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In his day, Grock was once the highest paid entertainer in the world, and is remembered for his act which combined musical wit and expertise with tumbling and fooling around. Although a very visual performer, he made several audio recordings of his act based on his stage show. Fluent in several languages, he also composed numerous songs and tunes some of which were recorded by L'Orchestre Musette de Grock and are included on this CD.
In 1917, Grock met the young Winston Churchill. Congratulating him, Churchill said "Well Grock, I must say that the best comics in the world are English." "But I am Swiss," said Grock. "Then you must get yourself naturalised at once" Churchill snapped.

Track Listing

1) Grock in His Music Hall Sketch (1932):
a) The Little Violin - The Clarinet Player - Yodelling
b) Violin and Piano
c) The and Concertina
d) The Clarinet Quartet
2) Grock dans son Sketch de Music Hall (In French):
a) Le Petit Violon
b) Le Clarinettista
c) Le
d) La Tyrolienne
e) Essai au Piano
f) Le Quatuor de Clarinettes
g) Concertina
h) Violon et Piano (Paganini)
Grock (In German):
3) Grock gibt ein zweites Konzert
4) Grock hort eine Forelle
L'Orchestre Musette de Grock:
5) Moi Tout pres de Toi
6) Si J'avais su tout ca
7) Le P'tit Georges
8) Dansons une Java
9) Titi Parisien
10) Amour et Sport
11) A La Bastoche
12) Un Baiser. . . Un Sourire
Grock (Early Acoustic Recordings of 1919):
13) A-be My Boy (Grock with Violin & Piano)
14) A-be My Boy (Lily Morris & Grock)

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Horn Gram
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Grock from His Music Hall Sketch

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