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Beatrice Lillie - Oh! For a Night in the Ballroom - Windyridge VAR44

Beatrice Lillie CD
Beatrice Lillie was described by Noel Coward in the following terms "Her meticulous skill, her brilliant handling of her material and her impeccable taste have entranced audiences all over England and America." Originally from Canada, she became the leading revue comedienne of London and New York.
Track Listing:
There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden; Nicodemus; Like He loves Me;
He was a Gentleman; Snoops the Lawyer; I'm a Campfire Girl; Baby didn't know;
Baby's Best Friend; Mother told me so; Paree; Weary of it all; Three White Feathers;
Get yourself a Geisha; I hate the Spring; The Gutter song; Marvellous Party;
Wind round my Heart; Honey ma' Love; Clop Clip Clop; Lady Windermere's Fan;
The Yodelling Goldfish; Oh! For a Night in the Ballroom; Not wanted on Voyage;
The Party's over now

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden

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