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Tommy Handley
It's That Man Again - (VAR32)

Tommy Handley, who was the mainstay of the radio programme ITMA ("It's that man again"), had a long career which also preceded that success. His first major success, and included in this CD, was The Disorderly Room - a skit on army life in which he provides new words to well known tunes of the time. Tommy Handley performed this sketch at the Royal Variety Performance in 1924.

Other tracks from the 1920s and 1930s feature popular songs of the time, as well as Tommy Handley demonstrating the problems of early wireless in Wireless Oscillations and Aggravations.
The CD concludes with Tommy Handley's tips for fuel saving from 1944, and an incident at a railway bookstall in 1932.

Track Listing

We must have another little one
Can you say Bread and Butter
without moving your lips?
Sizzle of the Sausage
Why is the bacon so tough?
Oh Arthur, (What have you done to Martha?)
Feminine Company
Up in Archie's Aeroplane
Is Izzy azzy wazz?
Good old General Guinness
My wife is on a diet
Come in, Mr Cummins
Airman, Airman
Put your worries through the mangle
Silly Girl
Let's have a basinful of the Briny
The General and the Private
A Very Little Nazi
It's That Man Again
The Disorderly Room
Wireless Oscillations and Aggravations
Put it out
In charge of a Book Stall

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Horn Gram
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The Disorderly Room

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