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Mabel Constanduros  CD

Mabel Constanduros
The Buggins Family - (VAR46)

Mabel Constanduros created the first "radio family" with her invention of The Buggins Family. Initially broadcast in 1925 and with regular broadcasts from 1928, Mabel Constanduros wrote over 250 scripts. At first she played all the speaking parts including Mrs Buggins, Grandma and the three children, but soon she was joined by Michael Hogan who played the role of father. On this CD there are 13 separate sketches, often including the cantankerous Grandma, who was at the heart of the radio progamme.

Track Listing

Getting ready for the Holidays
At the Station
Baby and the Silk Worm
Grandma's Birthday Party
The Buggins Family at the Zoo
The Guide
The Bugginses' Family Group
Mrs Hamblett records her Vote
The Bugginses at the Seaside
Father sweeps the Chimney
Grandma and the Weather Announcer
Grandma Unlicensed
A Trip to Brighton (recorded on the Southern Railway)

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Horn Gram
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Grandma Unlicensed

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