Listen to Famous Music Hall Songs

On this page you can find samples of some of the most famous music hall songs.

Similarly, on every individual catalogue page, you can find a sample track.

CD Song Title Listen to Sample
Chairman's Choice CD "Two Lovely Black Eyes" from CDR22
electrically recorded by Charles Coborn in 1929

Harry Champion - Down came the blind "Any Old Iron" from CDR27 electrically recorded by Harry Champion in1940

Ella Retford - My Girl Up North "She's a Lassie From Lancashire" from CDR28
acoustically recorded by Ella Retford in 1908

One of the B'Hoys "Who were you with last night" from CDR7
acoustically recorded by Mark Sheridan in 1912

Will Fyffe "I belong to Glasgow" from VAR7
electrically recorded by Will Fyffe in 1927

Gracie Fields "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World" from VAR17
electrically recorded by Gracie Fields in 1938

From the Footlights "Algy - The Picadilly Johnny" from CDR32
acoustically recorded on a cylinder by Vesta Tilley in 1907

Florrie Forde "After the Ball" from VAR18
electrically recorded by Florrie Forde in 1931

Music Hall Medleys CD "Waiting at the Church" from CDR14
electrically recorded by Vesta Victoria in 1931

mcps-prs-allianceAll audio clips from this site are licensed under OLE-0011843.

The samples have been compressed for the Internet which somewhat reduces their sound quality. Better quality is obtained from the CDs for sale. If you have a dial-up connection, the samples may take a little time to load; please be patient.

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