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Cyril Fletcher - Odd Odes - Windyridge VAR43

Cyril Fletcher CD
Cyril Fletcher, now remembered for his appearances on BBC TV "That's Life", started his broadcasting career in 1936 at the age of twenty two. The recordings on this CD date from this early part of his career. Cyril Fletcher's recitation of "Dreamin' of Thee" was originally part of his performance in the pierhead Fol de Rols Concert Party, and the title soon became a catch phrase. As well as Odd Odes, there is a superb spoof BBC interview with a "War Worker"
Track Listing:
Orange Peel - A Comedy Ode; The Tale of Hector Cramp; Dreamin' of Thee;
Theophilus and his Operation; The Fan; The Mermaid; The Invisible Man; Cuthbert Bostril;
The Song of the Fletcher; Ode of the Fletcher; More Odd Odes; George Wurzel;
The War Worker, Interviewed by Cyril Fletcher; Cyril Fletcher tells a Couple;
Who'll have a Blood Orange;
The "Fol-de-Rols": The Lodger;
The "Fol-de-Rols": Opening Chorus; Riddles; Dreamin' of Thee; Operatic Lambeth Walk

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Listen to part of a sample track - The Mermaid

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