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Anona Winn - Please Don't Mention It - VAR57

Anona Winn - Please Don't Mention It CD
Anona Winn is mainly remembered today for her performances in the BBC radio programmes Twenty Questions and Petticoat Line. Earlier in her career, her classically trained voice was put to good use in other radio programmes including Songs from the Shows. She also had her own Variety Act, appeared in pantomime and Revue, as well as singing with Dance Bands. The recordings on this CD cover all these aspects of her earlier days.
Track Listing:
Gertie the Girl with the Gong; Now I'm in Love; A little Kiss each Morning;
Tell me with a Love Song; Please don't mention it (with Al Bowlly);
The Night when Love was born; While we danced at the Mardi Gras;
Let's put out the Lights (with Bob Mackworth); The Party's over now;
John Watts' Songs from the Shows: Tea for Two, Who, Dancing Time (with Reginald Purdell);
I'll follow my Secret Heart; This little Piggie went to Market; Butterfingers;
The very thought of You; For Love of You; No one believes I'm a Mermaid;
What a little Moonlight can do; She wore a Little Jacket of Blue ;
I get a Kick out of You (with Billy Marlow); You're the Top (with Billy Marlow);
Everything's in Rhythm with my Heart; I can wiggle my Ears;
The Ghost of the Turkey; Tuning In;

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Listen to part of a sample track - Gertie the girl with the gong

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