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Tessie O'Shea - It All belongs to Me - Windyridge VAR36

Tessie O'Shea CD
Cardiff born Tessie O'Shea was popular from the 1920s right though to the 1990s. During this long career, Tessie emphasised her stature, using the song Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee) as her theme tune. Ranging from Music Hall, Variety and seaside entertainer, Tessie O'Shea also enjoyed success in television and in the theatre.
This CD features songs from the earlier part of Tessie O'Shea's career, including most of her popular numbers from the 1930s.
Track Listing:
It all belongs to me; When are they going to find us owt to do?; Sweetheart in the Navy; U-ra-li-a-te-ry; You're getting older every Day; Thirty Thirsty Throats; Live and let live; He does it; That "Kruschen" Feeling; Wish me Good Luck - Kiss me Goodbye; I don't want to climb a Mountain; Don't kiss her in the Daylight; I go twice a week to the Pictures; Down at Dooley's Dance; He said "Kiss Me"; You're at Blackpool by the Sea; He never slept a Wink all Night; Hymie and Amy; Sing, Sing, Sing; Oh Freddie; Two Ton Tessie (From Tennessee); We've now't like thee in London; I'm worth my Weight in Gold; I fell in love with an Airman; Yes, I'm feeling happy; Let it be soon; The 'Ampstead Way; Oh! Mr Porter (Excerpt)

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Listen to part of a sample track - I never slept a wink all night

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