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Music Hall Tit-Bits CD

Various Artists
Music Hall Tit-Bits (CDR63)

This CD brings together three artistes who were popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. Although almost unknown today, each artist has a following amongst present day music hall enthusiasts.
The opening track "Music Hall Titbits" gives us a tour of the Music Halls and mentions many of the top artists of the time.

Track Listing

Fred Elton: Music Hall Tit-Bits (The Medley Song)
Fred Elton: I shouted "Bovril" to the Bull
Fred Elton: Mammy come back to me
Fred Elton: Look! Look! The Moon Man's in the Sky
Fred Elton: Should a Woman tell?
Fred Elton: Marie O'Neil
Fred Elton: The Funny Little Bunny Sonny had
Joe Archer: Hold me tight a little longer, Joe
Joe Archer: Hi, Johnny! Who's your Tailor?
Joe Archer: You look all wrong because you're bandy
Joe Archer: Always keep your Eyes wide open
Joe Archer: In the days of Adam and Eve
Joe Archer: We are a fine Family
Joe Archer: I jumped out of Bed, quick
Joe Archer: How's Your Father?
Joe Archer: Want to see the War all over
Harry Ford: He doesn't mean any harm
Harry Ford: That's Enough!
Harry Ford: When She walks
Harry Ford: What a Face
Harry Ford: Naughty Boy
Harry Ford: The Day that I Became a Millionaire
Harry Ford: Don't You think You've overstepped the Margin
Plus Two Bonus Tracks (Reduced quality from very worn originals):
Harry Ford: Poor, Proud and Particular
Joe Archer: If we hadn't any Women in the World

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Music Hall Tit-Bits

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