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Jenny Howard - Queen of Hearts - Windyridge VAR45

Jenny Howard CD
Jenny Howard was often called The Poor Man's Gracie Fields as she recorded many cover versions of Gracie Field's songs. This reflects just a small part of her popular career, as she was a star in her own right in films and on the stage as well as her recordings. A native of Walthamstow, she initially appeared with Percy King who became her husband and manager. In 1940, Jenny Howard took up permanent residence in Australia.
Track Listing:
On the Golden Shores of Wigan; I'm too young to be careful; The things we want most are hard to get; Radio Tit Bits (with Percy King); When I met Obadiah's Father; Rounderer and Rounderer; After tonight We say goodbye; There's another trumpet playing in the Sky; Daddy don't love Mummy any more; He's dead but he won't lie down; The Wise Old Owl said "Hoo"; Happy Ending; My Lucky Day; I'm playing Gooseberry to a Pair; You ought to see Sally on Sunday; Oh Mother; When I hear the Wedding Bells ringing; Nobody loves a Fairy when she's Forty; Our Up-to-date Cookery School; Look up and Laugh; My Young Man is ever so nice; Queen of Hearts; One of the little Orphans of the Storm; Let's have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar; One of the Idle Rich - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - You ought to see Sally on Sunday

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