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Hail Variety - VAR55

Hail Variety CD
This CD, originally issued as an LP over 50 years ago, gives a documentary history of show business in Great Britain from the perspective of the time. Cleverly mixing narration with excerpts from original recordings and additional music, it traces the development of the Music Hall through Variety up to the 1950s. It as is interesting for the choice of then current stars as for its historical selections. On this CD issue, the early recordings have been enhanced from the LP version, and where available better copies of the original 78s have been used.
Track Listing:
Narrator: Introduction by George Elrick
Excerpts from the following:
Max Miller: At the Holborn Empire
Heddle Nash: Come into the Garden, Maud
Harry Champion: Boiled Beef and Carrots
Ella Shields: Burlington Bertie from Bow
Billy Williams: When Father papered the Parlour
Marie Lloyd: A little of what you fancy
Dan Leno: The Tower of London
Gus Elen: Itís a Great Big Shame
Lily Morris: Donít have any more, Mrs Moore
Albert Chevalier: My Old Dutch
Light Opera Company: Goodbye Dolly Gray
Arthur Reece: Sons of the Sea
Violet Loraine & George Robey: If You were the Only Girl in the World
Little Tich: The Territorial
Gertie Gitana: Nellie Dean
Harry Lauder: Roaminí in the Gloaminí
Chas. Austin: P C Parker: The Police Station
Harry Tate: Motoring
Will Hay: The Fourth Form at St. Michaelís
Eugene Stratton: The Lily of Laguna
Florrie Forde: The Bull and Bush
Albert Whelan: The Jolly Brothers
Charles Coburn: The Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Jose Collins: Love will find a Way
Jack Buchanan: And Her Mother came too
Gertrude Lawrence: The Physician
Evelyn Laye: I'll See You Again
Bobby Howes: She's My Lovely
Noel Coward: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Ambrose & Orch: When Day Is Done
Jack Payne & Orch: Say It With Music
Henry Hall & Orch: Hereís To The Next Time
Jack Hylton & Orch: Coal Black Mammy
Grace Fields: Sally
Flanagan & Allen: Underneath the Arches
Tommy Handley: Navy Sketch
Arthur Askey: The Bee Song
Vera Lynn: Auf Weidersehn Sweetheart
Max Bygraves: Tulips from Amsterdam
Norman Wisdom: Don't laugh At Me
Mantovani: Charmaine
Frankie Vaughan: Garden of Eden
Petula Clark: With all my Heart
Lonnie Donegan: Cumberland Gap
Anne Shelton: Lay down your Arms
Russ Hamilton: We will make Love
David Whitfield: Cara Mia
Tommy Steele: Rock with the Caveman
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Introduction to Hail Variety

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