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Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose  CD

Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose
Twinkle (VAR85)

Olive Fox was the wife and partner of comedian Clarkson Rose. An artiste in her own right she worked with Clarkson to produce the show "Twinkle" which was popular around the seaside resorts for many years. This CD features both her solo recordings and those made jointly with Clarkson Rose

Track Listing

Ma! *
I don't think it matters! *
We'd better put the banns up now * +
I do love You * +
When You belong to Me * +
On our Happy Wedding Day * +
A Thousand Years Ago * +
Our own Little Home, Sweet Home * +
That's That *
Three Little Words *
Maggie! Yes Ma! * +
Keep Your Skirts down, Mary Ann * +
Maggie's Cold +
Put Your Worries through the Mangle +
P'liceman, P'liceman (Hold My Hand) +
And then We won't go Home +
The Same Again +
I'm Happy when I'm Hiking +
Good 'Eavens Mrs. Evans +
It's the Alpine Dress You're wearing *
I've got Rings on my Fingers *

* Acoustic Recording
+ With Clarkson Rose

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Horn Gram
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Ma! (He's making eyes at me)

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