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Old Time Music Hall - VAR56

Old Time Music Hall CD
The Old Time Music Hall CD, follows the style of The Good Old Days, a popular BBC Television programme which ran from 1953 to 1983. The original TV series came from the Leeds City Varieties Music Hall which has recently been refurbished.
Restored from a well recorded stereo LP originally issued over 50 years ago the show is chaired by the garrulous Leonard Sachs who was the Chairman in The Good Old Days. Amongst the performers we find Barbara Windsor who later became famous for her appearances in the Carry On series of films.

Quoting from the original sleeve notes: ď[Old Time Music Hall] isnít at all a pedantís reproduction of any particular sing-song, nor of any one evening at a specific Victorian music hall. . . What we want is to give you the spirit - the feeling - of the period when English Light Entertainment was in its glorious heyday.Ē

Track Listing:
Leonard Sachs: Chairman's Introductions
Barbara Windsor: Daddy wouldnít buy me a Bow Wow
Rita Williams & Barbara Windsor: I donít want to play in your Yard
Johnny Hewer: Where did you get that Hat? Itís a great big shame;
Barbara Windsor: Soldiers in the Park
Rita Williams: Donít Dilly Dally on the Way; Row Row Row
Charles Young: If those Lips could only speak; The Soldiers of the Queen
Barney Gilbraith: My Old Dutch
The Four Singing Waiters: Nellie Dean; Sweet Adeline
Daphne Anderson: Iíve gone out for the Day
Full Company: Medley: Daisy Bell; She was one of the Early Birds;
Down at the Old Bull And Bush; Beer, Beer, Beer

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Daddy wouldnít buy me a Bow Wow

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