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The Two Leslies - Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes - (VAR22)

Two Leslies CD
Leslie Sarony, already featured on two other CDs (VAR11) and (VAR38) in this series is here joined by his fellow artist Leslie Holmes (VAR74). Together they formed "The Two Leslies", who made many stage and radio appearances during the 1930s. Often singing songs composed either jointly or by Sarony, "The Two Leslies" had a robust sense of humour and sometimes delighted in some rather risque word play.

Fans of Leslie Sarony are bound to be delighted by this selection.

Track Listing:
Teas, Light Refreshments, and Minerals, In the Land of Inky Pinky Dinky Doo, Umpa, Umpa (Stick it up your Jumper), So 'Andsome, Down upon the Farm, Miss Porkington would like Cream Puffs, Nay! Nay! Nay!, Coo! Luvaduck! Crickey! Coo! Blimey!, The New Sow, We're tired of the Tiger, I'm a little Prairie Flower, Audrey just laughed and laughed, The Dart Song, Old Potato Jones, The Love Bug will bite you, Now you've been and gorn and done it, Let me go back to the Farm, At the battle of Waterloo, Ain't love grand?, Why must we keep on working?, Down at the Hole in the Wall, Sweet Fanny Adams, It's a Hap, Hap, Happy Day, Goodnight (Get your Torchlight)
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Listen to part of a sample track - Miss Porkington would like Cream Puffs

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