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Harry Torrani - The Roaming Yodeller - Windyridge VAR47

Harry Torrani CD
Harry Torrani was famous during the 1930's for his yodelling songs. Appearing as the "Yodelling Cowboy from Chesterfield" his style was more of a "straight" singer than the comedy style of George Van Dusen. As well being an accomplished performer, he also wrote most of his own material. He appeared in Variety Theatres worldwide and also made wireless broadcasts.
Track Listing:
Happy and free yodel; Honeymoon Yodel; The Watermill; The Gypsy; My Miss Swiss Yodel; Mexican Yodel; Australian Yodel; Highland Yodel; Gambling Darkie; Yodelling Rag Man;
The Roaming Yodeller; Yodelling Boy; The Yodelling Hobo; The Yodelling Monster;
The Lonesome Yodeller; Yodelling to You; The Prairie Yodel; Mocking Bird Yodel;
Dwarf's Yodel Song; Yodelling Coon; Crazy Yodel; Mountain Spook Yodel;
Mountain Home Yodel; Yodelling Bunk House Boy;
The Shepherd's Yodel; Mountain Echo Yodel - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Prairie Yodel

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