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Max Miller - Max at the Met - Windyridge VAR42

Max Miller CD
The fame of Max Miller was so wide that he featured on the cover of the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" Album Cover. Earning the name of Cheeky Chappie for his irrepressible delivery of songs and gags, he recorded a number of his live performances. Most famous is his legendary recording at the Metropolitan, Edgware Road at the end of 1957 which really was the swansong of music hall. As well as this performance, three other live shows are included, plus two bonus studio tracks to make up a full CD of great entertainment.
Track Listing:
Max in the Theatre (Live performance at the Holborn Empire, London):
Mary from the Dairy; She shall have music;
The Cheeky Chappie tells a few; Lulu;
The Cheeky Chappie tells a few more;
The Hiking Song; Exit
Max in the Theatre Again (Live 2nd House performance at the Holborn Empire):
Entry; When we go on our honeymoon;
The Cheeky Chappie tells some more;
I thought we came here to pick some flowers;
Mary; All because I rolled my eyes;
The Cheeky Chappie concludes
Max entertains the War Workers (Live performance at a Canteen Concert):
The Grand Old Man; Max tells his first ARP experience;
Max is now a swimming instructor;
Some of the girls Max has met; Max tells One;
Every Sunday Afternoon
Max at the Met(Live performance at the Metropolitan Theatre, London):
Intro; Passing the time away;
Hearts and Flowers; Be Sincere;
The Girls I like; The Fan Dancer; Mary Ann
Bonus Studio Tracks:
Let's have a Ride on your Bicycle
Mary from the Dairy
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