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Two's Company - Variety Double Acts (VAR23)

Two's Company CD
Lucan and McShane created the famous characters “Old Mother Riley and her Daughter Kitty” which they featured in some fourteen films. One of the major attractions of the 1940s, they only made four records (eight sides), all of which are featured on this CD.
The twin talents of Ronald Frankau and Tommy Handley were first employed in their duo North and South. They later formed Murgatroyd and Winterbottom. Tommy Handley also appears with his wife Jean Allistone on the track "Have You seen my Chickens?"
Other Double Turns include Collinson and Dean, Naughton and Gold, and the less than politically-correct black-face cross-talking act Alexander and Mose formed by Billy Bennett and Albert Whelan. A fascinating insight into the comedy of the 1930s.
Track Listing:
Lucan and McShane: Old Mother Riley’s Past, Old Mother Riley in the Police Force, Old Mother Riley on the Farm, Old Mother Riley’s Budget, Old Mother Riley takes her Medicine
Collinson and Dean: Argue about Ambition
Naughton and Gold: Income Tax, Holidays
North and South: Casabianca, The Continong, Riding on a Camel
Murgatroyd and Winterbottom: It’s a Pity, Disarmament, Art, About Cruises
Tommy Handley with Jean Allistone: Have You seen my Chickens?
Alexander and Mose: In Dark Subjects, Fish Sauce
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Old Mother Riley’s Past

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