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Milton Hayes - The Meanderings of Monty (VAR24)

Milton Hayes CD
Milton Hayes produced a series of monologues which went under the collective name of "The Meanderings of Monty". Taking any topical subject matter he would produce an amusing discussion of its various merits. In his stage act he used a newspaper as one of his props - reading across the columns with ridiculous results.
The CD includes all his commercial recordings.
Track Listing:
The General Outlook and that sort of thing; The Near East and that sort of thing; Politics and that sort of thing; Monty at Wembley; Monty on Advertising and so forth; Monty’s hints on health; Monty on Bolshevism and the like; Monty on Fashions; Monty on Burglars; Monty on Bananas; Monty meanders through the Ads; Monty discusses the Empire Spirit; Monty tells the sad story of Mrs Paddlewick; How America was discovered; How America was found out; Why every married man should have a wife; Do film actresses make good husbands?; Is China worth going to?; Is China worth leaving?; Monty attends a board meeting ; My boy’s career ; Is Lipstick nourishing? ; You know what I mean (Monologue)
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Monty on Advertising

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