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Clarkson Rose - Ever So Goosey (VAR25)

Clarkson Rose CD
Famous as a seaside entertainer and pantomime dame, Clarkson Rose made many records during the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote many of his songs, which were also recorded by others. His autobiography was called "Twinkle" and that word sums up his performances - full of life. Included are his famous tracks Back I went to the Ministry of Labour and I had to go and draw another Pound out.
Track Listing:
Back I went to the Ministry of Labour; He missed his Train again; Not by a Dam Side; Iíve never seen a Straight Banana; Weíre all coming back again; How does a little Liver Pill; Himazas; Back I went to Parliament; Our Dog; By the Windmill; Hippopotamus; Iím bucked to death Iím married; The Pink Plant Pot; More than anybody; Three Cheers for the Middle Classes; Dada, Dada; Ever so Goosey; Donít be so unkind, Baby; The Average Man; The Kerb Step; Our Claraís Clicked again; I had to go and draw another Pound out; The Gag Song; Iíve gone and lost my little Yoyo; Buy British - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - Don't be so unkind,Baby

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