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Billy Bennett - The Real Guy - Windyridge VAR33

Billy Bennett CD
This CD from Billy Bennett, includes many of his famous nonsense monologues and songs. Originally billed as the Trench Comedian dressed in his khaki uniform, Billy Bennett evolved his act into that of Almost a Gentleman. Billy Bennett wrote his own material, including many parodies of well know poems and Victorian songs. As the theatre critic, James Agate, wrote: "Nobody who ever saw Billy Bennett is likely to forget that rubicund, unaesthetic countenance, that black, plastered quiff, that sergeant major's moustache, that dreadful dinner jacket, that well used and seedy collar, the too short trousers, the hobnailed boots, the continual perspiration which was the outward and visible sign of a mind struggling for expression"
Track Listing:
Nell, Family Secrets, The Green Tie on the Little Yellow Dog, Devil-May-Not-Care, The Miser, The Real Guy, Domestic Blisters, No Power on Earth, The Charge of the Tight Brigade, Ogul Mogul - A Kanakanese Love Lyric, The Tightest Man I know, Mottoes, My Mother doesnít know Iím on the Stage, The Club Raid, The M.P., Mandalay, The Coffee Stall Keeper, The Call of the Yukon, The League of Nations, The Foreign Legion, The Bookmakerís Daughter, She was poor, but she was honest, Donít send my Boy to Prison

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Listen to part of a sample track - My Mother doesnít know Iím on the Stage

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