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Elsie and Doris Waters
More Gert and Daisy (VAR111)

'More Gert and Daisy', continues the theme of the previous CD (VAR19) with more of their cockney characterisations. Coming from a musical background, Elsie and Doris Waters were accomplished musicians but broadcasting lead to their fame as the cockney pair Gert and Daisy, particularly during World War II where the exploits of Daisy's husband Bert struck a chord amongst listeners.

Track Listing

Lavender Lady
That's the Worst of having People Upstairs
A Party at Gert's and Daisy's
Out of Sorts
The Seaside Band
The Cuckoo in the Nest
Gert and Daisy Spring Cleaning
Gert, Daisy, A Piano and How
Mrs Stanley Holloway
Gert and Daisy Write a Letter
Gert daisy and the Knot Hole
Gert Daisy and the Tandem
Darts, with Gert and Daisy
Here's to the Mums and Dads
Put a Penny underneath your Pillow
Won't WE have a Party when it's over
Brother Jack - A message from Mum
Workers' Playtime (Live)

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Horn Gram
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Mrs Stanley Holloway

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