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Norman Long - My Little Austin Seven - (VAR21)

Norman Long CD
Norman Long was billed as "A Song, A Smile, and a Piano" and these tracks certainly live up to this description. Most famous for his rendition of Clarkson Rose's song "My Little Austin Seven", Norman Long had many other fine song in his repertoire. Starting with "The Drage Way" which describes a comical department store, he considers many aspects of life in the 1920's including petty officialdom in "You mustn't do it after 8 o'clock."

This CD comprises songs from Norman Long's very first recordings starting in 1925.

Track Listing:
The Drage Way, Homes, Toasts, Down in our Village in Zummerzet, The Good Little Boy and the Bad Little Boy, Under the Bazunka Tree, I think of you , Is it British?, Sing Ho! For the days of drinking, On the beach at Bangaloo, My little Austin Seven, Monday Morning, Why is the bacon so tough, Never have a bath with your wrist watch on, That's why I love her, What did the Village Blacksmith say?, You mustn't do it after 8 o'clock, That little back garden, Ideal Homes, Aren't we all?, Otherwise she's mother's kind of girl, Our Dog, A Tale of other times, Hidden heroes , Rule Britannia - A Travesty
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Listen to part of a sample track - My Little Austin Seven

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