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George Elrick
When You're Smiling (VAR86)

Although George Elrick started his stage career as a dance band drummer, he was soon fronting his own band with his popular vocals. The songs on this CD are mainly taken from the recordings with his Swing Music Makers. For many years he hosted the popular BBC programme 'Housewives Choice' where he introduced himself as 'Mrs Elrick's wee son Georgie."

Track Listing

When You're Smiling;

Elrick Successes:- Why did She fall for the Leader of the Band;
With a Feather in her Tyrolean Hat;
The Merry Go Round broke down;
The Music goes Round;
Boo-Hoo; I'm Nuts on Screwy Music

Swing, Swing, Dear Mother-In-Law;
Oh, They're Tough, Mighty Tough in the West;
The Lady Who couldn't be kissed;
Bruno's Bavarian Band;
The Organ, the Monkey and Me;
You can't stop Me dreaming;
You've gotta take your Pick and Swing;
The Cross-eyed Cowboy on the Cross-Eyed Horse;
Swing Session in Siberia;
Ain't Love Grand;
My Swiss Hilly Billy;
With Mary Tatooed on His Arm;
Popcorn Man;
Mother! Mother!;
Wedding of Pocahontas;
Oooo, Oh Boom!;
I love to Whistle;
The Trolley Song;

Holiday Sing Song:- Blaydon Races;
Maybe It's because I'm a Londoner;
Don't Dilly Dally on the way;
Lassie from Lancashire;
Roamin' in the Gloamin'
My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl;

Say Something Sweet;
I believe your foolin';
Goodnight to You All;
Housewives Choice Playout;;

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Horn Gram
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The Music Goes Round

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