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Florrie Forde - Forty Fousand Frushes - (VAR18)

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This CD by Florrie Forde, complements the previous CD issue of her songs on CDR5. Recorded electrically between 1929 and 1936 some fine chorus songs are included with a number of old favourites. Personal introductions by Florrie to "After the Ball" and "Goodbye Dolly Gray" lead us into the later compositions - some memorable, and some unforgettably catchy. Some sadness too, as "In the Mansion of Aching Hearts". Of course, no record of Florrie Forde would be complete without "Down at the Old Bull and Bush", and in the version here she introduces the song and the band joins in the Chorus. Great entertainment from Florrie Forde at the top of her profession.
Track Listing:
After the Ball; Goodbye Dolly Gray; Give Yourself a pat on the back; Oh! Maritana; Forty Fousand Thrushes; The Barmaidís Song; All in Favour Shout ďHear HearĒ; I donít wanna go home; Píliceman, Píliceman, Hold my hand; What happened to the Manx Catís Tail; Maggie Jane; The ďSmileĒ Song; When we went strolling round the town; Ta-Ta be lucky ; Pretty Kitty Kelly; Hospitality House; Follow Your Uncle Bob; Please Teacher!; Oh! What a Night; Are we to part like this?; Oh! Flo!; Waltz me around again, Willie; The Mansion of Aching Hearts; For Old Timesí Sake; Letís all be a happy family; Fair Fat and Forty; Down at the Old Bull and Bush - more track info . . .

More songs by Florrie Forde are available on
CDR5 "Join in the Chorus" and
CDR62 "The Crackling on the Pork"

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Listen to part of a sample track - Florrie Forde - Ta-ta be lucky

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