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Infinite Variety - VAR50

Infinite Variety CD
This CD attempts to showcase the wide variety of entertainment which was available during the period 1925 to 1956. As well as acting as a sampler of some of the major artistes on the other CDs in the Variety Series, a number of less well known names are included.

Names such as Jack Hodges who was known as The Raspberry King for his interesting ability to make a tuneful noise, and Reginald Gardiner with his classic monologue Trains. Frank Randle gives us his rather scurrilous live performance as The Hiker and also included is Julian Rose's rare recording of Mrs. Blumberg's Jewish Boarding House.

Infinite Variety - something for everyone.

Track Listing:
The Two Leslies: It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day
Arthur Askey: The Bunny Rabbit
Billy Bennett: Please let me sleep on your Doorstep tonight
Douglas Byng: Doris, The Goddess of Wind
Bobbie Comber: Bandy Bertha's Birthday
G H Elliott: Hello Susie Green
Gracie Fields: Old Man's Darling
Flanders & Swann: Music of a Gnu
Flotsam & Jetsam: A British Spelling Song
Reginald Gardiner: Trains
Hughie Green: The Family Song Album
Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King): Everything is Fresh Today
Frankie Howerd: Three Little FIshes
Jackie Hunter: Down at the Winegar Works
Lupino Lane: I do like a little bit of Nougat
Max Miller: Does She still remember
Lily Morris: Don't 'ave any more, Mrs Moore (Live Version)
Tessie O'Shea: I'm Ready, I'm Willing
Frank Randle: The Old Hiker (Live Recording)
Clarkson Rose: The Lunatic's Lullaby
Julian Rose: Mrs. Blumberg's Jewish Boarding House
Randolph Sutton: The Click of the Little Green Gate
Harry Torrani: Yodeller's Dream Girl
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - I do like a little bit of nougat

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