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Gramophone Music Hall - (CDR61)

Gramophone Music Hall -  CD
The tracks on this CD date from the period 1902 - 1907. During this time, the recording company which later became HMV was named
The Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd.
For the delight of purchasers of their discs, the company had assembled a roster of top artistes and lesser known stars who recorded popular songs from the Music Hall.
Ranging from Alec Hurley, (who later married Marie Lloyd) via Malcolm Scott (Female Impersonator), to Kate Carney, (Coster Comedienne) this is a cornucopia of Edwardian Music Hall
Track Listing:
Fred Lay: Don’t forget your Umbrella, John
Harry Ford: Can’t You take my Word
Pat Rafferty: Paddy in Kilts
Burt Shepard: Mary was a Housemaid
S H Dudley: Sister Mary Jane’s Top Note
Haydn Quartet: My Old Kentucky Home
Dan Leno: Going to the Races
George Mozart: The Dentist
Kate Carney: Liza Johnson
Ellaline Terriss: Lousiana Lou
Harry Taylor: Has Anybody seen Our Cat?
Eugene Stratton: Little Dolly Day-Dream
Alec Hurley: ‘Arry, ‘Arry
Malcolm Scott: Stepping Stones to General Knowledge
Harry Anderson: The Fishing Club
Wilkie Bard: Has Anyone been asking for Me?
Walter Miller: Isn’t that just like a Man
Burt Shepard: All the Little Ducks went Quack
Louis Bradfield: My First Cigar
Florrie Forde: Red Light “Danger”
George Lashwood: Ladies I have met
Arthur Roberts: For Thee
Mika Magee: Cordalia Malone
Harry Lauder: Wearing Kilts
Gus Elen: Me-riah
Victoria Monks: There’s a Girl inside
George Elliott: If the Man in the Moon were a Coon

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - 'Arry, 'Arry

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