, Man, Man                               Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Mandalay                                    Billy Bennett         VAR33
Mandy                                       Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Mandy Lee                                   Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Maria fell for me                           Max Miller            VAR79
Maria Marten                                Tod Slaughter         VAR12
Marie Lloyd Medley                          Leon Cortez           VAR75
Marie OíNeil                                Fred Elton            CDR63
Marksman Sam                                Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Maruschka                                   Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Marvellous Party                            Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Mary                                        Zona Vevey            CDR26
Mary Ann, Come in                           Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Mary Ann, Come in                           Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Mary Ellen, tíIsle of Man                   Ella Retford          CDR28
Mary Ellen's Hot Pot Party                  Gracie Fields         VAR17
Mary from the Dairy                         Max Miller            VAR42
Mary from the Dairy                         Max Miller            VAR5
Mary took her Calves to The Dairy Show      Florrie Forde         CDR62
Mary was a Housemaid                        Burt Shepard          CDR61
Mary, Donít you come from Spain             Ella Retford          CDR28
Masculine Women! Feminine Men!              Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Massaís in de cold cold ground              Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Maud Marie                                  Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Maudie the Racehorse                        John Tilley           VAR8
Mausie !                                    Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Max at the Met (Metropolitan,Edware Road)   Max Miller            VAR42
Max entertains the War Workers              Max Miller            VAR42
Max in the Theatre (Holborn Empire)         Max Miller            VAR42
Max in the Theatre Again                    Max Miller            VAR60
Max in the Theatre Again (Holborn Empire)   Max Miller            VAR42
Max Miller with The Forces                  Max Miller            VAR60
Max the Auctioneer                          Max Miller            VAR5
Maybe I'm wrong again                       Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Mayor of Mudcumdyke                         George Robey          CDR53
McDougallís Ball                            Jack Lorimer          CDR51
McGlochellís men                            Dan Leno              CDR1
McPhersonís Wedding Breakfast               Will Fyffe            VAR7
Me and my Girl                              Lupino Lane           VAR39
Meat, Meat, Meat                            Fred Earle            CDR15
Medley of Classical Tunes                   Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Medley of Popular Hits:                     Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Medley of Stirring Tunes                    Primo Scala           VAR80
Medley of Strauss Waltzes                   Primo Scala           VAR80
Meet Me (The Sniff Song)                    Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Meet me by Moonlight, Mary                  Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Meet me Tonight in the Cowshed              Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Mein Schnieder                              Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Melindaís Wedding Day                       The Three Rascals     CDR67
Melodious Memories                          Herman Finck          CDR53
Melodrama of the mice                       Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Mendelssohn's Concerto (Banjo)              H Clarke              CDR47
Menuet                                      Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Me-riah                                     Gus Elen              CDR61
Merry Widow Selection                       Zigeuner Orchestra    TOP4
Mexican Minnie                              Douglas Byng          VAR6
Mexican Yodel                               Harry Torrani         VAR47
Mexico                                      Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Micawberís Advice to David Copperfield      Bransby Williams      CDR31
Mick McDougal                               Tom Leamore           VAR26
Mickey Rooneyís Band                        The Three Rascals     CDR67
Mickeyís Son and Daughter                   Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Mimi Taxi                                   Harry Fragson         CDR71
Miss Annabelle Lee                          Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Miss Otis Regrets                           Douglas Byng          VAR6
Miss Porkington would like Cream Puffs      The Two Leslies       VAR22
Miss Whatís Her Name                        Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Mister Cook                                 Frank Leo             CDR52
Mister Cupid                                Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Mister John MacKay                          Harry Lauder          CDR11
Misty Islands of the Highlands              Bob Mallin            VAR82
Mocking bird                                Burt Earle            CDR47
Mocking Bird Yodel                          Harry Torrani         VAR47
Modern Languages                            John Bluthal          VAR77
Modern Woman                                R G Knowles           TOP7
Moi, Tout prŤs de Toi                       LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
Molly Molloy                                Ella Retford          CDR28
Molly OíMorgan                              Ella Retford          CDR14
Monday Morning                              Norman Long           VAR21
Monday Tuesday,Wednesday                    Betty Driver          VAR64
Monty at Wembley                            Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty attends a board meeting               Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty discusses the Empire Spirit           Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty from Monte Carlo                      Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Monty meanders through the Ads              Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty on Advertising and so forth           Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty on Bananas                            Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty on Bolshevism and the like            Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty on Burglars                           Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty on Fashions                           Milton Hayes          VAR24
Monty tells the sad story of Mrs Paddlewick Milton Hayes          VAR24
Montyís hints on health                     Milton Hayes          VAR24
Moonshine is better than Sunshine           G. H. Elliott         VAR2
More Impersonations                         Florence Desmond      VAR66
More Odd Odes                               Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
More Rhymes                                 Leslie Sarony         VAR38
More than anybody                           Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Mosquito Parade                             Parke Hunter          TOP4
Mother                                      Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Mother says I mustnít                       Helen Goss            VAR81
Mother told me so                           Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Motherís Darling                            Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Motherís walking round in Fatherís Trousers Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Mother's Pie Crust                          Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Motoring                                    Harry Tate            CDR53
Motoring                                    Harry Tate            CDR41
Motoring (Excerpt)                          Harry Tate            VAR55
Mottoes                                     Billy Bennett         VAR33
Mountain Echo Yodel                         Harry Torrani         VAR47
Mountain Home Yodel                         Harry Torrani         VAR47
Mountain Melodies                           George Van Dusen      VAR30
Mountain Spook Yodel                        Harry Torrani         VAR47
Move into my house                          Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Mr Brown of London Town                     Lupino Lane           VAR39
Mr Jones                                    Florence Desmond      VAR66
Mr Knick Knock                              Harry Champion        CDR27
Mr McKie                                    Ella Retford          CDR28
Mr Pat O'Hara (Take me to the harem)        George Lashwood       CDR10
Mr Piper, Give Us a Pipe OíBaccy            Harry Champion        CDR56
Mr Potter has a Brother                     Gillie Potter         VAR15
Mr Potter visits Southend                   Gillie Potter         VAR15
Mr Potter Wanders On                        Gillie Potter         VAR15
Mr Potter waxes Historical                  Gillie Potter         VAR15
Mr Potterís Sporting Broadcast              Gillie Potter         VAR15
Mr Wright youíre wrong                      Ella Retford          CDR28
Mrs Badger-Butts                            Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Mrs Bartholomew                             Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Mrs Buggins makes the Christmas Pudding     Mabel Constanduros    VAR51
Mrs Carter                                  Gus Elen              CDR2
Mrs Christopher Stone                       Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Mrs Dyer, The Baby Farmer                   Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Mrs Flotsam and Jetsam                      Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Mrs Hamblett records her Vote               Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
Mrs Henry Hall                              Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Mrs Jorkins in Town                         Ben Lawes             CDR42
Mrs McGrath and Mrs OíRafferty              Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Mrs Sandy McIntyre                          Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Mrs. Blumbergís Jewish Boarding House       Julian Rose           VAR50
Mrs. Kelly                                  Dan Leno              CDR1
Mrs. Lot                                    Douglas Byng          VAR6
Mrs. Morganís Cure                          Will Evans            CDR43
Mrs. Rush and her Scrubbing Brush           Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Mrs. Scott                                  Lily Morris           CDR18
Much obliged to Me                          Tom Foy               CDR59
Mucking about the Garden                    Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Muddling Through                            G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Murder in the Red Barn                      Tod Slaughter         VAR12
Murphy, McCarthy, McGinty and McGhee        Ella Shields          CDR12
Murphyís Wedding Day                        George Van Dusen      VAR30
Music Hall History                          Daniel Farson         VAR58
Music Hall Memories                         Troise & Banjoliers   VAR91
Music Hall Shakespeare                      Harry Fragson         CDR71
Music Hall Sketch (1932)                    Grock                 VAR71
Music Hall Tit-Bits (The Medley Song)       Fred Elton            CDR63
Music of a Gnu                              Flanders & Swann      VAR50
My  Wireless Set                            John Henry            VAR59
My Aunt Martha Ann                          Tom Foy               CDR59
My bonnie Lassie                            Zona Vevey            CDR26
My Bonnie lies over the Ocean (Short)       Jack Warner           VAR13
My boyís career                             Milton Hayes          VAR24
My Brother in the Lifeguards                Jack Warner           VAR13
My brother makes the noises for the talkies Albert Whelan         VAR16
My Bunker Bump                              Tom Foy               CDR59
My Canary has Circles under his Eyes        Randolph Sutton       VAR1
My Cello man                                Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
My Creole Sue                               Haydn Quartette       CDR35
My dear Marie                               Gertie Gitana         CDR23
My Dear Old Grey-Haired Mother              Nat Travers           VAR26
My Dusky Princess                           Gertie Gitana         CDR23
My farewell to Sarby Brig                   Tom Foy               CDR59
My Fiddle is my Sweetheart                  G. H. Chirgwin        CDR22
My First Cigar                              Louis Bradfield       CDR61
My Galís given me the Go-Bye                G. H. Elliott         VAR2
My Garden of Memory                         Gipsy Smith           TOP6
My German Band                              Florrie Forde         CDR5
My Girl's promised to marry Me              Tom Foy               CDR59
My heart is like a Nightingale              Elton Hayes           VAR90
My Heart Stood Still  (Xylophone)           Teddy Brown           VAR53
My Hieland Laddie Oh!                       Jack Lorimer          CDR51
My Hiking Girl                              Randolph Sutton       VAR1
My Inspiration is You                       Dick Henderson        CDR55
My Intentions Were Absolutely Pure          Ronald Frankau        VAR4
My latchkey                                 George Lashwood       CDR10
My little Austin Seven                      Norman Long           VAR21
My Little Buckaroo                          Bob Mallin            VAR82
My little deitcher girl                     Wilkie Bard           CDR14
My little deitcher girl                     Wilkie Bard           CDR13
My Little Eva                               Victoria Monks        CDR36
My Little Love Bird                         Florrie Forde         CDR62
My looks donít pity Me                      Harry Champion        CDR56
My Love Parade                              Jack Warner           VAR13
My Lucky Day                                Jenny Howard          VAR45
My Marriage                                 Ben Lawes             CDR42
My meatless day                             Ernie Mayne           CDR25
My Miss Swiss Yodel                         Harry Torrani         VAR47
My Missus                                   Stanley Holloway      VAR68
My Mother doesnít know Iím on the Stage     Billy Bennett         VAR33
My Motter                                   Alfred Lester         CDR49
My New Hat                                  Jack Pleasants        CDR29
My Next Door Neighbour                      Dorrie Dene           VAR67
My Ninepence                                Morny Cash            CDR32
My Old Dog                                  Leslie Sarony         VAR11
My Old Dutch                                Albert Chevalier      CDR15
My Old Dutch                                Barney Gilbraith      VAR56
My Old Dutch                                John Bluthal          VAR77
My Old Dutch                                John Rorke            VAR58
My Old Dutch                                Louis Bradfield       CDR47
My Old Dutch                                Stanley Holloway      VAR68
My Old Dutch (Excerpt)                      Albert Chevalier      VAR55
My Old Iron Cross                           Harry Champion        CDR56
My Old Kentucky Home                        Haydn Quartet         CDR61
My old Mum                                  Max Miller            VAR79
My Rock a Bye Baby                          The Trix Sisters      VAR83
My Shepherd Boy                             Zona Vevey            CDR26
My Tango Girl                               Ethel Levey           CDR57
My Thanks to You(Medley)                    Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
My wedding day tomorrow                     Zona Vevey            CDR26
My wife is on a diet                        Tommy Handley         VAR32
My wife won't let me                        Florrie Forde         CDR5
My wifeís relations                         Dan Leno              CDR1
My Wifeís Sisterís Pussy Cat                Harry Champion        CDR27
My Wild Oat                                 Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
My Word, You do look Queer!                 Stanley Holloway      VAR68
My Young Man is ever so nice                Jenny Howard          VAR45
Nagasaki (with The Gilt Edged Four)         The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Nan Nan Nan                                 Harry Champion        CDR27
Nancy (with the laughing Face)              Hutch                 VAR41
Narcissus                                   Harry Collman         TOP4
Narcissus                                   Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
National Airs                               Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Nature's made a big mistake                 Gus Elen              CDR2
Naughty Boy                                 Harry Ford            CDR63
Naughty Nellie Gwyn                         Douglas Byng          VAR6
Naughty old Man of Madrid                   Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Naughty Victorian Days                      Douglas Byng          VAR6
Navviesí Jazz                               Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Navy Sketch (Excerpt)                       Tommy Handley         VAR55
Nay! Nay! Nay!                              The Two Leslies       VAR22
Nearer My God, to Thee                      A. Pryor & W B Rogers TOP4
Nearly Wedded                               Tom Foy               CDR59
Neath the Shanty Town Moon                  Jack Warner           VAR13
Negro Complaints                            The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Nell                                        Billy Bennett         VAR33
Nellie Dean                                 Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Nellie Dean                                 The Four Singing WaiteVAR56
Nellie Dean (Excerpt)                       Gertie Gitana         VAR55
Nellie Dean (Instrumental)                  Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Nelly Grey                                  Ella Shields          CDR12
Nelson                                      Zona Vevey            CDR26
Never go walking without your Hat Pin       Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Never have a Bath Ďtill you need one        Albert Whelan         VAR16
Never have a bath with your wrist watch on  Norman Long           VAR21
Never introduce your Bloke to your Lady FrieAlice Lloyd           CDR58
Never let your braces dangle                Harry Champion        CDR3
Never Mind                                  Gertie Gitana         CDR23
New words for old                           Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
New Yearís Day                              Will Fyffe            CDR20
Nicodemus                                   Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Nights of Gladness Waltz                    Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Nine Inch Nails                             Jay Laurier           CDR39
Nine Little Zeppelins                       Harry Bluff           TOP2
Nineteen Bright Pounds                      Tom Foy               CDR59
Nip and Nunky in ďFireworksĒ (with Wallace LLupino Lane           VAR39
No Funny Business                           Leslie Holmes         VAR74
No Funny Business                           Leslie Sarony         VAR62
No Manís Mama                               Dorrie Dene           VAR67
No more Stopping out Late                   Violet Loraine        CDR64
No one believes Iím a Mermaid               Anona Winn            VAR57
No one but You knows how to Love            Albert Whelan         VAR16
No one to read out the news (A BBC Tragedy) The Western Brothers  VAR29
No Power on Earth                           Billy Bennett         VAR33
No Regrets                                  Hutch                 VAR41
No, No, No                                  Max Miller            VAR79
No, We donít keep fish, only kippers        Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Noah had Two of Everything                  Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Nobody else but you                         Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Nobody lied                                 Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Nobody loves a Fairy when sheís Forty       Jenny Howard          VAR45
Nobody loves a Fairy when sheís Forty       Tessie OíShea         VAR26
Nobody loves a Fat Girl                     Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Nobody loves a fat man                      Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Nobodyís Darling but Mine                   Bob Mallin            VAR82
None of your old Soldierís Tricks with me   Lily Morris           CDR18
Norman the Mormon                           Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Not by a Dam Side                           Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Not Old                                     Bransby Williams      CDR31
Not that I wish to say anything             George Robey          CDR17
Not the Marrying Kind                       Elton Hayes           VAR90
Not wanted on Voyage                        Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Nothiní                                     Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Nothing Ever Happens to Some Girls          Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Now I have to call him Father               Vesta Victoria        CDR14
Now I have to call him Father               Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Now Iím in Love                             Anona Winn            VAR57
Now it can be told                          Hutch                 VAR41
Now youíve been and gorn and done it        The Two Leslies       VAR22
Now you've got the Khaki on                 Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Nursie Nursie                               Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Nursie, Nursie                              Billy Cotton          VAR69
O, Beautiful City of God                    Gipsy Smith           TOP6
O,O, Capital O                              Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Oakleigh Quick Step                         Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Ode of the Fletcher                         Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Off she  goes again                         Charles Coborn        CDR22
Ogul Mogul - A Kanakanese Love Lyric        Billy Bennett         VAR33
Oh ! Henry !(What a Lad you must have been) Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Oh Arthur what have you done to Martha      Tommy Handley         VAR32
Oh by Jingo, Oh by Gee                      Violet Loraine        CDR64
Oh Father                                   Florrie Forde         CDR62
Oh Freddie                                  Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Oh George tell them to stop the Flip Flap   Florrie Forde         CDR62
Oh Georgie, What a How Do You Do            Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Oh Girls Why do you love the Soldiers       Hetty King            CDR22
Oh Girls! If he wants to kiss you           Charles Foster        CDR47
Oh how I love my Boatman                    Betty Fields          VAR84
Oh I say                                    Harry Fragson         CDR71
Oh isnít it Singular                        Ernest Shand          CDR45
Oh Italy!                                   Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Oh Ladies                                   Harry Champion        CDR56
Oh lor lummy ainít it cold                  Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Oh Mother                                   Jenny Howard          VAR45
Oh Mother, Mother                           Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Oh Mr Soldier Boy                           Charles Foster        CDR47
Oh Mr Soldier Man                           Charles Foster        TOP5
Oh Oh Antonio                               Florrie Forde         CDR14
Oh That Ragtime Waltz                       The Two Bobs          CDR34
Oh the Cuckoo, sheís a Pretty Bird          Elton Hayes           VAR90
Oh the Lady with the Glad Eye               Florrie Forde         CDR62
Oh What a Night to Love                     Betty Fields          VAR84
Oh Yes! She knows her Onions (w. Beverley SiMax Miller            VAR79
Oh! Blow the scenery on the railway         George Lashwood       CDR10
Oh! Dem Golden Slippers                     The Minster Singers   CDR35
Oh! Flo!                                    Florrie Forde         VAR18
Oh! For a Night in the Ballroom             Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Oh! For the Wings of a Dove                 Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Oh! Fred                                    Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Oh! I must go Home tonight                  Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Oh! I say                                   Harry Fragson         CDR32
Oh! Itís a lovely war                       Ella Shields          CDR12
Oh! Let the Stormy Winds Blow               Vesta Tilley          CDR32
Oh! Let the Stormy Winds Blow               Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Oh! Ma! Ma!                                 Betty Driver          VAR64
Oh! Ma-Ma                                   Billy Cotton          VAR69
Oh! Maritana                                Florrie Forde         VAR18
Oh! Mr Porter (Excerpt)                     Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Oh! Mr. Porter                              Norah Blaney          CDR6
Oh! Oh! Antonio                             Florrie Forde         CDR5
Oh! Oh! Antonio (Chorus)                    Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Oh! said the Judge, be careful              Marie Kendall         VAR26
Oh! sailor behave                           Gracie Fields         VAR17
Oh! The Fairies                             The Audience          VAR81
Oh! The Fancy Petticoat                     Florrie Forde         CDR37
Oh! The Woman in Room 13                    Violet Loraine        CDR64
Oh! Theyíre mighty tough in the West        Bob Mallin            VAR82
Oh! What a Night                            Florrie Forde         VAR18
Oh! What a surprise for the Duce            Florence Desmond      VAR66
Oh, Alice!  Where art Thou?                 Leonard Henry         VAR52
Oh, Sandy                                   Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Oh, You Beautiful Doll                      Ida Barr              VAR58
Oh, You sweet one(Medley)                   Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Oh-Oh-Oh! What a silly place to kiss a girl Albert Whelan         VAR16
Oklahoma                                    G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Old Bill and Young Bill                     Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Old Black Joe                               Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Old Comrades Re-union                       The Roosters          VAR70
Old Fashioned Girls                         Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Old Favourites                              Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Old Folks at Home                           Haydn Quartette       CDR35
Old King Cole                               The Western Brothers  VAR29
Old Man Bluebeard                           Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Old Manís Darling                           Gracie Fields         VAR50
Old Mother Hubbard                          Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Old Mother Riley in the Police Force        Lucan and McShane     VAR23
Old Mother Riley on the Farm                Lucan and McShane     VAR23
Old Mother Riley takes her Medicine         Lucan and McShane     VAR23
Old Mother Rileyís Budget                   Lucan and McShane     VAR23
Old Mother Rileyís Past                     Lucan and McShane     VAR23
Old Potato Jones                            The Two Leslies       VAR22
Old Red Lion                                Harry Champion        CDR14
Old Sam - ĎAlt! Who goes theer?             Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Old Sam - Beat the retreat on Thy Drum      Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Old Sam - One each A-piece all round        Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Old Sam - Pick Up Thaí Musket               Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Old Samís Party                             Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Old Soldierís Medley                        Leon Cortez           VAR75
Old Time Medley                             Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Old Whiteís Whiskers                        Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Olga Petrovski                              Jay Laurier           CDR39
On a Cold and Frosty Morning                Bobbie Comber         VAR3
On a Motor Car                              Vesta Victoria        CDR69
on a pound of pickled pork                  Ernie Mayne           CDR25
On Hobbies                                  Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
On Ilkla Moor BahtíAt                       Leslie Sarony         VAR11
On Mother Kellyís Doorstep                  Randolph Sutton       VAR48
On our Happy Wedding Day                    Olive Fox             VAR85
On Photography                              Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
On the Banks of the Rhine                   Florrie Forde         CDR62
On the beach at Bangaloo                    Norman Long           VAR21
On the Day King Edward gets his Crown on    Ben Albert            CDR48
On the day when the world goes dry          Tom Clare             CDR30
On the Dole                                 Sandy Powell          VAR40
On the Doorstep                             Will Evans            CDR43
On the Golden Shores of Wigan               Jenny Howard          VAR45
On the Good Ship Yacki-Hicki (Chorus)       Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
On the Mississippi                          The Three Rascals     CDR67
On the Road to Ruin                         Harry Weldon          CDR40
On the Staff                                Stanley Lupino        VAR78
On the Trail where the Sun hangs Low        Bob Mallin            VAR82
On the Tram                                 Lupino Lane           VAR39
On Top of a Bus                             Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Once Aboard the Lugger                      Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Once the Kaiserís Army                      Tom Clare             CDR30
Once upon a time                            Gertie Gitana         CDR23
One and a Penny a Day                       Frank Leo             CDR52
One at a Time                               Charles Foster        CDR47
One Day, She helped Herself to Father       Florrie Forde         CDR62
One little one more                         Tom Clare             CDR30
One of the B'hoys                           Mark Sheridan         CDR7
One of the girls                            George Lashwood       CDR10
One of the Girls                            Hamilton Hill         CDR44
One of the Idle Rich                        Jenny Howard          VAR45
One of the Lightweights                     Jay Laurier           CDR39
One of the little Orphans of the Storm      Jenny Howard          VAR45
One of the Midnight Sons                    Vesta Tilley          CDR70
One of the Ruins Cromwell knocked about     Daisy Wood            CDR22
One of the ruins that Cromwell knocked      Marie  Lloyd  Jnr.    CDR6
One, Two, Three, Four, Five                 George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Only a bird in a gilded cage                Florrie Forde         CDR5
Only a bird in a gilded cage                George Jackley        VAR14
Only a few of us left                       Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Only a Working Man                          Lily Morris           CDR18
Only Girl in the World (Excerpt)            Loraine & Robey       VAR55
Only to fade away                           Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Oopsala (She fell for a Feller from Oopsala)Billy Cotton          VAR69
Open the door                               Victoria Monks        CDR36
Opera de Merson                             Billy Merson          CDR24
Ophelia                                     Max Miller            VAR5
Or Anything Else Iíve got                   Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Orange Peel - A Comedy Ode                  Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Oriental Emma of the Ďarem                  Douglas Byng          VAR6
Orrible ĎErbert                             George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Otherwise she's motherís kind of girl       Norman Long           VAR21
Our Avenue                                  Gracie Fields         VAR17
Our Claraís Clicked again                   Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Our District Visitor                        Wish Wynne            VAR49
Our Dog                                     Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Our Dog                                     Norman Long           VAR21
Our Jackís come Home Today                  J McQuitty            TOP5
Our little garden Sub-bub                   Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Our Little Nipper                           Albert Chevalier      CDR15
Our own Little Home, Sweet Home             Olive Fox             VAR85
Our Straits Canal                           Tom Foy               CDR59
Our Three Penny Hop                         Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Our Up-to-date Cookery School               Jenny Howard          VAR45
Our Village                                 The Two Bobs          CDR34
Ours is a Nice House, Ours is               Alfred Lester         CDR49
Out in the cold, cold snow                  Gracie Fields         VAR14
Out on the Prairie                          Billy Merson          CDR24
Out went the Gas                            Harry Champion        CDR27
Over the Garden Wall                        Albert Whelan         VAR16
Overture ďTheatrelandĒ                      Orchestra             VAR58
P C Parker: The Police Station (Excerpt)    Chas. Austin          VAR55
Píliceman, Píliceman (Hold My Hand)         Olive Fox             VAR85
Píliceman, Píliceman, Hold my hand          Florrie Forde         VAR18
Pack up your troubles                       Florrie Forde         VAR14
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag   Florrie Forde         CDR5
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag   Florrie Forde         CDR14
Paddy in Kilts                              Pat Rafferty          CDR61
Paddy McGintyís Goat                        The Two Bobs          CDR34
Pal of My Cradle Days                       Dick Henderson        CDR55
Palace Of Varieties March                   The Orchestra         VAR58
Pale Hands (Kashmiri Song)                  Hutch                 VAR41
Panchoís Widow                              Max Bacon             VAR35
Pansy Faces                                 Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Pantomime                                   Will Evans            CDR20
Paper Bag Cookery                           Harry Fragson         CDR71
Paper Bag Cookery                           Harry Fragson         CDR22
Pardoning Grace                             Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Paree                                       Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Park yourself close to me                   Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Parker at the Derby                         Charles Austin        CDR50
Parker at Wembley                           Charles Austin        CDR50
Parker P.C.: Hold Ďem Police Station Scene  Charles Austin        CDR50
Parker P.C.: Let Ďem go Police Scene        Charles Austin        CDR50
Parkerís Appeal: Before the Tribunal        Charles Austin        CDR50
Parkerís Appeal: Wanted for the Army        Charles Austin        CDR50
Parkerís Progress:  Club Raid Scene         Charles Austin        CDR50
Parkerís Progress: Swell Street Police StatiCharles Austin        CDR50
Parker's Christening                        Charles Austin        CDR50
Parody - All coons look alike to me         Billy Williams        CDR4
Party Favourites (Medley)                   Leon Cortez           VAR75
Pass It On                                  Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Pass, Shoot, Goal                           Albert Whelan         VAR16
PC 49 (Chorus)                              Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
PC Lamb                                     Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Pedestrianís Dilemma                        Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Pedigrees                                   Harry Weldon          CDR40
Peg Leg Jack                                Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Pennsylvani-ah                              The Two Bobs          CDR34
Percy from Peckham                          Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Percy from Pimlico                          Tom Leamore           VAR14
Percy from Pimlico                          Tom Leamore           VAR26
Percy's Posh Plus-Fours are priceless       Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Perry Werry Winkle                          Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Perry Werry Winkle                          Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Peter                                       Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Petticoat Lane                              Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Piano Impressions                           Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Pickiní Cotton (with The Gilt Edged Four)   The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Pirates of Penzance Selection               Miss Mary Law         TOP4
Pirouette (Dedicated to Anna Pavlova)       Herman Finck          CDR53
Plain Chocolate                             G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Play that again on the Gramophone           Florrie Forde         CDR5
Play the game, You Cads                     The Western Brothers  VAR29
Play to Me, Gypsy                           Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Please donít mention it                     Anona Winn            VAR57
Please leave my Butter alone                Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Please let me sleep on your Doorstep tonightBilly Bennett         VAR50
Please Teacher!                             Florrie Forde         VAR18
Plink Plonk                                 George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Plinketty Plonk                             Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Plumstones                                  Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Poet & Peasant Overture (Xylophone)         Teddy Brown           VAR53
Pokee-okee-oh                               Leonard Henry         VAR52
Police Court Justice                        Will Evans            CDR43
Policeman's song ďNight DutyĒ               Harry Taylor          CDR47
Polish up the handle on the door            Florrie Forde         CDR5
Politics and that sort of thing             Milton Hayes          VAR24
Polly Wolly Doodle  (Short version)         Jack Warner           VAR13
Polonaise in the Mall                       Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Poloskyís Russian Party                     George Van Dusen      VAR30
Pompeii                                     Victoria Monks        CDR36
Poor Aunt Jane                              Florrie Forde         CDR62
Poor John                                   Vesta Victoria        CDR14
Poor John                                   Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Poor John                                   Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Poor Noah Moore                             Ernest Shand          CDR45
Poor Old Adam                               Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Poor old England                            Billy Williams        CDR4
Poor Parker                                 Charles Austin        CDR50
Poor, Proud and Particular                  Harry Ford            CDR63
Poppies                                     Dan Leno              CDR1
Poppies and Wheat                           Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Popsy Wopsy                                 Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Popsy Wopsy                                 Ella Retford          CDR28
Portobello Lass                             Harry Lauder          CDR11
Posh Medley                                 Leon Cortez           VAR75
Postscript (Flotsam and Jetsam)             Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Potted Poetry                               Ben Albert            CDR48
Prairie Romeo                               Bob Mallin            VAR82
Pretty Kitty Kelly                          Florrie Forde         VAR18
Pretty Little Cupid                         Zona Vevey            CDR26
Pretty little House that Jack built         Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Pretty little villa down at Barking         Gus Elen              CDR2
Prison up to date                           Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Private Tommy Atkins                        Montague Borwell      TOP5
Prudence                                    Elsie Janis           CDR57
Public Sweetheart No1                       Florence Desmond      VAR66
Pull up your Socks and laugh up your Sleeve Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Punch and Judy Show                         Gracie Fields         VAR14
Pures comme Les Anges                       Harry Fragson         CDR71
Put it down                                 Max Miller            VAR5
Put it out                                  Tommy Handley         VAR32
Put me amongst the girls (Instr.)           Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Put me on an Island                         Wilkie Bard           TOP7
Put me upon an island                       Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Put my Little Shoes away                    Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Put on your slippers                        Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Put on your ta-ta little girlie             Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Put that Gramophone Record on again         Sam Mayo              CDR33
Put Your Worries through the Mangle         Olive Fox             VAR85
Put your worries through the mangle         Tommy Handley         VAR32
Queen of Hearts                             Jenny Howard          VAR45
Queen of the Burlesque                      Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Queen of the Oojah Isles                    Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Rabbit and Pickled Pork                     Sam Mayo              CDR33
Radio Tit Bits (with Percy King)            Jenny Howard          VAR45
Ragging the Baby to sleep                   Jen Latona            CDR68
Ragging the Baby to Sleep                   The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Cowboy Joe                          The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Cowboy Joe                          The Two Bobs          CDR34
Ragtime Dinner Time Band                    The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Goblin Man                          The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Melodies                            The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Ragshop                             Harry Champion        CDR3
Ragtime Suffragette                         The Three Rascals     CDR67
Ragtime Violin                              The Three Rascals     CDR67
Raymond                                     Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Raymond Overture (Xylophone)                Teddy Brown           VAR53
Red                                         Harry Champion        CDR27
Red Light ďDangerĒ                          Florrie Forde         CDR61
Red Roses for  a Blue Lady                  Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Red Wing (Instrumental)                     Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Reet Oop TíMark                             Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Rehearsal for the Troops                    Florence Desmond      VAR66
Remember The Cyclists of Britain            Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Rendezvous                                  Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Revue                                       Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Rhymes                                      Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Rickety Stairs                              Jen Latona            CDR68
Riddle de Diddle De Day                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
Ridiní up the River Road                    Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Riding on a Camel                           North and South       VAR23
Riding on top of the car                    George Lashwood       CDR10
Rileyís Ideal Home                          The Two Bobs          CDR34
Rio Rita  (Xylophone)                       Teddy Brown           VAR53
Rip Wan Winkle was a Lucky Man              Julian Rose           VAR35
Roaminí in the Gloaminí                     Harry Lauder          CDR11
Roaminí in the gloaminí                     Harry Lauder          CDR14
Roaminí in the Gloaminí                     Harry Lauder          CDR53
Roaminí in the Gloaminí (Excerpt)           Harry Lauder          VAR55
Robert go to Dinner                         Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Robin Redbreast                             Harry Champion        CDR27
Rochdale Hounds                             Gracie Fields         VAR14
Rock with the Caveman (Excerpt)             Tommy Steele          VAR55
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep            Harry Lauder          TOP1
Rocking the Baby to sleep                   Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Roll along Prairie Moon                     Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Rose in a Garden of Weeds(Medley)           Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Rose OíGrady                                Betty Driver          VAR64
Roses of Picardy                            Sydney Coltham        TOP2
Rosie Posieís                               Dick Henderson        CDR55
Round at her Motherís on Sunday             Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Round Rileyís Old Red Barn                  Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Round the Ď ouses (Medley)                  Leon Cortez           VAR75
Round the Marble Arch                       Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Rounderer and Rounderer                     Jenny Howard          VAR45
Row Row Row                                 Rita Williams         VAR56
Royal Artillery                             Vesta Tilley          CDR32
Royal Artillery                             Vesta Tilley          CDR70
R-r-rip that Melody                         Jen Latona            CDR68
Rugby Parade March                          Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Rule Britannia - A Travesty                 Norman Long           VAR21
Rum Tum Tiddle                              Jen Latona            CDR68
Runniní Wild  (An Ebony Jazz Tune)          Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Running an Office                           Harry Tate            CDR41
Running up and down our Street              Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Rusty and Dusty                             Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
S No Use                                    Harry Weldon          CDR40
S too Old, ĎS too Old, Sickening, ĎS too OldHarry Weldon          CDR40
Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang         Bob Mallin            VAR82
Saftest oí the Family                       Harry Lauder          CDR14
Sailing up the Clyde                        Will Fyffe            VAR7
Sailor with the Navy Blue Eyes              Betty Driver          VAR64
Sally                                       Gracie Fields         VAR14
Sally (Excerpt)                             Grace Fields          VAR55
Sam goes to it                              Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Sam Levenson                                Max Bacon             VAR35
Sam Small at Westminster                    Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Samís Medal                                 Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Samís Xmas Pudding                          Stanley Holloway      VAR27
Sammy come over here                        Ella Retford          CDR28
Samuel Duff                                 Harry Champion        CDR56
San Francisco                               Ella Shields          CDR12
Sandy buys a Wireless Set                   Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy McAdoo                                Zona Vevey            CDR26
Sandy the Dirt Track Rider                  Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy the Fireman (with ďPeggyĒ)            Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy the Goalkeeper (with Ray Russell)     Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy the Sailor                            Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy the Solicitor (with Mrs ĎOpkins)      Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy the Tram Conductor                    Sandy Powell          VAR40
Sandy, Take hold of my Hand                 Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Sandyís Christmas Eve                       Sandy Powell          CDR20
San-fari-ann                                Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Santa Claus Workshop                        Charles Penrose       CDR20
Sarah Ann                                   Florrie Forde         CDR62
Sarah the Sergeant Majorís Daughter         Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Satisfied                                   Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Saturday-aturday                            George Lashwood       CDR10
Save a little one for me                    Billy Williams        CDR4
Saved by Grace                              Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Say Goodbye                                 Lily Morris           CDR18
Say Hello, Old Man                          Victoria Monks        CDR36
Say It With Music (Excerpt)                 Jack Payne & Orch.    VAR55
Say the Word and Itís Yours                 Bob Mallin            VAR82
Scented Soap                                Gracie Fields         VAR17
Schubertís Toyshop                          Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Scotch and Polly                            Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Scouting                                    Tom Foy               CDR59
Scrooge  ďThe AwakeningĒ                    Bransby Williams      CDR20
Scrooge ďBefore the DreamĒ                  Bransby Williams      CDR20
Scrooge ďThe DreamĒ                         Bransby Williams      CDR20
Sea Lions and Seals                         Jack Warner           VAR13
Sea Sea Sea                                 George Lashwood       CDR10
Sea Shells                                  Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Second-Hand Rose                            Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
See me dance the Minuet                     Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Sell No More Drink to My Father             Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Selling a Car                               Harry Tate            CDR41
Send for a policeman                        George Lashwood       CDR10
Senora                                      Billy Merson          CDR24
September in the Rain                       Hutch                 VAR41
Serenade                                    Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Sergeant Macadoo                            Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Seven Ages of Man                           Ben Albert            CDR48
Seven Veils                                 Billy Cotton          VAR69
Seven Veils                                 Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Seven Years (With the Wrong Woman)          Billy Cotton          VAR69
Seventh Royal Fusiliers                     The Variety Singers   VAR81
Sex Appeal Sarah                            Douglas Byng          VAR6
Sh - Shivering                              Betty Fields          VAR84
Sh! Thereís a Ghost  in the House           Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Shí Shiveriní                               Leonard Henry         VAR52
Shall I have it bobbed or shingled          Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Shall Us? Letís                             Jay Laurier           CDR39
She  canít make up her mind                 Albert Whelan         VAR16
She can make a Nice Cup of Tea              Dick Henderson        CDR55
She can't say 'No' (with Beryl Formby)      George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
She cost me seven and sixpence              Wilkie Bard           CDR14
She Deeít                                   Harry Gordon          VAR20
She didnít think she was doing any harm     Florrie Forde         CDR5
She Doesnít Only Get You With Her Beauty    Ronald Frankau        VAR4
She had to go and lose it at the Astor      Florence Desmond      VAR66
She Hit Him On The Head With A Hammer       Ronald Frankau        VAR4
She is ma Daisy                             Harry Lauder          CDR14
She loves me on Saturday night              Jack Pleasants        CDR29
She made me do it                           Jack Pleasants        CDR29
She may be all thatís wonderful             Douglas Byng          VAR6
She said she wouldnít                       Max Miller            VAR5
She sells sea shells                        Wilkie Bard           CDR14
She was a dear little Dicky Bird            The Company           VAR81
She was One of the Early Birds              The Variety Singers   VAR81
She was one of the Early Birds (Chorus)     Full Company          VAR56
She was One of the Early Birds;             Community Singing     VAR58
She was only Somebodyís Daughter            The Western Brothers  VAR29
She was poor but she was honest             Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
She was poor, but she was honest            Billy Bennett         VAR33
She was she was she was                     Max Miller            VAR79
She was the Belle of the Ball               Will Fyffe            VAR7
She was very very shy                       Arthur Askey          VAR31
She wore a Little Jacket of Blue            Anona Winn            VAR57
Sheís a Braw Lass                           Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Sheís a Girl up North                       Ella Retford          CDR28
Sheís a Lassie from Lancashire              Ella Retford          CDR28
Sheís a lassie from Lancashire              Florrie Forde         CDR14
Sheís a Lassie from Lancashire              Florrie Forde         CDR5
Sheís got another one now                   Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Sheís ma Daisy                              Harry Lauder          CDR11
Sheís only been with us a week              Albert Whelan         VAR16
Sheís proud and sheís beautiful             Ben Lawes             CDR42
Sheís such a comfort to Me                  Dick Henderson        CDR55
Sheila McKay                                Will Fyffe            VAR7
She'll never be the same                    Max Miller            VAR5
She's a lassie from Lancashire (Chorus)     Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
She's My Lovely (Excerpt)                   Bobby Howes           VAR55
Ship Ahoy                                   Hetty King            VAR58
Ship Ahoy                                   Paddie OíNeil         VAR58
Ship Ahoy (Chorus)                          Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Ship Ahoy Medley                            Primo Scala           VAR80
Ship Ahoy(All nice girls love a sailor)     Ella Retford          CDR14
Shmoul, Pick up the Kishke                  Max Bacon             VAR35
Short Stories                               Ernest Shand          CDR45
Should a Woman tell?                        Fred Elton            CDR63
Shout Hallelujah cos' I'm Home              The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Show me the way to go home                  Ella Shields          CDR12
Shut the Door                               Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Shut the Gate                               Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Si Jíavais su tout Áa                       LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
Siís been drinking Cider                    The Two Bobs          CDR34
Sick Parade                                 The Roosters          VAR70
Side by Side                                Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Sidneyís in Civvies again                   Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Silly Ass                                   Tom Clare             CDR30
Silly Billy Brown                           Jay Laurier           CDR39
Silly Girl                                  Tommy Handley         VAR32
Silver Bell                                 Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Silver Dollar (Medley)                      Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Simon the Bootlegger                        Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Simple Aveu                                 W H Squire            TOP4
Since Father  joined the Home Defence       Maidie Scott          CDR16
Since Father retired                        Billy Merson          CDR24
Since I found You                           Dick Henderson        CDR55
Since I had a Row with the Wife             George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Since I met Mary Jane                       G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Since I met you                             The Two Bobs          CDR34
Since our Motherís been a Lady              Lily Morris           CDR18
Since Sister Mary went to Gay Paree         Harry Fragson         CDR71
Sing ĎEm Again Medley                       Primo Scala           VAR80
Sing a song of England                      Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Sing Ho! For the days of drinking           Norman Long           VAR21
Sing Holly! Go Whistle! Hey! Hey!           Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Sing Hulla                                  Leon Cortez           VAR75
Sing us an English Song                     Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Sing, Sing, Sing                            Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Singin' in the bathtub                      Gracie Fields         VAR17
Singing a Song to the Stars                 Hutch                 VAR41
Sir Roger de Coverley                       Leonard Henry         VAR52
Sir Roger de Coverley                       Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Sister Mary Janeís Top Note                 S H Dudley            CDR61
Sister Susieís sewing Shirts                Harry Fay             TOP2
Sitting Around                              Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink          George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Sitting on the Sands all night              George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Six ďHitsĒ of the Day Medley                Primo Scala           VAR80
Sizzle of the Sausage                       Tommy Handley         VAR32
Skee-Boo (with The Western Brothers)        Billy Cotton          VAR69
Sketch de Music Hall (In French)            Grock                 VAR71
Skiddley-Dumpty-Di-Doh                      Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Skin a ma link, The Sergeant                Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Skipper of the Mercantile Marine            Will Fyffe            VAR7
Sleuthy, the Dread of the Heads             Harry Weldon          CDR40
Smile Smile Smile                           George Van Dusen      VAR30
Smiles                                      Elsie Janis           CDR57
Smith, Jones, Robinson and Brown            Ella Shields          CDR12
Smoke gets in your Eyes                     Hutch                 VAR41
Sneezing                                    Jay Laurier           CDR39
Snooky Ookums                               The Three Rascals     CDR67
Snoops the Lawyer                           Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
So ĎAndsome                                 The Two Leslies       VAR22
So Is Your Old Lady  (Xylophone)            Teddy Brown           VAR53
So Little Time                              Betty Driver          VAR64
So long as the sun keeps shining            G. H. Elliott         VAR2
So long, Sally                              Harry Weldon          CDR40
Soap and Water                              Billy Williams        CDR4
Softed makes a Speech (edited)              Albert Whelan         TOP7
Soldiers in the Park                        Barbara Windsor       VAR56
Soldiers of the Queen                       Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
Soldiersí Chorus  (Xylophone)               Teddy Brown           VAR53
Some Day Iíll make you love me              Violet Loraine        CDR64
Some Mother will lose a Son                 Herbert Darnley       TOP5
Some Notes at an ďAt HomeĒ                  Barclay Gammon        CDR53
Some of these Days                          Ella Retford          CDR28
Somebody stole My Gal                       Billy Cotton          VAR69
Somebodyís asked me                         Jack Warner           VAR13
Somebodyís Baby                             Harry Weldon          CDR40
Somebodyís Sailor Boy                       Hamilton Hill         TOP1
Somebody's Sailor Boy                       Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Someone Else Iíd like to be                 Max Miller            VAR79
Someone is Coming to My House               The Three Rascals     CDR67
Something came and got Me in the Spring     Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Something on his mind                       Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Song birds in the Dell                      Zona Vevey            CDR26
Song of Happiness  (Xylophone)              Teddy Brown           VAR53
Song of the Air                             Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
Songs and Operas in Ragtime                 Harry Fragson         CDR71
Songs of the Shires - Hunting               Douglas Byng          VAR6
Songs of the Shires - Nana of the Manor     Douglas Byng          VAR6
Songs of Yesterday:                         Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Songs that Won the War Medley               Primo Scala           VAR80
Songs with the Songsters:                   Steffani Songsters    VAR88
Sons of Our Empire                          Herbert Darnley       TOP5
Sons of the Motherland                      William Paull         TOP5
Sons of the Sea                             Arthur Reece          VAR14
Sons of the Sea                             Bernard Miles         VAR81
Sons of the Sea                             Ian Colquhoun         TOP1
Sons of the Sea (Excerpt)                   Arthur Reece          VAR55
Sorrento by the Sea                         Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Sound Advice                                Harry Lauder          CDR11
Spanish Gypsy Dance                         Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Speak to Me of Love                         Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Spiritualism                                Dan Leno              CDR1
Sport                                       Douglas Byng          VAR6
Spotty                                      Bransby Williams      CDR31
Spring                                      Douglas Byng          VAR6
Spring Song                                 Phil. String Quartet  TOP4
St Jamesís Park                             Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Standard Bread                              Harry Champion        CDR3
Standchen Serenade                          Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Standing at the corner of the Street        George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Stars and Stripes                           Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Stepping Stones to General Knowledge        Malcolm Scott         CDR61
Stick to London Town                        Ella Shields          CDR12
Stiffy, the Goalkeeper                      Harry Weldon          CDR40
Stiffy, the Warder                          Harry Weldon          CDR40
Stirring up the Gravy in the Old Tin Pot    Harry Champion        CDR56
Stop and shop at the Co-op Shop             Gracie Fields         VAR17
Stop yer tickliní Jock                      Harry Lauder          CDR14
Stop Yer Tickling Jock                      Hughie Diamond        VAR58
Stop your tickling Jock                     Harry Lauder          CDR11
Stormy Weather                              Gracie Fields         VAR14
Story from the Chestnut Tree                Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Story of a clothes line                     Alice  Lloyd          CDR6
Stowaway                                    Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Strolling with my Mary down the lane        Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Such a Look                                 George Robey          CDR17
Suffrage for Women                          Christabel Pankhurst  TOP7
Suffragettesí Anthem                        Barclay Gammon        CDR32
Summer Blouses                              Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Summer Sweetheart                           Leon Cortez           VAR75
Sun Brown Sue                               Zona Vevey            CDR26
Sunday School Stories                       Billy Cotton          VAR69
Sunshine and Rain                           Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Susannahís long stocking                    Florrie Forde         CDR14
Sweeney Todd the Barber                     Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Sweeny Todd                                 Tod Slaughter         VAR12
Sweet Adeline                               The Four Singing WaiteVAR56
Sweet Carolina                              Albert Whelan         VAR16
Sweet Caroline                              Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Sweet Daddy I love You                      The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Sweet Fanny Adams                           The Two Leslies       VAR22
Sweet Nothings (Piano Solo)                 Billy Mayerl          VAR61
Sweet Saturday Night                        Victoria Monks        CDR36
Sweet Simplicity                            Little Tich           CDR9
Sweet Susie OíGrady                         Marie Kendall         VAR26
Sweet Ukulele Maid                          The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Sweetheart in the Navy                      Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Sweethearts                                 Jen Latona            CDR68
Sweetie Do                                  The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Swim Sam Swim                               Jay Laurier           CDR39
Swimmin' with the Wimmin                    George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Swing Bugler                                Betty Driver          VAR64
Swinging on a Hammock                       G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Sydney Carton's Farewell                    Bransby Williams      CDR31
Ta ra ra Boom-de-ay (Chorus)                Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Take a little bit off if you want to get on Ella Retford          CDR28
Take a look at mine                         Gracie Fields         VAR17
Take a tip from Father                      George Lashwood       CDR37
Take Advice from One Who knows              Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Take an old womanís advice                  Billy Merson          CDR24
Take it on the Chin                         Lupino Lane           VAR39
Take me back to dear Old Blighty            Ella Retford          CDR14
Take me back to Dear Old Blighty            Florrie Forde         TOP2
Take me back to London Town                 Victoria Monks        CDR36
Take me on the Flip Flap                    Ella Retford          CDR28
Tale of my husband's shirt                  Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Tally Ho !                                  Sam Mayo              CDR33
Tally Ho!                                   Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Tally-Ho!                                   Little Tich           CDR9
Ta-Ra-Ra Boom De Ay                         The Orchestra         VAR77
Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay                         Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay (Instrumental)          Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay (Instrumental)          Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Tarzan of the apes                          Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Ta-Ta be lucky                              Florrie Forde         VAR18
Taters                                      Harry Champion        CDR27
Tavern in the town  (Short version)         Jack Warner           VAR13
Tea for Two (short version)                 Anona Winn            VAR57
Teas, Light Refreshments, and Minerals      The Two Leslies       VAR22
Teasing Tongue Twisters                     Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Tell me more about Love                     Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Tell me with a Love Song                    Anona Winn            VAR57
Ten Dayís Leave                             Kate Carney           CDR15
Ten little fingers                          Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Tennis                                      Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
Thank you so much Missus Lowsborough        Douglas Byng          VAR6
Thank you, Mrs Lowsborough-Goodby           John Tilley           VAR8
That ďKruschenĒ Feeling                     Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
That Beautiful Band                         The Three Rascals     CDR67
That broke up the Party                     Ernest Shand          CDR45
That Funny Little Tie                       Harry Champion        CDR56
That goes on for Days                       Billy Cotton          VAR69
That Handsome Accordeon Man                 Leslie Holmes         VAR74
That Haunting Melody                        Jen Latona            CDR68
That Hula Hula                              Ethel Levey           CDR57
That just gets me out on the Day            Stanley Lupino        VAR78
That Lazy Melody                            Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
That little back garden                     Norman Long           VAR21
That Lucky Old Sun                          Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
That mountain Melody                        Zona Vevey            CDR26
That Naughty Old Man of Madrid              Dorrie Dene           VAR26
That Ragtime Suffragette                    H Cove & J Charman    TOP7
That Same Old Song                          Elsie Janis           CDR57
That Wonderful Kid from Madrid              Betty Fields          VAR84
Thatís a Secret that never leaked out       The Western Brothers  VAR29
Thatís as far as I can go                   Fred Earle            CDR15
Thatís how I knew                           The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Thatís my Fascination                       Leslie Sarony         VAR62
Thatís my Weakness now                      Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Thatís Nice, Maxie                          Max Miller            VAR60
Thatís That                                 Olive Fox             VAR85
Thatís the Beginning of the End             Hutch                 VAR41
Thatís the Good Old Sunny South (with The GiThe Trix Sisters      VAR83
Thatís what the Girl told the Soldier       Florrie Forde         CDR62
Thatís what they all say                    Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Thatís where the Soldiers go                Lily Morris           CDR18
Thatís why I love her                       Norman Long           VAR21
Thatís why Women were born                  Charlie Higgins       VAR34
That's Enough!                              Harry Ford            CDR63
That's the way to fall in love              Max Miller            VAR79
The  Man who broke the bank                 Charles Coborn        CDR22
The ĎAmpstead Way                           Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
The ďBarrarsĒ in the Walworth Road          Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
The ďSmileĒ Song                            Florrie Forde         VAR18
The Absent Minded Beggar                    Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
The Absent Minded Beggar                    Municipal Concert BandTOP5
The Admiralís Broom                         Peter Dawson          TOP1
The Alpine Milkman                          Leslie Sarony         VAR11
The Alpine Milkman                          Betty Driver          VAR64
The Alsation and the Pekinese               Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Anchorís Weighed                        John Harrison         TOP1
The Anti-arson Squad                        John Tilley           VAR8
The Appetite                                Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Argentines, the Portuguese, and the GreeTom Clare             CDR30
The Army of Today's  Alright (Chorus)       Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
The Army of Today's Alright                 Vesta Tilley          CDR70
The Average Man                             Clarkson Rose         VAR25
The Baa Lamb                                Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Baby Show                               Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
The Babyís Parade                           George Lashwood       CDR10
The Bachelor                                Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Baked Potato Man                        Leslie Sarony         VAR11
The Bally Bull Dog                          Harry Taylor          TOP5
The Band Box Girl                           Harry Fragson         CDR71
The Bargain Hunter                          Gracie Fields         VAR17
The Barmaidís Song                          Florrie Forde         VAR18
The Barmaidís Song                          Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Bathing Machine Attendant               Wilkie Bard           CDR13
The Bay of Biscay                           Ian Colquhoun         TOP1
The Beadle of the Kirk                      Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Beauty Doctor                           Will Evans            CDR43
The Bee Song                                Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Bee Song (Excerpt)                      Arthur Askey          VAR55
The Beefeater                               Stanley Holloway      VAR27
The Bells of Inversnecky                    Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Best Man                                Little Tich           CDR9
The best that money can buy                 Harry Champion        CDR14
The Big Drum Major                          The Western Brothers  VAR29
The Biggest Aspidistra in the World         Gracie Fields         VAR17
The Bird on Nellie's Hat                    Maidie Scott          CDR16
The Birthday Recitation                     Lupino Lane           VAR39
The Black Hand Gang                         Wee Georgie Wood      VAR12
The Black Sheep of the Family               Fred Barnes           VAR26
The Blasted Oak                             Nellie Wallace        CDR16
The Bloke whatís left behind                Charles Penrose       TOP2
The Blue Danube                             Steffani Songsters    VAR88
The Boat Race                               Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
The Boer National Hymn                      Municipal Band        TOP5
The Boers have got my Daddy                 Chas Foster           TOP5
The Bold Black Knight                       Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Bond Street Tea Walk                    Charles Foster        CDR6
The Bookmakerís Daughter                    Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Bounding Bounder                        Harry Lauder          CDR11
The Boys Brigade                            Hamilton Hill         CDR44
The Boys that mind the Shop                 Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
The Breach of Promise Case                  Will Evans            CDR43
The British Pantomime                       Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Brixton Girl                            Florrie Forde         CDR62
The Broken Record                           Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Broom, The Shovel and The Tongs         Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Budgie Song                             Max Miller            VAR79
The Buggins Family at the Zoo               Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
The Bugginses at the Seaside                Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
The Bugginsesí Family Group                 Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
The Bull and Bush                           Florrie Forde         CDR5
The Bull and Bush (Excerpt)                 Florrie Forde         VAR55
The Bullfighter                             Harry Weldon          CDR40
The Bullfrog                                Betty Driver          VAR64
The Bunny Rabbit                            Arthur Askey          VAR50
The Butcher                                 Will Evans            CDR43
The Cabaret Boys                            Douglas Byng          VAR6
The Call of the Yukon                       Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Caretaker                               Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Caretaker (with unidentified Partner)   Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Centenarian                             Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Channel Swimmer                         Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Charge of the Tight Brigade             Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Cheekie Chappie (Live Show)             Max Miller            VAR65
The Chicken or the Egg                      Leslie Sarony         VAR62
The Chinaman                                Sam Mayo              CDR33
The Chocolate Soldier Waltz                 Salon Orchestra       TOP4
The Christening                             Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Christmas Dinner                        Max Miller            CDR20
The clatter of the clogs                    Gracie Fields         VAR17
The Cleaner                                 Wilkie Bard           CDR13
The Clerk oí the Weather                    Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Click of the Little Green Gate          Randolph Sutton       VAR50
The Club Raid                               Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Coffee Stall Keeper                     Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Coloured Major March                    Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Columbian March                         Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Company Promoter                        John Tilley           VAR8
The Conscientious Objector                  Alfred Lester         CDR49
The Continong                               North and South       VAR23
The Cook who cooks (Part 1)                 Ben Albert            CDR48
The Cook who cooks (Part 2)                 Ben Albert            CDR48
The Coons Parade                            Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Cornfield Medley                        Haydn Quartette       CDR35
The Coronation girls                        Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
The Coster Christening                      Marie Lloyd           CDR58
The Coster girl in Paris                    Marie Lloyd           CDR6
The Coster Politician                       Charles Russell       CDR15
The Costerís wedding                        Marie Lloyd           CDR58
The Costerís Wedding                        Marie Lloyd Jnr.      VAR26
The Costers Courtship                       Duncan & Godfrey      CDR15
The Coster's Muvver                         Gus Elen              CDR2
The Coster's Pony                           Gus Elen              CDR2
The Cough Drop Song                         Leslie Sarony         VAR11
The Countryman's Holiday                    Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Coward                                  Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Cream of Society                        Jack Warner           VAR13
The Crowning of the Cotton Queen            Dick Henderson        CDR55
The Cuckoo                                  Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Cure (Hiccoughs)                        Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
The Curfew Bell                             Zona Vevey            CDR26
The Damaged Blacksmith                      Ben Albert            CDR48
The Dandy Fifth                             Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Darkeyís Awakening                      Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Darktown Strutters Ball                 Elsie Janis           CDR57
The Dart Song                               The Two Leslies       VAR22
The day I went to Wembley for the Cup-Tie   Charlie Higgins       VAR34
The Day that I Became a Millionaire         Harry Ford            CDR63
The Days when Knights were bold             Billy Merson          CDR14
The Death of Nelson                         Harry MacDonough      TOP1
The Death of Nelson                         Lewis Casson          TOP1
The Death Watch Beetle                      Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Dentist                                 George Mozart         CDR61
The Dentist                                 Little Tich           CDR9
The Derby Winner                            Will Evans            CDR43
The Difference                              Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Disorderly Room                         Tommy Handley         VAR32
The Doll Dance  (Xylophone)                 Teddy Brown           VAR53
The Don of the Don Juans                    Little Tich           CDR9
The Drage Way                               Norman Long           VAR21
The Drum Major                              Jack Warner           VAR13
The Drum Major                              Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Duck Song                               Billy Cotton          VAR69
The Duck Song                               Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Echo of a Song                          Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
The Editress                                George Robey          CDR17
The Elegant 80s Medley                      Primo Scala           VAR80
The Empire depends on You                   Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
The Empire Party Song                       Leslie Sarony         VAR11
The Employment Agency                       Harry Fragson         CDR71
The Employment Agency                       Harry Fragson         CDR22
The end of my old cigar                     Harry Champion        CDR3
The End of the Chapter                      Ben Albert            CDR48
The esplanade                               Mark Sheridan         CDR7
The ever open Door                          Dick Henderson        CDR55
The fair Rosamunde                          Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Fallen Star                             Albert Chevalier      CDR15
The Family Solicitor                        Lupino Lane           VAR39
The Family Song Album                       Hughie Green          VAR50
The Fan                                     Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Farmer and His Pigs                     Leslie Sarony         VAR62
The Farmyard Cabaret                        Albert Whelan         VAR16
The Feller that played the Pianner          Leslie Sarony         VAR38
The Fine Old English Gentleman              Tom Clare             CDR30
The Fire Ship                               Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
The Fire Station                            Robb Wilton           VAR8
The first time I've ever done that          George Robey          CDR17
The Fishing Club                            Harry Anderson        CDR61
The Flies crawled up the Window             Bobbie Comber         VAR3
The Flower Garden Ball                      The Three Rascals     CDR67
The Fool of the Family                      Tom Foy               CDR59
The Foreign Legion                          Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Fortune Teller                          Elsie Janis           CDR57
The Fourth Form at St. Michaelís (Excerpt)  Will Hay              VAR55
The Fox Trot Hop                            Margaret Cooper       CDR60
The French Can-Can Polka(Medley)            Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
The Funny Little Bunny Sonny had            Fred Elton            CDR63
The Future Mrs. Hawkins                     Albert Chevalier      CDR15
The Future Mrs. Hawkins  (First recording)  Albert Chevalier      CDR15
The Gag Song                                Clarkson Rose         VAR25
The Galloping Major                         Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Galloping Major                         Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Galloping Major                         The Company           VAR81
The Galloping Major (Chorus)                Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
The Gamekeeper                              Little Tich           CDR53
The Gamekeeper                              Little Tich           CDR9
The Gamekeeper                              Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Gas Inspector                           Little Tich           CDR9
The Gay Caballero                           Bobbie Comber         VAR3
The Gay Cavalier                            Billy Merson          CDR24
The Gay River                               Tom Clare             CDR30
The General and the Private                 Tommy Handley         VAR32
The General Outlook and that sort of thing  Milton Hayes          VAR24
The German Band                             Frith Banbury         VAR81
The Ghost of the Turkey                     Anona Winn            VAR57
The Girl in the Big Black Hat               Tom Clare             CDR30
The Girl in the Post Office                 Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
The Girl next Door                          Max Miller            VAR65
The Girl Who lost her Memory                Will Evans            CDR43
The Girl with the Golden Hair               Harry Champion        CDR27
The Girls I like                            Max Miller            VAR79
The Girls of the Old Brigade                Charlie Higgins       VAR34
The girls who work where I work             Max Miller            VAR5
The Gladiator                               Billy Merson          CDR24
The Golden Dustman                          Gus Elen              CDR15
The Golden Dustman                          Gus Elen              CDR2
The Gondolier                               Billy Merson          CDR24
The Gondoliers Selection                    Miss Mary Law         TOP4
The Good Little Boy and the Bad Little Boy  Norman Long           VAR21
The Goose Step                              Unity Moore           TOP2
The Gramophone Song                         Vesta Victoria        CDR32
The Gramophone Song                         Vesta Victoria        CDR69
The Grass Widower                           Dan Leno              CDR1
The Green Tie on the Little Yellow Dog      Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Guards' Parade (Instrumental)           Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
The Guide                                   Mabel Constanduros    VAR46
The Gutter song                             Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
The Gypsy                                   Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Gypsy warned me                         Violet Loraine        CDR64
The Hairdresser                             Alfred Lester         CDR49
The Hard-boiled Egg & the Wasp              Dan Leno              CDR1
The Harem Skirt                             Violet Loraine        CDR64
The Hollow of a Hill                        The Trix Sisters      VAR83
The Holy City                               Leo Stormont          TOP5
The Home Guard                              Robb Wilton           VAR8
The Honeysuckle and the Bee                 Helen Clare           VAR58
The Honeysuckle and the Bee                 Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Hunger Strike                           Tom Woottwell         TOP7
The Huntsman                                Dan Leno              CDR1
The Husbandís Clock                         Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
The Husbandís Strike                        Ernest Shand          TOP7
The Husband's Strike                        Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Invasion of 1910                        Will Evans            CDR43
The Inversnecky Anthem                      Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Bill Poster                 Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Bus                         Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Doctor                      Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Fireman                     Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Grocer                      Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Inversnecky Photographer                Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Invisible Man                           Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Jazz Band                               Elsie Janis           CDR57
The Jingaboo Man                            The Two Bobs          CDR34
The Jocular Joker                           G. H. Chirgwin        CDR22
The Jocular Judge                           Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Jolly Brothers (Excerpt)                Albert Whelan         VAR55
The Joo-Jah Tree                            Billy Cotton          VAR69
The Jumblies                                Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Kerb Step                               Clarkson Rose         VAR25
The K-Hissing Song                          Leslie Sarony         VAR11
The King who wanted Jam for Tea             Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Kingís Navee                            Ella Shields          CDR12
The Kipling Walk                            Violet Loraine        CDR64
The lads from our village                   Zona Vevey            CDR26
The Lambeth Walk                            Lupino Lane           VAR26
The Lambeth Walk                            Lupino Lane           VAR39
The Land where the Women wear the Trousers  Billy Williams        TOP7
The Last Post                               Unknown               TOP2
The Last Pub                                Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Laughing Policeman                      Charles Penrose       VAR26
The Laughing Policemanís Christmas Eve      Charles Penrose       VAR51
The League of Nations                       Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Letter                                  Will Evans            CDR43
The Liíl Schoolhouse down the Lane          Randolph Sutton       VAR1
The Li-cen-sor                              Ben Albert            CDR48
The Lighthouse Keeper                       Billy Merson          CDR14
The Lily of Laguna (Chorus)                 Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
The Lily of Laguna (Excerpt)                Eugene Stratton       VAR55
The Limb Ďo the Law                         Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Lion and Albert                         Stanley Holloway      VAR27
The Lion Tamer                              George Robey          CDR17
The Little Black Horse                      Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Little Church across the way            Zona Vevey            CDR26
The Little Japanese Mamma                   Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
The Little Shirt my Mother made for Me      Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The little Wireless Set I made at home      Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Little Woolly Vest                      Betty Driver          VAR64
The Loch Ness Monster                       John Tilley           VAR8
The London I love                           Hutch                 VAR41
The Londoner and the Hun                    Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Lonesome Yodeller                       Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Lost Policeman (with Little Percy)      Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Lost Policeman turns up again (on Night Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Lounger                                 Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Love Bug will bite You                  Max Miller            VAR65
The Love Bug will bite you                  The Two Leslies       VAR22
The lovely aspidistra in old art pot        Gracie Fields         VAR17
The Lunaticís Lullaby                       Clarkson Rose         VAR50
The M.P.                                    Billy Bennett         VAR33
The M.P.                                    Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Maidenís Sea Trip                       Vesta Tilley          CDR58
The Man in the Ditch                        Edgar Wallace         VAR12
The Man on the Flying Trapeze               Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Man on the Flying Trapeze               Tommy Trinder         VAR26
The Man on the Flying Trapeze               Primo Scala           VAR80
The Man was a Stranger to Me                George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
The Man who broke the Bank                  Charles Coborn        VAR81
The Man who broke the Bank                  Charles Coburn        VAR81
The Man who broke the Bank (Excerpt)        Charles Coburn        VAR55
The Mansion of Aching Hearts                Florrie Forde         VAR18
The Market Song (with Lonnie Donegan)       Max Miller            VAR65
The Match Parade (Xylophone)                Teddy Brown           VAR53
The Mayday Fireman                          Dan Leno              CDR1
The Mayor                                   John Tilley           VAR8
The Mayor of Mudcomdyke                     George Robey          CDR17
The Mermaid                                 Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Mermaidís Lament                        Will Evans            CDR43
The Midshipmite                             Leo Stormont          TOP1
The Millerís Daughter                       Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Miser                                   Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Mocking Bird                            Dan Leno              CDR1
The mocking bird went ďCuckooĒ              Gracie Fields         VAR17
The modern diver                            Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Moon is low                             Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
The Moon Remembered                         Betty Driver          VAR64
The Mormon's Song                           George Robey          CDR17
The Moth                                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Mother and the Child were there         John Bluthal          VAR77
The mother and the child were there.        Mark Sheridan         CDR7
The Mountaineer (with ďPeggyĒ)              Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Munition Worker                         Robb Wilton           VAR8
The National Anthem                         The Company           VAR81
The Near East and that sort of thing        Milton Hayes          VAR24
The Nearer the Bone, The Sweeter the Meat   Alice Lloyd           CDR22
The New Cut Coon                            Gus Elen              CDR47
The new pyjama hat                          Gus Elen              CDR2
The New Sow                                 The Two Leslies       VAR22
The next Horse I ride on                    Vesta Victoria        CDR69
The Night began to fall                     Sam Mayo              CDR33
The night I appeared as Macbeth             Billy Merson          CDR24
The Night the Floor fell in                 Billy Cotton          VAR69
The Night Watchman                          Wilkie Bard           CDR53
The Night when Love was born                Anona Winn            VAR57
The Novelette                               Will Evans            CDR43
The Old Apple Tree                          Lily Morris           CDR18
The Old Brigade                             Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
The Old Brigade                             Raymond Newell        VAR58
The Old Bull And Bush                       Community Singing     VAR58
The Old Bull And Bush (Chorus)              Full Company          VAR56
The Old Dun Cow caught fire                 Harry Champion        CDR3
The Old Ham Bone                            Harry Champion        CDR56
The Old High Hat that I was married in      Harry Champion        CDR27
The Old Hiker                               Frank Randle          VAR14
The Old Hiker (Live Recording)              Frank Randle          VAR50
The Old Kitchen Kettle                      Leslie Sarony         VAR38
The Old Kitchen Kettle                      Randolph Sutton       VAR48
The Old Master Painter(Medley)              Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
The old oak tree                            Max Miller            VAR5
The Old Red Lion                            Harry Champion        CDR3
The Old School Tie                          The Western Brothers  VAR29
The Old Sow                                 Leslie Sarony         VAR62
The Old Welsh Harp                          Florrie Forde         CDR62
The Old White Hoss                          Leon Cortez           VAR75
The Oldest Dame in Edinburgh                Harry Gordon          VAR20
The one man band                            Zona Vevey            CDR26
The Orator                                  Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Organ Grinder                           Leon Cortez           VAR75
The Other Department please                 Harry Fragson         CDR22
The Other Department please!                Harry Fragson         CDR71
The Owl and the Pussy Cat                   Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Pantomime Rehearsal                     The ďFavoritesĒ       CDR20
The Parade of the Tin Soldiers              Steffani Songsters    VAR88
The Parson addresses his Flock              Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson and Tales of Laughman            Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson and the Charleston               Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson and the Christmas Party          Vivian Foster         CDR20
The Parson and the Christmas Party          Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson and the Collection               Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson and the Sewing Party             Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson in Defence of Parsons            Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson of Puddle                        Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Parson pleads for Happiness             Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parson talks about Marriage             Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Parsonís Christmas Address              Vivian Foster         CDR20
The Parsonís Christmas Address              Vivian Foster         VAR9
The Partyís over now                        Anona Winn            VAR57
The Pastoral Song                           Harry Weldon          CDR40
The Pavement Artist                         Gus Elen              CDR15
The People Upstairs                         The Western Brothers  VAR29
The Phantom Stage Coach                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Phantom Stage Coach                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Photo of the Girl I left behind         Billy Merson          CDR24
The Physician (Excerpt)                     Gertrude Lawrence     VAR55
The Piccadilly Trot                         Marie Lloyd           CDR6
The Picture that I want to see              Elsie Janis           CDR57
The Pink Plant Pot                          Clarkson Rose         VAR25
The Piper and the Drummer                   Zona Vevey            CDR26
The Pirate                                  Little Tich           CDR9
The Plumber                                 Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Police Station                          Robb Wilton           VAR8
The Police will have me before long         Harry Weldon          CDR40
The Policeman                               Harry Weldon          CDR40
The Policeman (Iím there if Iím wanted)     Wilkie Bard           CDR13
The Postman's 'oliday                       Gus Elen              CDR2
The Prairie Yodel                           Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Preacher and the Bear                   Albert Whelan         VAR16
The Prehistoric Man                         George Robey          CDR17
The Preparatory School, the Public School   Ronald Frankau        VAR4
The Property Man                            Alfred Lester         CDR49
The Pro's Landlady                          George Robey          CDR17
The Publican                                Gus Elen              CDR2
The Pussycat News                           Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Quangle Wangleís Hat                    Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Ragtime Curate                          Ernest Shand          CDR45
The Ragtime Jockey                          The Three Rascals     CDR67
The Railway Fireman                         Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Railway Guard                           Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Ratcatcherís Daughter                   Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
The Real Guy                                Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Reason now I wear a Kilt                Harry Lauder          CDR11
The Reception Medley                        Haydn Quartette       CDR35
The Recruiting Office                       The Roosters          VAR70
The Referee                                 Harry Lauder          CDR11
The Restaurant Episode                      Alfred Lester         CDR49
The Return of Barnacle Bill the Sailor      Bobbie Comber         VAR3
The Return of the Lost Policeman (with ďPeggSandy Powell          VAR40
The Roaming Yodeller                        Harry Torrani         VAR47
The roast beef of old England               Ernie Mayne           CDR25
The Robin                                   Dan Leno              CDR1
The Rodin Tree                              Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Royal and Ancient Game                  Clapham & Dwyer       VAR37
The Rude Sailor                             Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Ruined Maid                             Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
The Sailorís Life                           H. Lane Wilson        TOP1
The Sale                                    Little Tich           CDR9
The Same Again                              Olive Fox             VAR85
The Same Old Game                           Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Same to You - Upholstered               Betty Fields          VAR84
The Santa Claus Express                     BBC Dance Orchestra   VAR51
The Scene Shifter's Lament                  Alfred Lester         CDR49
The School Strike (We all came out on StrikeMaidie Scott          CDR16
The Scotch Sailor                           Jack Lorimer          CDR51
The Scoutmaster                             John Tilley           VAR8
The seagull song                            Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Seaside Promenade                       Jack Lorimer          CDR51
The Serpentine                              George Lashwood       CDR10
The Servant's Registry Office               George Robey          CDR17
The Sexton Tolled the Bell                  Leslie Sarony         VAR62
The Shepherdís Yodel                        Harry Torrani         VAR47
The ship I love                             Tom Costello          CDR14
The Ship I love (Chorus)                    Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
The Shopwalker                              Dan Leno              CDR1
The Showman                                 Will Evans            CDR43
The Simple Things in Life                   Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
The Singing Lesson (with Frank Lorden)      Sandy Powell          VAR40
The Skatersí Waltz (Xylophone)              Teddy Brown           VAR53
The Skylark                                 Little Tich           CDR9
The Smith oí Inversnecky                    Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Soldier blew his Bugle                  Leslie Holmes         VAR74
The Soldiers in the Park                    Vess L Osman (Banjo)  TOP5
The Soldiers of the Queen                   Charles Young         VAR56
The Song of the Fletcher                    Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Song of the Rose                        Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
The Spaniard that blighted my life          Billy Merson          CDR24
The Spaniard that blighted my Life          Stanley Holloway      VAR68
The Spaniard that blighted my life          Billy Merson          CDR14
The Spinning Wheel                          Elton Hayes           VAR90
The spirit of a man from Aberdeen           Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Spooning of the Knife and Fork          Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
The Stage Doorkeeper                        Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Statues in Trafalgar Square             George Lashwood       CDR10
The Steamboat Medley                        Haydn Quartette       CDR35
The Stocking                                John Henry            VAR59
The Storm Fiend                             Henry Drew            TOP1
The Story of Lady Godiva                    John Henry            VAR59
The Story that I Startit                    Harry Gordon          VAR20
The Street Watchman                         Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Suffragee                               Jock Mills            TOP7
The Suffragette                             Happy Fanny Fields    TOP7
The Suffragette                             Harry Nelson          TOP7
The Suffragette                             Will Evans            CDR43
The Suffragette                             Will Evans            TOP7
The Suffragette (Part 1)                    Arthur Aiston         TOP7
The Suffragette (Part 2)                    Arthur Aiston         TOP7
The Suffragettesí Anthem                    Barclay Gammon        TOP7
The Sun has got His Hat on                  Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Sun has got his Hat on                  Randolph Sutton       VAR48
The Sunday School has done a lot for me     Douglas Byng          VAR6
The Sunshine Cruise                         Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
The Sweepís Intermezzo                      Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Sweetest Song in the World              Betty Driver          VAR64
The Swimming Master                         Dan Leno              CDR1
The Table and the Chair                     Elton Hayes           VAR90
The Tail of a Skirt                         Marie Lloyd           CDR58
The Tale of a Hat                           Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
The Tale of Hector Cramp                    Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Tallyman                                Little Tich           CDR9
The Tatooed Lady                            Billy Cotton          VAR69
The Teddy Bearís Picnic                     Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Territorial                             Little Tich           CDR9
The Territorial (Excerpt)                   Little Tich           VAR55
The Thing(Medley)                           Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
The things we want most are hard to get     Jenny Howard          VAR45
The Three Trees                             Albert Whelan         VAR16
The three trees                             Mark Sheridan         CDR7
The Tightest Man I know                     Billy Bennett         VAR33
The Toreador                                Little Tich           CDR9
The Tower of London                         Dan Leno              CDR1
The Tower of London                         Dan Leno              CDR37
The Tower of London (Excerpt)               Dan Leno              VAR55
The Town Crier                              Sam Mayo              CDR33
The train that's taking you home            Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Travelling Salesman                     Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Travelling Salesman                     Leslie Holmes         VAR74
The Trumpet Song                            Sam Mayo              CDR33
The Turkey Girl                             Vesta Victoria        CDR58
The Turkey Girl                             Vesta Victoria        CDR69
The Turkish Bath Attendant                  Jack Warner           VAR13
The Twenty Third                            Little Tich           CDR9
The Twiddly-wink                            Marie Lloyd           CDR6
The Union Jack of Old England               Joseph Farrington     TOP1
The Unquiet Grave                           Elton Hayes           VAR90
The very thought of You                     Anona Winn            VAR57
The Village Fire Brigade                    Alfred Lester         CDR53
The Village Pump                            Ben Lawes             CDR42
The Villain still pursued her               Arthur Askey          VAR31
The waddiní Oí Mary Maclean                 Will Fyffe            VAR7
The Waiter                                  Little Tich           CDR9
The War Worker Interviewed                  Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
The Warbling Yodeller                       George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Washing on the Siegfried Line           Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Watermill                               Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Weather                                 Little Tich           CDR9
The Wedding of Mr Mickey                    Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
The Wheel of the Wagon is broken            Steffani Songsters    VAR88
The Whistler                                G Snazelle            CDR47
The Whistler and His Dog                    Pryorís Orchestra     TOP4
The Whistling boy                           Albert Whelan         VAR16
The Whistling Waltz                         Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
The White Hope                              Harry Weldon          CDR40
The White Squall                            Leo Stormont          TOP1
The Widow of Colonel de Tracey              George Robey          CDR17
The Widow Song                              Sam Mayo              CDR33
The windmill                                Max Miller            VAR5
The Window Cleaner No2                      George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
The Wink of the Old Glad Eye                Marie Lloyd Jnr.      VAR26
The Wise Old Owl said ďHooĒ                 Jenny Howard          VAR45
The Wives of Commercial Travellers          Lily Morris           CDR18
The woman improver                          Max Miller            VAR5
The Womenís Opportunity                     Margaret Bondfield    TOP7
The World turned Upside down                Mark Sheridan         TOP7
The World will sing again                   Betty Driver          VAR64
The Worm                                    Arthur Askey          VAR31
The Wriggly Rag                             Wilkie Bard           CDR13
The Writings on the Wall                    The Western Brothers  VAR29
The Yacht Iíve not got                      Billy Merson          CDR24
The Yeomanís Call                           Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
The Yodelling Accordeon Man                 George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Cowboy                        George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Farmer                        George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Goldfish                      Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
The Yodelling Hobo                          Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Yodelling Huntsman                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Monster                       Harry Torrani         VAR47
The Yodelling Mouth Organ Player            George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Sailor                        George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Toreador                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yodelling Wanderer                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
The Yukon Trail                             Bransby Williams      CDR31
The Zoo Keeper                              Little Tich           CDR9
Then Iíd be Satisfied with Life             Julian Rose           VAR35
Then Iíll Be Happy  (Xylophone)             Teddy Brown           VAR53
Theophilus and his Operation                Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
There ainít such a Thing as Worry           Bobbie Comber         VAR3
There goes my Dream                         Hutch                 VAR41
There goes that Song again                  Hutch                 VAR41
There they are - the  two of 'em on their owRay Wallace           CDR6
Thereís a Cabin in the Pines                Gracie Fields         VAR14
Thereís a Cottage in Ballymahone            Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Thereís a Cow in a Field over there         Jay Laurier           CDR39
Thereís a Girl inside                       Victoria Monks        CDR61
Thereís a good time coming                  Albert Whelan         VAR16
Thereís a Good Time coming                  Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Thereís a Long Long Trail                   Walter Jeffries       TOP2
Thereís a silly thing to ask a Policeman    Little Tich           CDR37
Thereís a Song they Sing                    Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Thereís another trumpet playing in the Sky  Jenny Howard          VAR45
Thereís another Trumpet playing in the Sky  John Henry            VAR59
Thereís Music in the Air                    Hamilton Hill         CDR44
Thereís only Five Bullets in my Old Six ShooBob Mallin            VAR82
Thereís something about a soldier           Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Thereís something in the Air                Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Thereís something in the seaside air        Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
There's a Good Time Coming for the Ladies   Vesta Tilley          CDR70
There's always Something                    Wish Wynne            VAR49
These Foolish Things                        Hutch                 VAR41
They all come out in the Summertime         Mark Sheridan         CDR7
They all love Jack                          Edmund Sherras        TOP1
They all start whistling Mary               Albert Whelan         VAR16
They all walk the wibbly-wobbly walk        Mark Sheridan         CDR7
They can do without us                      Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
They can't find Kelly                       Billy Merson          CDR24
They Have a Much Better Time                Ronald Frankau        VAR4
They won't let me sing about the girls      Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Theyíre all single by the seaside           Florrie Forde         CDR5
Theyíve got me Doing it Again               The Three Rascals     CDR67
Things are looking up                       Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Things are worse in Russia                  Sam Mayo              CDR33
Things we want to know                      Douglas Byng          VAR6
Thirty Thirsty Throats                      Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
This Freedon (My Wife is away)              Tom Clare             CDR30
This little Piggie went to Market           Anona Winn            VAR57
Three Ages of Women                         Ben Albert            CDR48
Three Cheers for Little Belgium             Violet Loraine        CDR64
Three Cheers for the Middle Classes         Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Three Cheers for the Red White & Blue       Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Three for Jack                              R Kennerley Rumford   TOP1
Three Jolly Scotsmen                        Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Three Little Fishes                         Frankie Howerd        VAR50
Three Little Words                          Olive Fox             VAR85
Three O'clock in the morning (Chorus)       Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Three Pots a Shilling                       Kate Carney           CDR15
Three pots a shilling                       Kate Carney           VAR14
Three Times a Day                           Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Three White Feathers                        Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Through  (Xylophone)                        Teddy Brown           VAR53
Through A Momentary Loss Of Self Control    Ronald Frankau        VAR4
Thtop your thtuttering Thammy               Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Thuthie                                     Lily Morris           CDR18
Thy Sentinel am I                           William Paull         TOP1
Ticklie Geordie - Laughing Song             Harry Lauder          CDR11
Tiddley Hi                                  Lily Morris           CDR18
Tiddly Fol Lol (Instrumental)               Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Tiggerty-Boo!                               Jack Warner           VAR13
Tight skirts have got to go                 Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Tilly took a Tramp in the Wood              Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Timber                                      Bob Mallin            VAR82
Time Alone Will Tell  (Xylophone)           Teddy Brown           VAR53
Timothy let's have a look                   Harry Champion        CDR27
Tin Tacks                                   Will Evans            CDR43
Ting-a-Ling                                 The Company           VAR81
Ting-a-ling-a-ling (Wanted on the Phone)    Randolph Sutton       VAR1
Tit-Bits (with Lonnie Donegan)              Max Miller            VAR65
Titi Parisien                               LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
To let                                      George Formby Snr.    CDR8
To the End of the World with You            Hamilton Hill         CDR44
To wish You a Happy Christmas               Norman Long           VAR51
Toasts                                      Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Toasts                                      Norman Long           VAR21
Todayís a Sunny Day for Me                  Betty Fields          VAR84
Tom Birchmore, Cornerman, ďDixieĒ           The  Minstrels        CDR35
Tom Birchmore, Cornerman, ďMassaĒ           The  Minstrels        CDR35
Tom Clareís version of The Telephone        Tom Clare             CDR30
Tommyís Christmas                           The Roosters          VAR70
Tommyís Learning French                     Dorothy Ward          TOP2
Tommyís Little Day                          The Roosters          VAR70
Tony Weller (ďPickwick PapersĒ)             Bransby Williams      CDR31
Too-Ral-I-Ay                                Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Top Hole                                    Jay Laurier           CDR39
Topsy turvy talk                            Albert Whelan         VAR16
Topsy Turvy Talk                            Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Torchlight Parade                           Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Torpedoed Jim                               The Two Bobs          CDR34
Tra, La-La-La                               The Two Bobs          CDR34
Trains                                      Reginald Gardiner     VAR50
Trixís Boodle-Um-Boo                        The Trix Sisters      VAR83
True till Death                             Leo Stormont          TOP5
Truly Rural                                 Lily Morris           CDR18
Truly Rural                                 Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Trying to forget                            Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Tulips from Amsterdam (Excerpt)             Max Bygraves          VAR55
Tuning In                                   Anona Winn            VAR57
Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle                Will Fyffe            VAR7
Twenty Thousand Scotsmen shouted ďNoĒ       Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Twice nightly                               George Formby Snr.    CDR8
Twiddling the Knobs on the Radio            Dorrie Dene           VAR26
Twiddling with the Knobs on the Radio       Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Twiggy Voo                                  Ray Wallace           CDR6
Twilight                                    George Lashwood       CDR10
Twitterpated                                Betty Driver          VAR64
Two in a Canoe                              Lupino Lane           VAR39
Two Little Boys and the Apples              Maidie Scott          CDR16
Two little girls in  blue                   Marie Kendall         VAR26
Two Little girls in Blue (Chorus)           Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Two Little Tom Tits were tweeting           George Jackley        VAR26
Two Lovely Black Eyes                       Charles Coborn        VAR81
Two lovely Black Eyes                       Charles Coborn        CDR22
Two Lovely Black Eyes                       Charles Coburn        VAR81
Two Lovely Black Eyes                       Community Singing     VAR58
Two Lovely Black Eyes                       Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Two Ton Tessie                              Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee)             Tessie OíShea         VAR26
Two Ton Tessie (From Tennessee)             Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Tyrolean Song                               Harry Weldon          CDR40
Ugh Ooh                                     Charles Austin        CDR50
Ukelele Lady                                Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Ukulele Lullaby                             The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Umpa, Umpa (Stick it up your Jumper)        The Two Leslies       VAR22
Um-Ta-Ra-Ra                                 Max Miller            VAR65
Un Baiser. . . Un Sourire                   LíOrch Musette de GrocVAR71
Uncle Mac                                   Will Fyffe            VAR7
Under the Bazunka Tree                      Norman Long           VAR21
Under the Bed                               Nellie Wallace        CDR16
Under the Blue Danube                       Viennese Gypsy Orch   TOP4
Under The Double Eagle  (Xylophone)         Teddy Brown           VAR53
Under the Honey Moon                        Ella Retford          CDR28
Under the same Old Flag                     Ian Colquhoun         TOP5
Under the Um-ber-el-la                      Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Underneath the Arches (Excerpt)             Flanagan & Allen      VAR55
Unless                                      Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Unlucky Number Thirteen                     Gracie Fields         VAR17
Up and Down the Railway Lines               Jack Warner           VAR13
Up I came with my little  Lot               Herbert Campbell      CDR32
Up in Archieís Aeroplane                    Tommy Handley         VAR32
Up She goes                                 Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
Up to one of your tricks again              Florrie Forde         CDR5
Up went my little Umbrella                  Fred Earle            CDR37
Up with the Lark in the Morning             G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Upper Class Love                            Ronald Frankau        VAR4
U-ra-li-a-te-ry                             Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
U-Ra-Li-O                                   G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Valse Caprice (Danced by Anna Pavlova)      Arthur Rubinstein     CDR53
Valse, Valse, Valse                         Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Vickey Glide                                Victoria Monks        CDR36
Victoire (La Fille a Madelon)               Jack Warner           VAR13
Violet Loraine Medley                       Violet Loraine        CDR64
Violette                                    Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Visitors                                    Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Voluntary Contributions                     Ernest Shand          CDR45
Waggle oí the kilt                          Harry Lauder          CDR14
Wait a Minute                               Tom Woottwell         CDR32
Wait a Week or Two (Talking)                Leo Stormont          TOP5
Wait til the clouds roll by (Chorus)        Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Wait till Iím his Father                    Dan Leno              CDR1
Wait till Iíve finished my Orange           Jay Laurier           CDR39
Wait till the work comes round              Gus Elen              CDR2
Waiting at the Church                       Vesta Victoria        CDR14
Waiting at the Church                       Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Waiting for further Evidence                Frank Leo             CDR52
Waiting for the Robert E Lee (Chorus)       Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
Waiting here for Kate                       Wilkie Bard           CDR14
Wakey Wakey (Butlinís Good Morning Song)    Billy Cotton          VAR69
Wales and Wales and Weals                   Tom Foy               CDR59
Walkiní My Baby back Home                   Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Walking with Susie                          G. H. Elliott         VAR2
Waltz Me Around Again Medley                Primo Scala           VAR80
Waltz me around again, Willie               Florrie Forde         VAR18
Waltz Me Around Medley                      Primo Scala           VAR80
Waltz Memories                              Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91
Waltz Time - And A Harp                     Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Waltzing Willie                             Tom Clare             CDR30
Want a little Loviní                        Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
Want to see the War all over                Joe Archer            CDR63
Warbling and Yodelling                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
Washing Dishes with my Sweetie              Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Watching the Trains come in                 Jack Pleasants        CDR29
We all go Oo! Ha! Ha! Together              Lupino Lane           VAR39
We all go the same way home (Instr.)        Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
We all had a Finger in the Pie              Fred Dixon            CDR47
We all said ďNo!Ē                           Lily Morris           CDR18
We all went home in a Cab                   George Formby Snr.    CDR8
We all went marching home again (Instr.)    Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
We all went up, up, up the mountain         George Jackley        VAR26
We are a fine Family                        Joe Archer            CDR63
We are all equal in the Sea                 Frank Leo             CDR52
We are going to have a Nice Afternoon       Frank Leo             CDR52
We are going to have a Nice Afternoon       Frank Leo             CDR52
We are not out much                         Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
We canít blame the Bobbies for that         Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
We donít want more daylight                 Billy Williams        CDR4
We donít want to fight but by Jingo         Stanley Kirkby        TOP2
We must have another little one             Tommy Handley         VAR32
We mustnít miss the Last Bus Home           Betty Driver          VAR64
We parted on the Shore                      Harry Lauder          CDR11
We parted on the shore                      Harry Lauder          CDR14
We parted the best of friends               George Robey          CDR17
We really had a most Delightful Evening     Ernest Shand          CDR45
We used to gather at the old Dun Cow        Ernie Mayne           CDR25
We will make Love (Excerpt)                 Russ Hamilton         VAR55
Weíd better put the banns up now            Olive Fox             VAR85
Weíll rest at the End of the Trail          Bob Mallin            VAR82
Weíll sigh for the Days of the War          Tom Clare             CDR30
Weíre all coming back again                 Clarkson Rose         VAR25
Weíre all North Country Lads and Lassies    Ella Retford          CDR28
Weíre frightfully BBC                       The Western Brothers  VAR29
Weíre gonna have Weather (Whether or Not)   Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Weíre the Sisters Gelatine                  The Sisters Gelatine  VAR81
Weíre tired of the Tiger                    The Two Leslies       VAR22
Weíve been Chums for Fifty years            Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Weíve been married just one year            Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Weíve been married just One Year            Violet Loraine        CDR64
Weíve got a Motor                           Florrie Forde         CDR62
Weíve got Rhythm                            Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Weíve nowít like thee in London             Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Wearing Kilts                               Harry Lauder          CDR61
Weary of it all                             Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Wedding in the Ark (New Mayfair D.O.)       Leonard Henry         VAR52
Wedding of Sandy McNab                      Harry Lauder          CDR14
Wee Deoch and Doris                         Harry Lauder          CDR14
Wee MacGregor                               Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Wee Macgregor                               Zona Vevey            CDR26
Weep no more (My Mammy)                     Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Weeping willow                              Max Miller            VAR5
We're living at The Cloisters               Gracie Fields         VAR17
Wet Paint                                   Florrie Forde         CDR62
Whacha gonna do, Do now                     Randolph Sutton       VAR48
What a difference the Navyís made to me     Ella Shields          CDR12
What a Don!                                 George Lashwood       CDR10
What a Face                                 Harry Ford            CDR63
What a little Moonlight can do              Anona Winn            VAR57
What a little Moonlight can do              Violet Loraine        CDR64
What a Mouth                                John Bluthal          VAR77
What a Nut !                                Vesta Tilley          CDR70
What Angeline says, goes                    Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
What are you going to do about Selina?      Lily Morris           CDR18
What are you looking at me for?             George Robey          CDR17
What can you give a nudist on his birthday  Gracie Fields         VAR17
What díya think of that Boys?               Leslie Holmes         VAR74
What díyer think of that?                   Ernie Mayne           CDR25
What did the Village Blacksmith say         Leonard Henry         VAR52
What did the Village Blacksmith say?        Norman Long           VAR21
What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?    Tom Clare             CDR30
What Do I want with a Man?                  Tom Woottwell         TOP7
What do you think I did?                    Tom Woottwell         CDR37
What do You think of the Irish?             Herbert Darnley       TOP5
What Every Girl Ought To Know               Ronald Frankau        VAR4
What happened to the Manx Catís Tail        Florrie Forde         VAR18
What Ho She bumps                           Charles Foster        CDR47
What is a Mammy, Daddy?                     Nat Travers           VAR26
What is it - likes so much?                 Ben Albert            CDR48
What is the Use of Loving a Girl?           Hamilton Hill         CDR44
What is this thing called Love?             Hutch                 VAR41
What is Work?                               Ben Albert            CDR48
What it feels like to Broadcast             Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
What more can I say;                        Betty Driver          VAR64
What Price A Little Bit of Crackling on the Florrie Forde         CDR62
What shall we do with a drunken sailor      Jack Warner           VAR13
What shall we do with the Midshipmaid?      Bobbie Comber         VAR3
What shall We do with the Profiteers        Alf Conyers           TOP2
What the curate saw                         Florrie Forde         CDR5
What the Suffragettes will bring us to      Ben Albert            TOP7
What was the matter with Rachmaninoff?      Flotsam and Jetsam    VAR10
What would the Seaside be without the LadiesVesta Tilley          CDR70
What! The Old Blue Pencil                   Jack Warner           VAR13
What, What                                  Marie Lloyd           CDR58
Whatís good enough for Father               Vesta Victoria        CDR58
Whatís good enough for Father               Vesta Victoria        CDR69
Whatís it got to do with you                Margaret Cooper       CDR60
Whatís it matter (as long as itís dark)     Randolph Sutton       VAR48
Whatís the good of ĎAnyfink?                Albert Chevalier      CDR15
Whatís the Use of Sighing?                  Ben Albert            CDR48
Whatís to be done?                          Lily Morris           CDR18
Wheezy Anna                                 Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Wheezy Annaís Wedding Day                   Leslie Sarony         VAR11
When a Fellowís in Love                     Vesta Tilley          CDR58
When are they going to find us owt to do?   Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
When are you going to lead me to the Altar, Randolph Sutton       VAR1
When Britain Rules the Waves                Sullivan Op. Party    TOP1
When Day Is Done (Excerpt)                  Ambrose & Orch.       VAR55
When Father papered the Parlour             Billy Wiliams         CDR37
When Father papered the Parlour             Billy Williams        CDR4
When Father papered the Parlour             Lupino Lane           VAR39
When Father papered the Parlour (Excerpt)   Billy Williams        VAR55
When Father said heíd pay the Rent          George Formby         CDR37
When HíI was Híout in HíIndia               Leslie Sarony         VAR38
When I came into this House                 Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
When I get back again tae Bonnie Scotland   Harry Lauder          CDR11
When I hear the Wedding Bells ringing       Jenny Howard          VAR45
When I met Obadiahís Father                 Jenny Howard          VAR45
When I met Sally at the Seaside             Bobbie Comber         VAR3
When I met Sally at the Seaside             Randolph Sutton       VAR48
When I play on my Spanish Guitar            Leslie Sarony         VAR62
When I take my morning promenade            Marie Lloyd           CDR6
When I Take my Morning Promenade            Rosie Lloyd           CDR22
When I wants to see myself                  Charles Coborn        CDR22
When I was Twenty-One                       Charlie Higgins       VAR34
When I'm cleaning Windows                   George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
When itís milking time in Switzerland       Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
When Liza got on the Donkey                 Marie Kendall         VAR26
When Martin Flynn plays on his violin       The Two Bobs          CDR34
When Millie tied her Shoe up in The Strand  Violet Loraine        CDR64
When Paderewski Plays                       The Two Bobs          CDR34
When Richard I sat on the Throne            Nelson Jackson        CDR22
When Schultz fights the Drum                Fanny Fields          CDR53
When She walks                              Harry Ford            CDR63
When the bloom is on the heather            Ella Shields          CDR12
When the Boys come Home once more           Eric Farr             TOP5
When the Boys go Marching by                Hamilton Hill         CDR44
When the Boys go marching by                Julian Rose           VAR35
When the Bugle calls                        Frank Leo             CDR52
When the bugle calls                        Wilkie Bard           CDR14
When the bugle calls                        Wilkie Bard           CDR13
When the Camp Fireís brightly burning       Frank Leo             CDR52
When the Circus came to Town                Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
When the Harvest moon is shining            Gertie Gitana         CDR23
When the Jolly Good Times are booming later Charlie Higgins       VAR34
When the Leaves began to fall               Marie Lloyd           CDR58
When the Light shines Brightly in the LighthLeslie Sarony         VAR38
When the lights are low                     Mark Sheridan         CDR7
When the Midnight Choo Choo leaves for AlabaThe Three Rascals     CDR67
When the Old Dun Cow caught fire            Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
When the Organ played ďO! Promise MeĒ       Bob Mallin            VAR82
When the Right Girl comes along             Vesta Tilley          CDR58
When the Right Girl comes along             Vesta Tilley          CDR70
When the Romans conquered England           Ben Lawes             CDR42
When the Summer comes again                 Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
When the Sun says Goodnight to the Mountain Bob Mallin            VAR82
When the Wedding Bells go Ding Dong         Jen Latona            CDR68
When the Women earn all the Money           Ben Albert            CDR48
When theyíve wound the watch up on the rhineDaisy Taylor          CDR65
When Tommy comes marching home              Harry Marlow          TOP2
When we all went to the Zoo                 Gracie Fields         VAR17
When we went strolling round the town       Florrie Forde         VAR18
When We went to London                      Jack Lorimer          CDR51
When You and I were young, Maggie           The Gaiety Singers    VAR77
When You belong to Me                       Olive Fox             VAR85
When You come to the End of the Journey     Leon Cortez           VAR75
When You were Sweet Sixteen                 Hamilton Hill         CDR44
When Youíre feeling lonely                  Max Miller            VAR79
When Youíre in a Revue                      The Two Bobs          CDR34
When Youíve gone I know I shall cry         Betty Fields          VAR84
When you're in love with someone            Zona Vevey            CDR26
Where are the Girls of the Old Brigade      Vesta Tilley          CDR70
Where are you going to, my Pretty Maid?     Dan Leno              CDR1
Where did Robinson Crusoe go                Ethel Levey           CDR57
Where did you get that Hat?                 Johnny Hewer          VAR56
Where did You get that Hat?                 Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Where did you get that hat? (Instrumental)  Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Where did You get your Bow, Joe             Harry Champion        CDR56
Where do Flies go in the Wintertime         Jack Pleasants        CDR29
Where do the flies go in the Wintertime?    Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Where does Daddy go?                        Tom Clare             CDR30
Where He leads Me                           Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Where is my Meyer                           The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Where the Lazy River goes by                Bob Mallin            VAR82
Where the Lazy River goes by                Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Where the sunset turns (Instrumental)       Reginald Dixon (Organ)CDR38
Where the Violets are blue-oo and the Roses Charlie Higgins       VAR34
Where thereís You thereís Me                Leslie Sarony         VAR38
Where's the Butler?                         George Robey          CDR17
Which of the Three                          Lily Morris           CDR18
While I was licking my Stamp                Harry Champion        CDR37
While Strolling in the Park                 Stanley Holloway      VAR68
While The Sahara Sleeps  (Xylophone)        Teddy Brown           VAR53
While we danced at the Mardi Gras           Anona Winn            VAR57
Whiskers and all                            Gracie Fields         VAR14
Whispering                                  Mario "Harp" Lorenzi  VAR76
Whispers of Love                            Harry Fragson         CDR71
Whist! The Bogey Man                        Emile Berliner        CDR47
Whistle my Love                             Elton Hayes           VAR90
Whistling in the Dark                       Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Whistling Rufus                             Olly Oakley (Banjo)   CDR46
Whistling: ďThe Jolly BrothersĒ             Albert Whelan         VAR16
White and Blue                              Harry Champion        CDR27
Who (short version)                         Anona Winn            VAR57
Who are You a-shoviní of?                   Lupino Lane           VAR39
Who are you getting at?                     Alice Lloyd           CDR22
Who could? We could, We two                 Lupino Lane           VAR39
Who does the house belong to?               Dan Leno              CDR1
Who paid the rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle    Ella Retford          CDR28
Who says London isnít the Country           Harry Champion        CDR56
Who tied the Can on the Old Dogís Tail      Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
Who were  you with last night?              Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Who were you with last night? (Instr.)      Mammoth Fair Organ    CDR38
Whoíll have a Blood Orange                  Cyril Fletcher        VAR43
Whoís afraid of the Big Bad Wolf            Henry Hall & BBC D.O. VAR72
Whoís been polishing the Sun?               Leslie Holmes         VAR74
Whoops! Letís do it again                   The Two Bobs          CDR34
Who's who                                   Mark Sheridan         CDR7
Why am I always the Bridesmaid?             Lily Morris           CDR18
Why build a wall round a graveyard?         Leslie Sarony         VAR11
Why canít We                                Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Why canít we have the Sea in London         Lupino Lane           VAR39
Why did I kiss that girl                    Ella Shields          CDR12
Why did I leave my Little Back Room         Charles Foster        CDR47
Why did I marry my Wife                     Alfred Lester         CDR49
Why did the Sparrow leave the Straight and NLeslie Sarony         VAR38
Why did you creep into my heart             Ella Shields          CDR12
Why do You keep laughing at me?             Jen Latona            CDR68
Why do you think I look so gay?             Billy Williams        CDR4
Why does a Donkey bray?                     George Jackley        VAR26
Why does a Sailor care?                     Hetty King            VAR26
Why does the hyena laugh?                   Gracie Fields         VAR17
Why donít Santa Claus bring something to me Billy Williams        CDR20
Why don't Women like Me?                    George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
Why every married man should have a wife    Milton Hayes          VAR24
Why go Abroad?                              Ben Albert            CDR48
Why has a cow got four legs?                Cicely Courtneidge    VAR28
Why is Cecil selling Seashells?             Jay Laurier           CDR39
Why is it?(Medley)                          Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Why is the Bacon so tough                   Leonard Henry         VAR52
Why is the bacon so tough                   Norman Long           VAR21
Why is the bacon so tough?                  Tommy Handley         VAR32
Why must we keep on working?                The Two Leslies       VAR22
Why should the dustman get it all?          Max Miller            VAR5
Will he answer goo-goo                      Clarice Mayne         CDR14
Will the Angels play their Harps for me     Dick Henderson        CDR55
Will You love me when Iím Mutton            Bobbie Comber         VAR3
Will you sing this glee with me             Wilkie Bard           CDR13
William T-Hell                              Max Bacon             VAR35
Wind round my Heart                         Beatrice Lillie       VAR44
Winkelheimerís Motor Ride                   Tom Clare             CDR30
Winnie the Whistler                         Max Miller            VAR79
Wireless on the brain                       Ernie Mayne           CDR25
Wireless Oscillations and Aggravations      Tommy Handley         VAR32
Wish me Good Luck  - Kiss me Goodbye        Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
With all my Heart (Excerpt)                 Petula Clark          VAR55
With her head tucked underneath her arm     Stanley Holloway      VAR27
With me Bagful of Nuts and some Sweets in MeCharlie Higgins       VAR34
With Me Gloves in Me ĎAnd                   Charlie Higgins       VAR34
With my Father along of Me                  Ben Lawes             CDR42
With my Little Horse and Wagon              Bob Mallin            VAR82
With my Little stick of Blackpool Rock      George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
With my Little Ukelele in My Hand (Live)    George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
With our Boys at the Front: In the Trenches Sergeant E Dwyer VC   TOP2
With our Boys at the Front: On the March    Sergeant E Dwyer VC   TOP2
With Spaghetti to Italy                     Gillie Potter         VAR15
without moving your lips?                   Tommy Handley         VAR32
Woman's Opinion of Man                      Marie Lloyd           CDR6
Women get the Best of It                    Johnny Wakefield      TOP7
Womenís Way                                 Tom Clare             CDR30
Womenís Work                                Tom Clare             TOP7
Wonít you Buy myBlooming Lavender           Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Wonderful Girl from Wonderland              The Two Bobs          CDR34
Wonderful Jesus                             Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Wonderful Jesus                             Gipsy Smith           TOP6
Woof! Yap! Bow-Bow-Wow!                     Arthur Askey          VAR31
Work, Boys Work                             Harry Champion        CDR56
Wot Cher! (Knocked Ďem in the Old Kent Road)Stanley Holloway      VAR68
Wot ver do Ee luv Oi?                       Albert Chevalier      CDR15
Wotcha my Old Brown Son                     Harry Champion        CDR56
Would a Manx Cat wag its tail?              Gracie Fields         VAR17
Wrap Me up in my Old Stable Jacket          William Paull         TOP5
Wunga Bunga Boo                             Dorrie Dene           VAR67
Y.M.C.A. Concert                            The Roosters          VAR70
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula                      Elsie Janis           CDR57
Yachting                                    Will Evans            CDR43
Ye can come and see the Baby                Will Fyffe            VAR7
Yer canít Ďelp laughiní                     Jack Warner           VAR13
Yes, Iím feeling happy                      Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Yes, No!                                    Stanley Lupino        VAR78
Yes, We have no Bananas                     Alfred Lester         CDR49
Yes, You are!                               Eve Lynd              VAR81
Yesterday you called me Sweetheart          Gertie Gitana         CDR23
Yiddisher Luck and Irisha Luck              Jen Latona            CDR68
Yodellerís Dream Girl                       Harry Torrani         VAR50
Yodelling Banjo Player                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
Yodelling Boy                               Harry Torrani         VAR47
Yodelling Bunk House Boy                    Harry Torrani         VAR47
Yodelling Coon                              Harry Torrani         VAR47
Yodelling Izzy                              George Van Dusen      VAR30
Yodelling Rag Man                           Harry Torrani         VAR47
Yodelling Sergeant Major                    George Van Dusen      VAR30
Yodelling to You                            Harry Torrani         VAR47
Yodelling Tommy Atkins                      George Van Dusen      VAR30
Yodelling Working Man                       George Van Dusen      VAR30
Yorkshire                                   Dick Henderson        CDR55
Yorkshire Pudden                            Harry Champion        CDR56
Yorkshire, One of us                        Ella Retford          CDR28
You always hurt the One you love            Hutch                 VAR41
You are a Liarty                            Harry Champion        CDR56
You brought a New Kind of Love to Me        Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
You can do a lot of things                  Mark Sheridan         CDR37
You can do a lot of things at the seaside   Leslie Sarony         VAR14
You can do a lot of Things at the Seaside   Stanley Holloway      VAR68
You can feel it doing you good              Randolph Sutton       VAR1
You canít get a Divi on That                Leslie Sarony         VAR62
You canít get many pimples                  Ernie Mayne           CDR25
You canít help laughing can yer?            Harry Champion        CDR3
You canít judge a woman by her clothes      Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
You canít keep a Growing Lad down           George Formby Jnr.    VAR54
You canít make Music with That!             Daisy Taylor          CDR65
You canít understand the Ladies             Albert Whelan         VAR16
You can't blame me                          Max Miller            VAR5
You can't go away like that                 Max Miller            VAR5
You can't kill flies by scratching  them    Gracie Fields         VAR17
You can't take the breed from the British   The Western Brothers  VAR29
You didnít want to do it but You did        The Three Rascals     CDR67
You do belong to me donít you?              Will Evans            CDR43
You do take up a Lot of Room                Florrie Forde         CDR62
You donít want to keep on showing it        Harry Champion        CDR3
You flew away from the Nest                 Mayerl & Farrar       VAR61
You forgot to remember                      Blaney & Farrar       CDR54
You know and all that                       Gillie Potter         VAR15
You know what I mean (Monologue)            Milton Hayes          VAR24
You look all wrong because youíre bandy     Joe Archer            CDR63
You made me love you                        Ella Retford          CDR28
You made me love you (Chorus)               Charlie Kunz (Piano)  CDR38
You might shake hands                       Victoria Monks        CDR36
You must have a night out now and then      Whit Cunliffe         CDR21
You mustnít do it after 8 oíclock           Norman Long           VAR21
You ought to know better, A Big Girl like YoRandolph Sutton       VAR48
You ought to see Sally on Sunday            Jenny Howard          VAR45
You ought to see the Missus in a Harem skirtHarry Champion        CDR3
You ought to see the Way weíre coming along Frank Leo             CDR52
You splash me and Iíll splash You           Alice Lloyd           CDR37
You were coming throí the corn, Molly       Gertie Gitana         CDR23
You wouldnít know the old place now         Ella Retford          CDR28
You, You, You                               Wilkie Bard           CDR13
Youíre always teasing Me                    Jack Lorimer          CDR51
Youíre at Blackpool by the Sea              Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Youíre Driving Me Crazy                     Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Youíre getting older every Day              Tessie O'Shea         VAR36
Youíre here and Iím there                   Elsie Janis           CDR57
Youíre here and Iím there                   Daisy Taylor          CDR65
Youíre in love                              Elsie & Doris Waters  VAR19
Youíre my Baby                              The Three Rascals     CDR67
Youíre my Silver Lining of Love             The Trix Sisters      VAR83
Youíre the Top                              Anona Winn            VAR57
Youíve got a long way to go                 Charles Foster        CDR47
Youíve got to get up in the Morning         Florrie Forde         CDR62
Youíve Got To Pay For Everything You Get    Ronald Frankau        VAR4
You'd be surprised                          Violet Loraine        CDR53
Young Men Lodgers                           Alice Lloyd           CDR58
Your baby ĎAs gorn down the Plug ĎOle       Elsa Lanchester       VAR63
Your Daddy did the same thing 50 years ago  Jen Latona            CDR68
Your Heart and My Heart(Medley)             Bob and Alf Pearson   VAR89
Your King & Country Want You                Maggie Teyte          TOP2
You've got to sing in Ragtime               Wilkie Bard           CDR53
Zampa                                       Troise & Mandoliers   VAR91

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