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Randolph Sutton
On Mother Kelly's Doorstep (VAR48)

The CD covers the span of Randolph Sutton's recording career in the 1920s and 1930s, with many cheerful songs from the depression years.
Also included on this CD is a live version of Randolph Sutton's famous song On Mother Kelly's Doorstep recorded with an audience in Collins' Music Hall in 1950.

More songs by Randolph Sutton are also available on
VAR1 "Good 'Eavens, Mrs. Evans"

Track Listing

Whacha gonna do, Do now
Tell me more about Love
Do Something
Or Anything Else I've got
Jollity Farm
Pretty little House that Jack built
Driving the Geese to Market
Pull up your Socks and laugh up your Sleeve
'Hello Twins'
The Sun has got his Hat on
Laugh and let the Clouds roll by
Tilly took a Tramp in the Wood
There's a Good Time coming
What's it matter (as long as it's dark)
When I met Sally at the Seaside
The Old Kitchen Kettle
Old Mother Hubbard
You ought to know better, A Big Girl like You
It's only a Matter of Time
I was in the Mood
Oh Georgie, What a How Do You Do
Round Riley's Old Red Barn
Every Little Girl likes That
Oh Mother, Mother
On Mother Kelly's Doorstep

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It's Only a Matter of Time

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