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Harry Gordon - The Laird o'Inversnecky - (VAR20)

Windyridge CD
The fictional village of Inversnecky was the invention of Aberdonian Harry Gordon. On this CD, many characters within the village are considered, from the barber to the beadle. Each of Harry Gordon's presentations follow a similar format with a song followed by some witty patter and then a finishing verse. Comparatively little known south of the border, probably due to difficulties of accent and lifestyle, Harry Gordon's popularity in his native Scotland was tremendous.
Track Listing:
Fine Man John, She Dee't, Inversnecky Barber, The Beadle of the Kirk, The Rodin Tree, Hilly's Man, I wish I were Single again, The Inversnecky Doctor , The Bells of Inversnecky, The Inversnecky Fireman, The Inversnecky Bill Poster, The Smith o' Inversnecky, A Tattie, a Neep and an Ingin, The Inversnecky Photographer, The Story that I Startit, The Inversnecky Grocer, The Oldest Dame in Edinburgh, The Inversnecky Anthem, The Inversnecky Bus, The Railway Fireman, The Limb 'o the Law, In my Gairden, Inversnecky Moon, The Clerk o' the Weather - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Inversnecky Bus

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