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Charlie Higgins
All Poshed Up - (VAR34)

Charlie Higgins was one of the most popular comedians featured on record during the early 1930s. Although his records sold well at the time, some of the originals are now very hard to find, but all of Charlie Higgin's most popular song numbers are featured on this CD. His humour is full of vigour and travels well up to the present time, and can be thoroughly recommended as giving a good feel for popular comedy in the 1930s.

Track Listing

With Me Gloves in Me 'And
In the Waxworks late last Night
Maggie and Me and the Baby
The day I went to Wembley for the Cup-Tie
The Girls of the Old Brigade
Sh! There's a Ghost in the House
Running up and down our Street
Down in the Field where the Buttercups all grow
Charlie in Spain
Down in the Old Churchyard
Charlie's Saxophone
Charlie goes Shopping on Saturday night
Bumpity Bump Again
Round at her Mother's on Sunday
That's why Women were born
Charlie at the Christening
When the Jolly Good Times are booming later on
Jolly Old Uncle Joe
Mrs McGrath and Mrs O'>Rafferty
When I was Twenty-One
With me Bagful of Nuts and some Sweets in Me Mouth
Mother's walking round in Father's Trousers
Where the Violets are blue-oo and the Roses are red
I'm a Daddy at 63
Navvies' Jazz
All poshed up with me Daisies in me Hand

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All Poshed up

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