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Arthur Askey - Chirrup - Windyridge VAR31

Arthur Askey CD
Arthur Askey, known as "Big Hearted Arthur" and noted for his radio programme "Band Waggon", was an all round entertainer. On this CD he treats us to some of his silly novelty songs. Most famous of these is The Bee, in which Arthur Askey imagines himself "Flying round the garden, the sweetest ever seen, taking back the honey to the dear old queen".

Also included on the CD are some rare ENSA recordings from Arthur Askey, as well as an appeal for Fuel Economy issued during the days of rationing and general shortage.

Track Listing:
The Bee Song; Chirrup; I pulled myself together; Ding Dong Bell; Woof! Yap! Bow-Bow-Wow!; The Cuckoo; All to Specification; Have a bit of pity on the Crooner; The Worm; Knitting; How ashamed I was; A Ballad; The seagull song; She was very very shy; The Baa Lamb; The Death Watch Beetle; I want a Banana; Its a hap-hap-happy day; The Moth; The Villain still pursued her; Adolf ; The Washing on the Siegfried Line ; Bless Em All; The Channel Swimmer; The fair Rosamunde; Fuel Consumption

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Moth

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