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Clapham And Dwyer - The Wireless Nuisances - Windyridge VAR37

Clapham And Dwyer CD
Clapham and Dwyer were the first double act to be brought to fame by appearing on the radio, rather than starting out as Variety Artists. Charlie Clapham, with monocle and moustache was the "Silly Ass" and Bill Dwyer played the straight man. The majority of Clapham and Dwyer's sketches attempt relate to a specific subject, which could be extended to meet the requirements of new material for broadcasting.

An unusual gem is Clapham and Dwyer's Surrealist Alphabet. Here are the first few lines:
A for 'orses (Hay for Horses)
B for Mutton (Beef or mutton)
C for th' 'ighlanders (Seaforth Highlanders)
D for ential (Differential)
E for Adam (Eve for Adam)
F for vessence (Effervesence)

(The complete alphabet is on the CD)

Track Listing:
Arguments; Tennis; A Dayís Broadcasting; Making a Talkie; On Photography; Buying a House; The Royal and Ancient Game; A Spot of Income Tax Bother; It Isnít Cricket; The Boat Race; On Hobbies; A Surrealist Alphabet; A Spot of Fishing; Another Dayís Broadcasting

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - A Surrealist Alphabet

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