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G H Elliott - 50 Years A Star - VAR73

G H Elliott CD
G. H. Elliott's career spanned many years and in 1953 he celebrated 50 years as a Music Hall Star. Fortunately for posterity, he had private recordings made of some of his appearances around this date. Some time after Georgeís death, his personal recordings were disposed of, and found their way onto a Market stall on the South Coast. A local record collector picked them up and stored them in his garage for the next forty years. In 2013, whilst downsizing, he contacted us, and the results have found their way onto this CD. These now present a superb way of hearing a top artist in live performance and interview.

The CD has a playing time of over 79 minutes.

More G. H. Elliott tracks are available on the Plain Chocolate CD - VAR2
Track Listing:
50 Years a Star - The story of G. H. Elliot with Interviews and Live Performances of: a) I used to sigh for the Silvery Moon; b) I want to go to Idaho; c) Hello Susie Green; d) Sue, Sue Sue; e) In Carolina
Edwardian Snapshot with Freddie Grisewood Interview, plus Iíse a waiting for you Josie
Edwardian Snapshot with Freddie Grisewood Interview, plus a) Sue, Sue Sue, b) Moon Moon Moon,
Live Performance: I used to sigh for the Silvery Moon
In Town Tonight: Interview, plus I used to sigh for the Silvery Moon
Live Performances: a) Give Her a Great Big Kiss for Me; b) Down Kentucky Way; c) I used to sigh for the Silvery Moon;
Palace of Varieties: I want to go to Idaho
Palace of Varieties: a) Down Kentucky way; b) Lily of Laguna; c) Sue, Sue, Sue
Live Performances: a) Shanty in Yipsylanty; b) In Carolina; c) Hello Susie Green;
Palace of Varieties: My Southern Maid
Music Hall: a) Iím going South; b) Hello Susie Green
Thanks for the Memory at the Empress Theatre, Brixton: a) If youíre going back to Dixie; b) The Ghost of the Yodelling Coon;
Interview at the Shepherdís Bush Empire
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Hello, Susie Green

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