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Max Bacon & Julian Rose - Hebrew Humour - Windyridge VAR35

Max Bacon & Julian Rose CD
By popular demand, this CD features the contrasting Jewish styles of Max Bacon and Julian Rose. Max Bacon started as the drummer with Ambrose's Orchestra, but later went on to become a comedian.
Julian Rose is famous for his depiction of Levinsky at the Wedding which is included here in its entirely. As a bonus, seven tracks taken from his earlier career in American Vaudeville are included, these being from cylinder recordings of the 1900s. (Note: these bonus tracks are not electrical recordings but are earlier acoustic recordings included for historic interest)
To complete the picture and aid understanding, Sam Levenson gives us a lesson in basic Yiddish.
Track Listing:
Max Bacon: Gershwin Lockshan-Soup Jack; Beigels; Barmitzvah boy; Shmoul, Pick up the Kishke; Buy my little Ten-a-Penny Pills; I can get it for you wholesale; Even a Crooner must eat; Pancho's Widow; Holtz Myer and Cohen; I must see Annie tonight; Little Red Hooding Ride; William T-Hell
Sam Levenson: Basic Yiddish
Julian Rose: Levinsky at the Wedding (Parts 1 to 4); Becky Ginsberg's Wedding; Levinsky's Jubilee
Julian Rose Bonus Tracks (Acoustically Recorded Parodies) ; Rip Wan Winkle was a Lucky Man; In the Good Old Summer Time; When the Boys go marching by; Go 'way back and sit down; Ain't dat a shame?; In the shade of the old Apple Tree; Then I'd be Satisfied with Life

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Max Bacon - I can get it for you wholesale

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