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Daisy Taylor - Popsy Wopsy - (CDR65)

Daisy Taylor - Popsy Wopsy CD

24 Track CD of songs by the lady described as "Scotland's Foremost Comedienne" and originally recorded during the period 1913 to 1915. Includes duets with Jack Charman, the pioneer recording artist.

Violet Loraine - The Only Girl in the World - (CDR64)

Violet Loraine - The Only Girl in the World -  CD

Violet Loraine is remembered as a Revue artist, but she was also on the Halls as part of her early career. This CD covers her recorded stage career from 1910 to 1934.

Music Hall Tit-Bits (CDR63)
Fred Elton, Joe Archer & Harry Ford

Music Hall Tit-Bits CD

Three great Music Hall Artists on this CD. Although little known today, each was a top line artist in their day. With many tracks never before re-issued.

Florrie Forde - The Crackling on the Pork - (CDR62)

Florrie Forde - The Crackling on the Pork  -  CD

More from Florrie Forde with her infectious chorus songs; some saucy sentiments on some of these tracks. Edwardian Entertainment at its best.

New Variety Series

The Variety Series of CDs feature recordings made after the introduction of electrical recording in 1925. Although "classic" Music Hall had ended by this time, many fine artists appeared in Variety theatres throughout the Country, and made some excellent recordings.

George Erick - When You're Smiling - (VAR86)

George Erick - When You're Smiling - VAR86

Tracks from the height of George Elrick's fame, as band leader and vocalist. Includes some rare tracks from one off acetate and private recordings.

Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose - Twinkle - (VAR85)

Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose - Twinkle

This CD features the songs of Olive Fox who with her partner and husband Clarkson Rose formed the popular Twinkle show.

Betty Fields - The Same to You Upholstered (VAR84)

Betty Fields

A fine selection of songs from Betty, the sister of Gracie Fields.

Further CDs are in preparation.

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