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Florrie Forde - The Crackling on the Pork (CDR62)

Florrie Forde Windyridge CD
Florrie Forde had a gift for taking hold of an audience. With a repertoire of great songs with rousing choruses, she encouraged the audience to sing with her, establishing a fashion that continues to this day. This CD includes a selection of her earliest recordings, with some great titles. The CD contains 28 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders which were recorded between 1903 - 1912.
Track Listing:
What Price A Little Bit of Crackling on the Pork?
That’s what the Girl told the Soldier
Love is Money
Another Little Girl in Your Eye
Sarah Ann
The Old Welsh Harp
Wet Paint
One Day, She helped Herself to Father
Looping the Loop
Oh Father
My Little Love Bird
All aboard for Margate
The Brixton Girl
Come and hear the Orchestra
Easy Street
Carrie from Camden Town
On the Banks of the Rhine
Always trust a Sailor
You do take up a Lot of Room
Do drop in the Dewdrop Inn
Oh George tell them to stop the Flip Flap
We’ve got a Motor
Mary took her Calves to The Dairy Show
Poor Aunt Jane
You’ve got to get up in the Morning
I don't care if the Mormons come
Keep away from the Petticoats
Oh the Lady with the Glad Eye

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Listen to part of a sample track - Oh Father

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