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George Formby - It's Turned Out Nice Again - VAR54

George Formby CD
George Formby was one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century. Initially copying the style of his father George Formby Snr., he rapidly adopted the Banjo Ukulele as his instrument and developed a more racy style which gained him great success.
Included on the CD are many of George Formby's most famous songs including When I'm cleaning Windows, With my Little Stick of Blackpool Rock, and his catchphrase It's turned out Nice again.
The CD covers his entire recording career from his first disc The Man was a Stranger to Me to his last Happy Go Lucky Me.

Two items are of particular interest to George Formby collectors:
- The previously unissued take 3 of You can't keep a Growing Lad down comes from an original test pressing.
- In December 1937, George Formby performed at the official opening of the new Gaumont State Cinema on Kilburn High Road. This prestigious event was broadcast live on BBC Radio at the time. Thanks to an unknown engineer, this was recorded and the resultant track With my Little Ukelele in My Hand is included on the CD.

Track Listing:
It's turned out Nice again; Do De O Do; Chinese Laundry Blues;
I told My Baby with the Ukelele; If you don't want the Goods, Don't maul 'em;
I could make a Good Living at that; Why don't Women like Me?
Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink; Swimmin' with the Wimmin;
I went all Hot and Cold; You can't keep a Growing Lad down;
Fanlight Fanny; I do Things I do; The Window Cleaner (When I'm cleaning Windows);
Sitting on the Sands all night; With my Little stick of Blackpool Rock;
The Window Cleaner No2; Leaning on a Lampost;
She can't say 'No' (with Beryl Formby);
With my Little Ukelele in My Hand (Live); I blew a little Blast on my Whistle;
I wonder Who's under her Balcony now; Frigid Air Fanny;
Auntie Maggie's Remedy; The Man was a Stranger to Me;
Happy Go Lucky Me

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - When I'm Cleaning Windows

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