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Henry Hall - Animal Crackers - VAR72

Henry Hall - Animal Crackers CD
Henry Hall directed the BBC Dance Orchestra for five years from 1932 and was the most popular British Broadcaster. As well as music for dancing, he made a number of novelty numbers which are featured on this CD. Amongst these superbly recorded numbers, The Teddy Bears Picnic was used as a test disc for many years by the BBC.
Track Listing:
Animal Crackers in My Soup (vocal: Jimmy Lally)
The Sun has got His Hat on (vocal: Val Rosing)
A Bungalow, A Piccolo,and You (vocal: Val Rosing)
Hush Hush Hush Here come s the Bogey Man (vocal: Val Rosing)
The Teddy Bearís Picnic (vocal: Val Rosing)
The Wedding of Mr Mickey Mouse (vocal: Les Allen)
Whoís afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?(vocal: Les Allen)
An Elephant never forgets (vocal: Lupino Lane)
Letís all go to the Music Hall (vocal: Fred Douglas)
The Man on the Flying Trapeze (vocal: Len Burmon)
Oh! Fred (vocal: Dan Donovan & Len Burmon)
Mickeyís Son and Daughter (vocal: Dan Donovan)
The Duck Song (vocal: Stan Bowsher)
Thereís a Song they Sing (vocal: George Eldrick)
I laughed so hard I nearly died (vocal: George Eldrick)
Iím Nuts on Screwy Music (vocal: George Eldrick)
I like Bananas (vocal: George Eldrick)
Madame Ah! La Marquis Ah! (vocal: George Eldrick)
Boris on the Bass (vocal: George Eldrick)
The Travelling Salesman (vocal: George Eldrick)
A Feather in her Tyrolean Hat (vocal: George Eldrick)
Rusty and Dusty (vocal: Mary Ashworth)
A Nice Cup of Tea (vocal: George Eldrick)
When the Circus came to Town (vocal: George Eldrick)
The Broken Record (vocal: Dan Donovan)
Hereís to the Next Time (Short version recorded Live at Radiolympia)
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Listen to Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra in an Excerpt from The Man on the Flying Trapeze

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