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Henry Hall - Animal Crackers - VAR72

Henry Hall CD
Henry Hall directed the BBC Dance Orchestra for five years from 1932 and was the most popular British Broadcaster. As well as music for dancing, he made a number of novelty numbers which are featured on this CD. Amongst these superbly recorded numbers, The Teddy Bears Picnic was used as a test disc for many years by the BBC.
Track Listing:
Animal Crackers in My Soup (vocal: Jimmy Lally)
The Sun has got His Hat on (vocal: Val Rosing)
A Bungalow, A Piccolo,and You (vocal: Val Rosing)
Hush Hush Hush Here come s the Bogey Man (vocal: Val Rosing)
The Teddy Bearís Picnic (vocal: Val Rosing)
The Wedding of Mr Mickey Mouse (vocal: Les Allen)
Whoís afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?(vocal: Les Allen)
An Elephant never forgets (vocal: Lupino Lane)
Letís all go to the Music Hall (vocal: Fred Douglas)
The Man on the Flying Trapeze (vocal: Len Burmon)
Oh! Fred (vocal: Dan Donovan & Len Burmon)
Mickeyís Son and Daughter (vocal: Dan Donovan)
The Duck Song (vocal: Stan Bowsher)
Thereís a Song they Sing (vocal: George Eldrick)
I laughed so hard I nearly died (vocal: George Eldrick)
Iím Nuts on Screwy Music (vocal: George Eldrick)
I like Bananas (vocal: George Eldrick)
Madame Ah! La Marquis Ah! (vocal: George Eldrick)
Boris on the Bass (vocal: George Eldrick)
The Travelling Salesman (vocal: George Eldrick)
A Feather in her Tyrolean Hat (vocal: George Eldrick)
Rusty and Dusty (vocal: Mary Ashworth)
A Nice Cup of Tea (vocal: George Eldrick)
When the Circus came to Town (vocal: George Eldrick)
The Broken Record (vocal: Dan Donovan)
Hereís to the Next Time (Short version recorded Live at Radiolympia)
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Man on the Flying Trapeze

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