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The Trix Sisters - I'm Crazy Over You - VAR83

The Trix Sisters CD
Helen and Josephine formed "The Trix Sisters" in 1916, following Helen's success as a solo artiste in America. In 1920 they arrived in England to appear in Revue and during the following decade became popular Variety performers.
Track Listing:

I'm crazy over You
I care for Him
Iím sitting on Top of the World
Ukulele Lullaby
Iím Knee Deep in Daisies
Where is my Meyer
A Hundred Years from Now
Sweet Ukulele Maid
I hope I donít meet Molly
My Rock a Bye Baby
Negro Complaints
Shout Hallelujah cos' I'm Home
Nagasaki (with The Gilt Edged Four)
Iím on the Crest of a Wave
Pickiní Cotton (with The Gilt Edged Four)
Thatís the Good Old Sunny South (with The Gilt Edged Four)
The Hollow of a Hill
Come on Baby
Youíre my Silver Lining of Love
I never worry about the Morning *
I just want to give Myself away *
Thatís how I knew *
Back to London Town *
Sweet Daddy I love You *
Dapper Dan (with Jack Buchanan) *
Sweetie Do *
Trixís Boodle-Um-Boo *
* Acoustic Recording

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