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Florence Desmond - Hollywood Party - VAR66

Florence Desmond - Hollywood Party CD
Florence Desmond was most famous during the 1930s for her accurate and witty impressions of famous film and stage stars of the day. She also had a radio programme which lead to her recording of "Hollywood Party". As well as impersonations, she was a performer in her own right with numerous film appearances and excellent vocal interpretations of such songs as She had to go and lose it at the Astor.
Track Listing:
Introduction by John Watt
Hollywood Party:
(Impersonations of Janet Gaynor, Zazu Pitts, Jimmy Durante, Greta Garbo, Tallulah Bankhead, Marlene Dietrich, Gracie Fields, Marie Dressler)
Cigarettes, Cigars
More Impersonations:
(Impersonations of Marlene Dietrich, Tallulah Bankhead, Greta Garbo)
A Hollywood Bridge Game:
(Impersonations of Jimmy Durante, Zazu Pitts, Lupe Velez, Mae West)
Mae Time
Kiss me Dear
Be Yourself
A British Mother's Big Flight
Public Sweetheart No1
In Love Again:
(Impersonations of Bing Crosby, Elizabeth Bergner)
She had to go and lose it at the Astor
Mr Jones
Rehearsal for the Troops:
(Impersonations of Leslie Henson, Ciceley Courtneidge,
Alice Delysia, Bette Davis, Frances Day)

Haven't I seen You before?
A Lady in Waiting
Oh! What a surprise for the Duce
Deepest Shelter in Town
Mademoiselle l'Amour
How did He look?

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Listen to Florence Desmond in an Excerpt from She had to go and lose it at the Astor

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