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George Van Dusen
Knees Up and Yodel - (VAR30)

George Van Dusen's recordings were amongst the best sellers of the 1930s. George used the title The Great Dutch Yodeller , throughout his long career, although his stage name disguised his East End origins. His songs have an infectious vivacity which still work today, despite yodelling being rather out of fashion. During the 1980's George Van Dusen was "rediscovered" and his song It's Party Time Again was in the pop record charts, remixed with a disco beat. Needless to say it is the original version featured on this CD.
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Track Listing

Intro and Mountain High
Holiday Time is Jollity Time
s Wedding Day
The Warbling Yodeller
A wee drap o'Scotch
The Yodelling Cowboy
The Yodelling Accordeon Man
Yodelling Izzy
The Yodelling Huntsman
The Yodelling Farmer
Yodelling Banjo Player
It's Holiday Time Again
The Yodelling Mouth Organ Player
Mountain Melodies
Knees Up Yodelling Song
Warbling and Yodelling
The Yodelling Sailor
The Yodelling Wanderer
Polosky's Russian Party
Yodelling Tommy Atkins
The Yodelling Toreador
Come along Liza, Come along Bill
It's Party Time again
Yodelling Working Man
Yodelling Sergeant Major
Smile Smile Smile

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Holiday Time is Jollity Time

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