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Betty Fields  CD

Betty Fields
The Same to You Upholstered (VAR84)

Betty Fields was the sister of Gracie Fields. Although less well known than her famous sister, she had a long career in show business both in Revue and later in films. Her recordings date mainly from the 1928 - 1930 period.

Track Listing

The Same to You - Upholstered
I'm scared of holding my breath under the Water
Kiss Me Curse You
That Wonderful Kid from Madrid
Oh how I love my Boatman
Today's a Sunny Day for Me
Sh - Shivering
He hadn't up till Yesterday
Oh What a Night to Love
I lift up my Finger and say Tweet Tweet
When You've gone I know I shall cry
'Fonso (My Hot Spanish Knight)
Dancing with the Devil
Gracie Fields at Home (A Sing-Song Party)
with Gracie's Parents, Brother and Betty Fields
Dancing with the Devil

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Horn Gram
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The Same to You Upholstered

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