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Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson) - The London I Love - Windyridge VAR41

Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson) CD
Leslie Hutchinson, known to millions as Hutch, rose to fame in the 1930s with his combination of charm and unique vocal and piano style. On this CD are featured some of the many solo recordings which Hutch made during his career in England, including I'm a Gigolo which was composed for him by Cole Porter.

Leslie Hutchinson - Hutch is the subject of a Channel 4 TV documentary, High Society's Favourite Gigolo, broadcast on 25 November 2008

Track Listing:
What is this thing called Love?; I’m a Gigolo; Blue without You; Singing a Song to the Stars; Smoke gets in your Eyes; I only have Eyes for You; These Foolish Things;
I’m building up for an awful let-down; Crying my Heart out for You; No Regrets;
Goodnight my Love; September in the Rain; Now it can be told; There goes my Dream;
Don’t make me laugh; I forget the little things; The London I love; There goes that Song again; Pale Hands (Kashmiri Song); Excerpts from “Rhapsody in Blue”;
Nancy (with the laughing Face); You always hurt the One you love;
That’s the Beginning of the End
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Listen to part of a sample track - These Foolish Things

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