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Elsie and Doris Waters - Just Gert and Daisy (VAR19)

Elsie and Doris Waters CD
Although entitled "Just Gert and Daisy", this CD by Elsie and Doris Waters shows us that there was a lot more to these two performers than just those cockney characterisations. Coming from a musical background, Elsie and Doris Waters were accomplished musicians and this shows in their early songs. Broadcasting lead to their fame as the cockney pair Gert and Daisy, particularly during World War II where the exploits of Daisy's husband Bert struck a chord amongst listeners. Some good parodies of Flotsam and Jetsam, and topical songs about Henry Hall and Christopher Stone add to the entertainment.
Track Listing:
Jogging along behind the Old Grey Mare, Twenty Thousand Scotsmen shouted "No",
I only met her on Sunday, Aren't we all?, Park yourself close to me,
In the Parlour when the Company's gone, Washing Dishes with my Sweetie, You're in love,
In High Society, Good Queen Bess, The "Barrars" in the Walworth Road, The Tale of a Hat,
What it feels like to Broadcast, Mrs Flotsam and Jetsam, Mrs Henry Hall, London Pride (Vocal),
The Coronation girls, Huntin', At the court of Good Queen Bess, Please leave my Butter alone,
Knees up Mother Brown, Just Gert And Daisy, London Pride (Spoken),
Mrs Christopher Stone (with Christopher Stone)
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Listen to part of a sample track - Coronation Girls

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