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Leslie Holmes - No Funny Business - VAR74

Leslie Holmes CD
Leslie Holmes is now best remembered for his partnership with Leslie Sarony in the duo "The Two Leslies".
Showing musical talent from childhood, he was also an entertainer in his own right, appearing as "The Man with the Smiling Voice".
24 tracks recorded between 1932 and 1936
Track Listing:
Iím the Monster of Loch Ness; Perry Werry Winkle
Sir Roger de Coverley; The Soldier blew his Bugle
B B B Bertha; Iíve gone and lost my Little Yo-Yo
Heís in the Infirmary now; Fiddler Joe
Something came and got Me in the Spring
Down in the Valley; No Funny Business
Heaven will help the Sailors
Fifty Years Ago (with Charles Coburn)
Whoís been polishing the Sun?
That Handsome Accordeon Man; St Jamesís Park
Noah had Two of Everything
He kissed Maggie - Maggie kissed Him back
On Top of a Bus; He went in like a Lion
What díya think of that Boys?
Around the Old Bandstand
Sarah the Sergeant Majorís Daughter
The Travelling Salesman
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - No Funny Business

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