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Teddy Brown - The "Great" Xylophonist - VAR53

Teddy Brown CD
Teddy Brown was known as The "Great" Xylophonist on account of his physical size and ability at the xylophone. The tracks selected for this CD show the whole range of Teddy Brown's skills on the xylophone from solo performance to that of Band Leader. Originally from New York, Teddy Brown toured England in 1925 and made his first UK recording in 1926. Achieving success as a variety artist with his xylophone, he settled in England and went on to make several films as well as numerous sound recordings.
Track Listing:
Poet & Peasant - Overture; Light Cavalry; Liebesfreud (with Orchestral Accompaniment);
Under The Double Eagle (with Military Band); Soldiers' Chorus (with Military Band);
Fairy On The Clock (with Vocal Refrain); Through (How Can You Say We're Through?);
The Match Parade (with Novelty Sextette); Song of Happiness (with Novelty Sextette);
Blue Danube (with Orchestral Accompaniment); Raymond - Overture; The Skaters' Waltz;
Got A Date With An Angel (with Novelty Sextette);
Time Alone Will Tell (with Novelty Sextette); Rio Rita (with Percival Mackey's Orch);
Happy Days Are Here Again (V: John Thorne); Headin' For Louisville * (Vocal: Lionel Rothery);
Then I'll Be Happy * (Vocal: Lionel Rothery); I Never Knew * (Vocal: Lionel Rothery);
So Is Your Old Lady * (Vocal: Lionel Rothery); Hi-Diddle-Diddle * (Vocal: Guy Victor);
While The Sahara Sleeps *; My Heart Stood Still * (Vocal: Chick Endor);
Desert Eyes (with his Band); The Doll Dance (with his Band);
* These Tracks with his Cafe de Paris Band

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Listen to part of a sample track - Happy Days are here again

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