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Leonard Henry - I Can't Wed A Woman Like That - VAR52

Leonard Henry CD
Leonard Henry was one of the most popular radio comedians of the early 1930s who also played in pantomime, concert party, variety, musical comedy, revue, farce, Shakespeare and films. At one time, as part of his act he would make an impromptu joke on any subject the audience liked to suggest. Many amusing songs and innovative monologues on this CD.
Track Listing:
Letís all sing the Lard Song; Copper Nob; Shí Shiveriní;
Why is the Bacon so tough; What did the Village Blacksmith say; Pokee-okee-oh;
Wedding in the Ark (with the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra);
Leonard Henry letís Himself go; Oh, Alice! Where art Thou?;
I canít wed a Woman like that; In the Bathroom; In bed with the Flu;
Sir Roger de Coverley; Majah General Thing-a-Me-Bob;
In these Hard Times; A Flyís Day out; Heís dead but He wonít lie down;
Letís all sing at the Tops of our Voices; Dance of the Cuckoos;
Baked Potato Man; I must have One of Those; Henry the Ninth
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Listen to part of a sample track - I canít wed a Woman like that

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