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Jolly Old Christmas - VAR51

Jolly Old Christmas CD
We are fortunate that quite a few Variety artistes made special recordings for the Christmas season. On the CD we have compiled some of the top acts of the 1930s and 1940s providing festive entertainment according to their own particular style.
Some classic tracks here!

Track Listing:
Leslie Sarony: Itís Jolly Old Christmas
Tommy Handley: How to make a Christmas Pudding
BBC Dance Orchestra: Iím going Home for Christmas
Elsie & Doris Waters: Gert and Daisy make a Christmas Pudding
George Formby: John Willie goes Carolling
Mabel Constanduros: Mrs Buggins makes the Christmas Pudding
Charles Penrose: The Laughing Policemanís Christmas Eve
BBC Dance Orchestra: The Santa Claus Express
Harry Champion: Here comes Old Father Christmas (Acoustic recording)
John Henry: Father Christmas
Gracie Fields: Gracieís Christmas Party
Norman Long: To wish You a Happy Christmas
Harry Hemsley: A Christmas Rehearsal
Gracie Fields: Fairy on the Christmas Tree
Douglas Byng: A Christmas Pantomime
George Formby: Letting the New Year in

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Leslie Sarony - Jolly Old Christmas

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More Christmas fun is available on the CD The Jovial Christmas CDR20.

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