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Sandy Powell - The Lost Policeman - Windyridge VAR40

Sandy Powell CD
Sandy Powell is remembered for his long running series of sketch recordings which started in 1929. In this first CD, we hear his variations on "The Lost Policeman", a sketch based upon his stage show at the London Palladium. Amongst other happenings, Sandy goes "On the Dole" and "Buys a Wireless Set". Good, clean humour for all the family.

Track Listing:
The Lost Policeman (with Little Percy); Sandy the Goalkeeper (with Ray Russell);
The Mountaineer (with “Peggy”); The Return of the Lost Policeman (with “Peggy”);
Sandy the Sailor; Sandy the Fireman (with “Peggy”); The Singing Lesson (with Frank Lorden) ;
The Caretaker (with unidentified Partner); Sandy the Solicitor (with Mrs ‘Opkins);
Sandy the Dirt Track Rider; On the Dole; The Lost Policeman turns up again (on Night Duty);
Sandy the Tram Conductor; Sandy buys a Wireless Set; The Barmaid’s Song
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Lost Policeman

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